Here we go again... Bullshit variants to keep you nailed down, stuck behind the mask and begging for a Vaccine Passport

Don’t get Angry Man in the Van started on variants, India, main stream media, masks, vaccines, government, adverse reactions, vaccine deaths, long term, short term & mid term jab effects, blood transfusions or viral shedding… oh shit too late!


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  • Your first production in your new studio was excellent.
    Clear concise and to the point.
    Well done!
    Let’s go wake up even more people

  • Looking forward to start training. I’ve also started growing my own fruit and veg and getting a book on growing veg hydroponically and foraging for food, you never know.

  • Thank you both for outstanding informative and entertaining videos. You guys really are warriors!

    Just some information for your listeners:

    This ingredient is used in the AstraZeneca vaccine:

    *Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike glycoprotein. Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells.

    This comes from the official NHS leaflet they are supposed to give to those having the jabs. Read the leaflet here:

    Then listen to this NHS nurse whistleblower.:

    She describes how her colleagues are instructed not to hand out the leaflet. No one I know who has had the vaccine has been given this leaflet. If they did, I doubt they would have this gene therapy injected in their bloodstream.

  • WHY…..are they care sooooo much whether or not we take the jab???? seems people that take it SHED….and are contagious, so the more that get it, the more we can have a 2nd lockdown, only this will be real. they think we are useless eater, and want to decrease the population to
    500,000,000, why would you want to hitch a ride with a known serial killer?

  • Rooting for you in Southern New Hampshire.
    Just proven in court that our Windham NH used dodgy voting machines. May be the first state to start domino effect in US

  • Trash talking lies! If Covid was like the flu why are hospitals all over the world overcrowded? Why is everyone who I know and who had it experienced a lot more worse symptoms than the fucking flu?! And they don’t even watch TV like me! There is also increased death rate in medical staff and I heard that from doctors working there and not the media! Why would the fucking doctors be wearing masks all over the world? How can you be such a dumb fuck thinking they would be stupid enough to wear a mask afraid from the flu which they get every year?!

    • And we are talking about scientists and medical personnel who had mandatory study about such diseases and are not simple minded, and naive, and conspiracy theory fans like you. If doctors all over the world were seeing the very same death rate and lack of flu like illnesses they would fucking protest back in march/april last year and stop wearing masks! Well guess what? They didn’t!

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