As promised the full Vaccine Spikes video from Episode 8 illustrating the increased deaths trend almost everywhere post mass vaccination


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  • So this is really happening. How is it that the MAJORITY of people are so very fucking STUPID? Our only hope at this point is God Almighty. May He come quickly to save us from the evil and the morons. Love you guys.

  • I have been following CW since last year and you awesome fellas this year
    I get very frustrated when my friends say they got jabbed. They know I was in ICU for this crap but fully recovered and feel pretty good.
    No one yet has told me to get it because YOU NEED TO THINK OF OTHERS bs.
    What do you say to people when they ask you if you got the jab.
    I’m so grateful my brother has been following the truth for over four years but still half of my family got the jab.

  • Hi .. u guys u speak my language and cut to the chase .. if u want history look up the history on Leicester in the 1898 we fought freedom on the smallpox vaccine being forced on people more people died from the vaccine .. we got mandatory squashed .. sanitary officer at the time was JJBiggs just look it up I have documents where people they payed fines went to Leicester prison and there names the house where I lived in people who lived in at the time I have research vaccines for twenty years we have lied to over over again . Leicester got rid of smallpox through clean water better living conditions and better housing .. great guys .

    • I found all that stuff on Leicester in “Dissolving Illusions” Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk. A brilliant book and covers all the fraud/crime/money/evil in the Vaccine Industry.

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