Dawson & Mahoney discuss (rant) about out of control Victoria cops, A Cardiologist who's turned on the jab roll-out, main stream media out-and-out lies and the reality of the Million March in London last Saturday. Facts not Fear... wire in folks.


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  • Great interview with Nickolas Veniamin. You both told it how it is. In otherwards you cut the crap. You are both doing a great job keep the good work going.

  • Guys….Rat tail is Demott oleary Or dreary more like.
    The campaign here is going in to overdrive now advert after advert every spare time their is….
    This MK ultra at its best…
    The Greeks only had 300 we are millions…and as a veteran their all millions of us highly trained like me.

  • Yes… it’s AGENDA 21!!… and many stupid people have a “”deer-in-the -headlights look when you ask them if they KNOW about AGENDA 21!! Such SHEEP are in our world!! Ugh… ;*(

  • Love the videos gentlemen. Over here in Ontario, Canada it’s getting real stupid. The stay at home order “ended” today and yet businesses and such are being forced to stay closed/locked down until we start step-one in the “re-opening plan” on the week of June 14th, rediculous.

  • Checkerboard pattern in the police uniform hats represents the Illuminati. Victoria/Australia is a main child trafficking center.

  • Bravo boys Bravo. Winter is here in Australia and the main stream media is in full speed agenda….Covid in Melbourne….May have spread to New South Wales……detected in the waste water………Scan in every where you go……Vaccines being promoted on every single news thread as much as they can push…….And still….THE SLEEP WALKERS………..keep on believing the complete and utter nonsense….Keep up the great info….Brother in Arms….

  • Hi from a suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana!!!!
    I found you guys from following Charlie Ward and I absolutely love yall!!! And I agree I’m tired of waiting for the things to happen and times up and I’m fed up!!! Military need to get things started in the United States and around the world!! Come to the surface and show the WORLD what has been happening under ground!!! Sick Sick of Lame stream media…. and the JAB —it is insane the commercials, etc ALL DAY LONG!! They have never pushed any vaccine like this !!

    You should get Mel K on your show!!

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

    Chérie S

  • Biden coming down hard. Anti Vaxxer with website got a visit from Biden’s people. Had to remove all content about vaxx children. Going for 70%


  • Lindsey fox owns fox transport the biggest trucking company in Australia , all his kids drive that’s how they all got up to Queensland the first lockdown, I think it was his granddaughter that was tampered with and whimsy dan copped a hiding off truckers , don’t forget we have dominion counting our elections too , he didn’t win anymore than Biden did

  • 12 year olds lined up in Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada
    While a DJ and an ice cream truck were used to suck them in! A fucking travesty….

    I’ll send you the footage if you’d like.


  • Hey Boys,

    love your work. re Australia where i live on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Look up state of emergency end dates re covid. was due to end in victoria hence why they have just had another lockdown. Qld is due to end june 29 from memory. our last lock down was at the end of march which was just before the last end date for emergency powers. of course they get to extend the emergency powers if there is a lockdown and still administer the vaccine as they cant without it.
    tottnews.com.au is a good source for all australian related bullshit (covid)

  • Greetings Guy’s, love what your doing but you both should check out that Stone Shill an little deeper, you don’t have to go that deep an bingo.

    Why do you think he knows so much ! , the 77th springs to mind an lots of other connections you will see with an little digging, controlled opposition plus he’s scammed people in the past, if you take this down i will comprehend why !

    badvoc X

  • The guy with the rat tail on This Morning is Matthew Wright, he’s a former journalist for The Sun, then he moved on to present his own daytime chat show on Channel 5 for many years called the Wright Stuff.

  • I need help guys, I have to urgently fly and I need to know whether there is anything I can do legally to not take the PCR test? If we have to do a stupid covid test why can we not have a blood test or a mouth swab test ? Pls help

  • She is Lindsay Fox ( mega transport mogul ) grandaughter. FYI, Dan, the wanker is now on RAPE charges! Dan also used to be great mates with Carl Williams who was murdered serving prison time for massive underground crimes, ie: murder, drugs, prostitution. So he hasacrap record but was still elected…. Yeah Nah!

  • Melbourne has been a communist state ever since Chairman Dan Andrews has been in power. He has made this a communist state. Hence the ongoing lock downs we have been enduring.
    Yes its very interesting regarding his fall. Well today the opposition are asking more questions now! The Labor Party in Victoria with Chairman Dan at the helm has today released a copy of the Ambulance call out to Dan. Very interesting.
    Charlie was saying the UK may be the last to fully wake up. I think Australia could be. The MSM’s push for everyone to get a jab, after all the bull shit covid clusters, everyone is running to get the bloody thing. Its so wrong. Its is BULL SHIT. And now they are pushing the jab to kids 12 years and over. Bloody ridiculous.
    They are making Aged Care workers here in Melbourne to get the jab, if not they loose their job. WRONG. And all people see on the TV is people lining up to get the jab. So….peeps think they have too to!! WRONG!
    I would protest but unfortunately not well enough. But those that do are getting fines of $1600. People are trying. But you’ve seen how the police are treating people here in Melbourne.
    Thanks guys for your concerns. Keep us in your prayers. We need all the help we can get. Cheers. Jules LOVE YOUR WORK

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