Mahoney & Dawson investigate Boris Johnson's pompous papa, plus ridiculous vax bribes... from 'ice cream for kids' to 'lap dancers for lads'. The adverse reactions worsen and is viral shedding still a big question mark? All this interlaced with a few laughs to keep us all going.


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  • You guys are fucking crazy, and informative! Keep up the good work.. Susan 65 year old From the great state of Florida… I love Jesus and cuss a lot!

  • Even today in 2021, extreme profanity has no place in public discourse. Could you stop using F word? Oh, I know, if I don’t like it, don’t watch. That assumes that your message has no value. Hope you will consider that people who need to hearvyour message cannot accept the barrage of f-bombs.

    Thank you!

      • @Donna Then WHY are you here? I wish people like Alice & Donna would be treated on this channel like Twatter & Fakebook treats people. Just delete you & block you. That would end their complaining.

    • Why don’t you go watch Fuckin cnn! Sick of people telling an independent channel how to do their show! Why aren’t you in front of cnn demonstrating against outright LIES, DISINFORMATION & MANIPULATION! Grow up Alice or get off the channel!

  • Hello my digital warriors It’s red Robin from Missouri. . Got terrible news that my nephews wife vaccinated had their four-year-old which is my great nephew. She didn’t tell my nephew this she did it behind his back I feel the bitch should be held accountable if Grainger dies. I feel so bad and so helpless. So give me a couple it’ll be fucking all right what are you guys sitting here crying my eyes out . Need couple fuck you please!!!!!!

  • Lee and David, I FUCKING LOVE you guys, I love your dedication and your passionate language. If someone’s offended, they’re clearly not paying attention.
    I am a 57 year old mom in Ontario, Canada, only 1/2 hour from that ice cream pop-up vaccination site. Fucking lost my mind. My husband and I sat our 16 year olds down, son and daughter, and explained that they are changing the rules cuz they’re desperate. Told them again, that under NO circumstances do they allow ANYONE to test or vaccinate them, regardless of the uniform they wear. Drowning in Liberal sheep here, all vaccinated and vaccinating their kids.
    I wanted to ask if you have any info on the legitimacy of claims by Romana Didulo, that she is our new commander-in-chief of the Republic of Canada. Amazing, if true, since I believe that POS Turdeau has been dealt with, but I am questioning everything. Romana has posted on Telegram, to not wear your mask and that it is criminal to push the experimental bio-agent on Canadians.
    I am scared for my children, talk of taking your kids from you if you don’t get them vaccinated. This is not new in Canada, it’s the law in Ontario for years that if you do anything to dissuade your child, of any age, from wanting to change their sex, you can be jailed and have your children removed. So fucked here.
    Can be lonely being a conservative with common sense, but it sure beats the alternative. My awake husband and I have connected with many amazing Patriots on social media, God Bless all of you in the fight.
    Your information is reliable and extensively researched, and your guests are very credible. I never miss a video, so appreciative of your hard work and long hours, and a shout out to your camera crew. Well done men.
    No one said that it would be easy, only that it would be worth it.
    Cheers from the Republic of Canada (hopefully)
    P.S. How do we contribute to your swear jar?

    • Hi there.

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. It’s so important to drum it into your kids. Dont trust anyone in authority. I saw that video about the commander and chief but I felt it had very little power behind it. The person on the video wasn’t believable. We get sent several video of people making proclamations and nothing to really back it up with. I hope I’m wrong. We have a donate button at the bottom of the page of you’d like to help with Lees Tourette’s treatment lol. Stay strong and stay safe. Be warriors !!


      • Someone on Telegram last night pointed out that an anagram for
        Thanks for your reply.
        I’ll find that donate button, please buy Dave behind the camera a pint from the Patriots.

    • @Linda, I so feel your frustration. I left Canada 24 years ago but have friends there in BC & Ontario They are ALL conservative living among the liberal vitriol & tyranny. The brainwashing of people through propaganda is off the charts!
      You have to stand your ground & keep educating your children. I really believe that in the next 60 days a major shift will take place for the better (happening behind the scenes) & those of us who think independently, have common sense & logic & not manipulated by msm (I haven’t watched tv since fraud obama was installed by the Cabal) will be the ones who survive this. Most of the INJECTED ones will be dead within 3 years) This depopulation agenda of bill gates has been in the works for years as you probably know. He even talked about it on videos. That evil POS is in the pockets of Every organization with a vast network through his “foundation” This is WWIII & there are & will be casualties but this time it won’t be bullets or grenades that kill them but a weak mind & stupidity.

