With a title like that, there's not much left to say. The evidence is mounting, please watch.


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  • I can’t believe what I’m reading on the government website.


    What do you guys make of it?

    Para 7: When restrictions are lifted in June we will still not be going back to how things were.
    Para 32: The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that HAVE received two doses of the vaccine.
    Para 56: This shows that most deaths and admissions in a post-Roadmap resurgence are in people who HAVE received two vaccine doses.

  • 40% of peps wanna work from home lol
    dinna matter cos they gonna die anyway
    get a jab to go on holiday and pay a £10.000 grand fine
    what a bunch of wankers.
    and so much more to come
    the troupes were trained to shoot zombies years ago look it up lol
    Do ya dare post it lads
    cos that’s being nice
    to the the twats

  • I love you two boys .and watch you Charlie. mel k .Jason x22 etc etc .I do love Charlie and his positivity .but I would genuinely like to ask you are med beds gonna save us .because I am the tin foil of my family no one ever listens .and 80% of my family including a son have gone and done it .I can not see or feel Charlie’s peace .I’m gettin more nervous worried and down right frightened now who is winning this .??. I’m alone in thoughts have been 35 years at least .was always worried of what was to come never imagined it like this was full of hope with all the community and q that I had never felt before closest was zeitgeist .now it’s tough to feel any positivity as what is unfolding is horrific .never reached out or spoke before never been on fb Twitter or anything else .love to you both keep up the good work you must be touching a lot like me who have known but never had or felt a chance to stand .the one time I raised was the petrol strikes in England it was first time in my life i almost felt proud of my people a whole lot stood and got squashed quickly. Sorry for going on .xx

  • My Mum is getting the jab, no matter the info I have to share, she’s MSM brainwashed and loves it! I’m over trying to educate these types, it always ends in an argument, they beLIEve in Tell- A -Vision and until that vision dies they will carry on killing the planet and themselves.. Take the jab you moron muzzle wearing parasites

  • Hi lads, His Story has taught us that the controllers always bet on both sides! So what is to say they also concocted the “Great Reset” and the “Quantum Reset”. Both are a digital world, both contain the robotic industry, removing jobs! Both are about control and continuation of cash/gold/silver= value placed on materialism! where we know everything is frequency. Influencers being drip fed bits and pieces with the guise they can’t show others as it gives the plan away to the cabal! Hmm. That is how the military use deception. You create two full scenarios to make it appear real. Air forces around the world still polluting the skies with chemicals yet the military is supposed to have control. And finally, why show us the two sides? Good verses bad! Because there is one piece of the puzzle no one talks about. The Plasma Discharge event! You see, when that comes about you will need to be underground and remain there for years. This is why they are throwing the Blood vampires under the bus now, they have served their purpose, knowingly or not. When the plasma discharge event happens they wont want those types of people underground! they have to go first. Talk to the Hopi, they have a legend where they say they were looked after the ant people and eventually moved to the earths surface! Chem-trails with highly inflammable material! All Scripture says “Earth will die of fire this time”
    In the meantime we now know the jabs will make the healthy ill too yet alone kill many who took it!
    Saving thousands from tunnels? yet letting the healthy be infected and killed? Hmm, means justifies the end?
    Humanity was always warned to pay attention to the skies, within is the clues and evidences of altercations.
    7 Years tribulation started September 21-23 2017. Halfway marker was 21 March 2021. End of 7 years, September 21 2024!
    On the 21 Sept there was the great sign in heaven, Revelations 12. It actually came to pass. I can’t figure out which year the plasma discharge events takes place yet clues lead me to understand it’ll be around December-January.
    Earth has enough evidence that such events took place. Glass in the deserts, molten rocks etc. We also know now there were what has become known as the “Mud Floods” Easy to see now, the remains of huge star forts! The hidden truth of Tartaria all but scrubbed from literature, fortunately the Vatican with their propaganda telling us they were barbaric has been found to be false.
    “Trust the Plan” sounds very patronising!
    My gut is screaming, don’t trust either version, I tend to listen to it once it just wont go away.
    Just my view from the years of living around the world and researching many subjects over the years.

    • I have had similar thoughts about it all.. seems we might be damned either way .. what is the solution?

    • HI Susanne, all supplements are on our warrior supplements page. It’s in the site menu. Alternatively you can click on the Verelst advert at the side of each post page or the home page. You’ll find the Frontline Defence supps in all those places.

  • I just found you guys through Charlie. I heard yesterday about these young women and teens reacting and bleeding after being around a vaccinated relative! They are from Idaho and I am waiting to hear more since it is a friend’s neighbor. These events need to be reported and somehow, by someone that knows a news station, even if it is a local small one. We must get the smaller local stations to take an antiviral to break the kool-aid and start the real leak that needs to happen !

    PS I really think that satire video comes from idiots at Juice Media… look at some of there other ones where they really are mocking our election concerns, and lots of other things.

    Nice to find your website!

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