Doctor Natalia Prego Canceló - Surgery Specialist - takes us through the FACTS and EFFECTS on & about mRNA shots and the Spike Protein. In this part discuss viral shedding.


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  • Thank you for these great videos from Dr. Natalia! I experienced an adverse event when I went to a family reunion July 10. Being healthy and unvaxxed, I was nervous about being around people who had had at least one, and often two of these poison jabs. I was in a large room with about 35 people and spent around 3 hours there. Three days later, tiny bumps appeared all over my arms and around my waist on my back. Next morning they were red and itching like crazy. A friend recommended some capsules she had used for eczema that she got from Taiwan. It took several weeks, but the bumps FINALLY disappeared. But my healthy immune system apparently went into overdrive, as it met poisons (probably graphene oxide) transmitted from the clueless ones who rushed out and received the poison needle. I’m trying my best to stay away from those who have had this bioweapon injected. Thanks for all you do on Digital Warriors! It is one of the best sites around, and I never miss any of your informative videos. (I love your wit too!)

    • Yes, keep safe but don’t let the enablers ruin your life. If we’re fit and healthy we can handle it. There’s so many here been jabbed it’s impossible to avoid. Thanks so much for your kind comments Bonnie and thanks for the info. Shedding is real for sure.

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