  • Hi Guys,
    Let me start by saying, I love the show and
    Everything you bring to the table. You are truly
    The good guys. I want to send you guys a gift from the great state of Texas. Please let me know what both of your hat sizes are and what your mailing addresses are. I get great inspection from you both and would love someday to meet you both and have a beer. Keep up the good fight.

  • Really bad shirt logos. If the world were normal they’d be fine. But a quick glance sent me into chills since they look like one of the pedophile logos and a six-pointed illuminati zionist star…

  • And since Italy was part of overthrowing the American election, and houses the vatican city, they have to kill off their population. Remember- they are tied to the CCP through the roads initiative.

  • Drs are saying mens sperm are not swimming. Im not sure if this was from the Jab its self or from anothers shedding. Great work guys, love you both!

  • Hey guys love your videos I’ve being watching since the first episode and dont stop the swearing you alpha males keep up the good work. You guys are fucking hilarious and a wind of fresh air my name is jonathan all the way from communist Canada more specially Montreal Québec cheers

  • Hi Guys! I am one of the few people I know who has not taken the vaccine. I can’t believe how hypnotised people are. Yes, I think they are under some kind of spell.
    Lately, what is coming out is that blood drives will not accept blood from vaccinated people. This has huge implications. This video explains further:

    Thanks for all your good work. You make me laugh.

  • Brilliant show as usual , keep it up I think we are breaking through to the masses . A bit of humour goes along way to lightening what is getting quite a sinister subject.
    Love to all , please be kind to Dave xx

  • Greetings .
    You Boys are doing a fantastic job . Keep it up please !
    In your last episode you mention the case of the doctor who refused treatment to a patient. Unfortunately the Hippocratic oath has been replaced by the oath to BIG Farma . I must tell you that the medical profession and the farmacist are part of the NWO control system of the population just like the secret services and the Police , in fact they work and obey them and the proof is that if a doctor steps out of line he/ she could be thrown out of the medical profession . I know this because it happens to me being a person of interest to the secret services . The pigs very often contact my doctors to find out how my illnesses and the ones of my wife are progressing .
    The medical profession and the big Farma also hide remedies that could cure or help humans .
    Think about the Med beds that have been denied to the Human populations for decades .. It will be a great day when humanity will get the Med beds so we can tell the medical profession to F…… Off
    Cheers from Peter D from Italy another NWO slave state

  • It should be pointed out that the NWO has already thought of the liability issue, they will not be able to accuse Doctors’ of knowingly injecting poison into people if the vax insert is BLANK, they will be able to say they didn’t know.

  • I looked at the Vaers site and just the megabytes alone for the first 5 months of 2021 are multiple times above any other year …. I didn’t even look at the raw data…. I didn’t need to

  • Hey there guys! I love watching the two of you. I came across you separately in the last year or so and now together and the two of you are fabulous! I just watched you on Nicholas Veniamin and I loved the conversation. I loved your take on it all, I feel the same way even though it was upsetting that you guys were so truthful, we don’t want to sit around nd wait for everything to implode. I am positive that there is a Great plan but it is frustrating to see so many innocent by standards. Keep doing all the great work and Hopefully there will be n incredible shift like no other! I definitely feel something coming… Love from CANADA. BTW Happy Birthday ! I turned 50 last year nd it was pretty awesome … Even with the shitty C-19 LOL

  • WOW, free memberships, free this that and whatever!

    Wonder how much fuckizer or jack and jill (J&J) are paying the club.

    As a matter of fact, wonder what the pharmacies and the dildo pharmacists are being rewarded to push the jab.

    Keep up the good work and information!

  • Hey Mahoney: I would bet you would go to the casino if your odds of winning were 99+%, as is is your chance of surviving the wuhaaaaan bioweapon.

  • When are these doctors going to be held liable for genocide and crimes against humanity ,

  • these people need to be punched the ones wearing masks and excited getting the vaccine stupid bastards!

  • Thanks for your prospective and telling people to get Off their Backside and do something. I haven’t changed my routine at all since the Covaids No Masks and certainly No Vax. I’ve been to the Rivera Maya Mexico 4 times since the Rona so life is good. Thankfully Missouri didn’t have Lockdowns.

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