If your rellies and friends refuse to leave the comfort of complete ignorance - get 'em to tune in!

Wake-up Weekend is a series of videos and news that will provide a chance for you all to invite some sleepy folk to the forum and challenge their… ‘But surgeons wear masks!’ or ‘Why would the government betray us?’ or ‘The BBC is the most reliable media organisation in the World!’ or ‘Bill Gates does nothing but good for human kind’! or ‘120 thousand dead ya know, it’s no joke.’ or ‘The Vaccines are tested and proven safe dummy!’

The list of unproven parody’s goes on as you know. Anyway, the Warriors are here to help with this series of Shake ‘n’ Wake videos and articles. Why? Because we are already running into penalty time. It’s end-game folks!

(Disclaimer: If any of this offends you, tough, it’s meant to).

Watch video 1 in the Wake-up Weekend’ series below:

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