They won't be mentioning this in the main stream media... The vaccine adverse effects figures are shocking.

Government Report.
Pfizer Vaccine Adverse Reactions.

Execution date: March 4, 2021

* Blood disorders: 2,033
* Cardiac disorders: 1,032
* Congenital disorders: 3
* Hearing disorders: 713
* Endocrine disorders: 10
* Eye disorders: 1,242 (12 blinds)
* Gastrointestinal disorders: 9,360
* General disorders: 26,391
* Liver disorders: 17
* Immune system disorders: 466
* Infections: 1,863
* Injuries: 393
* Continued Investigations: 965
* Metabolic disorders: 525
* Muscle-tissue disorders: 11,565
* Neoplasms: 20
* Nervous System Disorders: 16,107
* Associated with pregnancy: 29
* Psychiatric disorders: 1,235
* Renal / urinary disorder: 187
* Syst. Reproductive: 338
* Respiratory disorders: 3,575
* Skin disorder: 6,042
* Vascular disorders: 992
* Dead: 212
* Medical and Surgical Procedures: 45

And remember, these figures are released weekly.


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  • Well done lads. Complete frustration now, seeing the total ignorance after one year. Next door neighbour can’t wait for second jab!!
    Thing is, this CV thing keeps everyone’s attention on their game=mind control when the greater crime is with the Paedophilia, child sex traffic/sacrifice which as you know is rampant from the top down, has been for 1000’s of years. Evergreen container 1366 dead over 1000 children rescued and now they bring out the Phillip crap as more diversion. I know the experimental jab is serious as it will kill millions, especially the more jabs they get.
    I still feel we who know are a minority whereas it needs a majority to kick these psychopaths out.
    The amount of healthy children self harming or committing suicide is huge, mental damage might also be non reversible as trust diminishes.
    Charlie and his “sit back and enjoy the show” is rather condescending to those who are truly suffering loss of house, family members etc.
    It also seems the good guys keep moving the goalpost same as the bad actors! Trust is becoming a missing thing as this goes on and on. Waiting for the majority to wake and see those who que for a jab! I feel woke has hit the saturation point now, if the world isn’t shown what the good guys always talk of soon I can’t see anyone paying attention when they do release stuff, not even those who know will have much interest left.

    • Spot on, I agree with everything you have said. The news here in the UK is just flooded with the Phillip the Greek crap. Total diversion, there is no way he died today, they have just been waiting for the right moment to use the news, however I think it might be a good sign that things might not being their way (The bad guys that is)….fingers crossed. I’m like you I wish Charlie would stop saying ” Just sit back and enjoy the show” when so many people are getting harmed. He is a good bloke though along with David and Lee. At the end of the day the only people that can save us is ‘us’ and we need to stand up and be strong. I’m a dad with 2 son’s and if I can’t stand up for their future then in my eyes I’m a bad dad an not a man.

      • No Jon charlies is not a good guy, he deals in adrenocrome and if you listen to what he says properly he brags about it on his videos, everytime he has some avaliable he let’s his customers know by different signals in his videos, it’s quite obvious when you know what he’s doing, sorry if that has upset you but just wanted you to know so you can do your own research into it, look into his sponsors to, so many dirtypeds their

        • That isn’t true about Charlie. If it were, he would have hanged at Gitmo a long time ago.

  • I did hear a rumour thst bbc had shares in psifer thsts why they never reveal the data for adverse side effects ..?

    • You may be right, however the BBC has received millions in a grant frim the Gates Foundation, so pretty much the same thing.

  • Don´t forget all medical staff are organised in military formation w the surgeon general at the top. So they just have to follow orders of their superiors and think they are out of responsibility, They don´t know that they are personally responsible for everything they do to another human being

    • It is true that the NHS is a large institution, and run that way. Still, they know when things are not right, guilt must be hanging in the air in most hospitals.

  • Hey guys,
    Loving what you guys do and what you stand for.
    Do you have official links that show that the V trials are not finished until 2023?
    It would prove most useful to those who are non believers.
    Thank you

  • I have been doing quite a bit of research and two items pertaining to vaccine still eludes me. What cell in the body does the mRNA wrapped in multiple layers of protein attach to? Organ tissue? Nerve cells? Muscle? What function type of proteins are being used? Transport? Defense? Hormone? Digestive? Thank you.

  • Love you guys. I am so frustrated with people that aren’t listening and using common sense. I have several family members that have gotten the poison and think they have done the right thing. The funny thing is they are the most educated ones in the family. Education does not equal intelligent! I am talking about Master, ph d and and engineer. WTF!!!

    • Same here Mary, I am devastated, my Father has something like 15 letters after his name and after almost a year of sending articles and videos on the truth to him, I received an email from him saying he had had it, I felt as if I had been kicked in the stomach, I live 2000 miles away and the way things are I have had to do a lot of work on myself to accept the fact that I will probably never see him again, he will be 91 in May if he makes it, and now my sister is telling me she has decided to take it (also very well educated) and she has also received all the info I could find, it’s just horrific.

      • I’m so sorry your close family are deciding to take the poison. My daughter posted on Facebook when she took the first shot. I cried! Now to think she may be shedding something that could be dangerous to me and the rest of the family. What do I do? Only contact her by phone? Take my chances? I pray she will be lucky and survive this nightmare.

    • Same here. PhD holders in family. All got the jab. Won’t listen or ready information presented. You just have to accept their free choice and let them go, even when it hurts.

  • Thank you so much for your hard work and information. I live in the US and I am having a very difficult time finding data from gov website. I believe they are hiding it very well. Any suggestions on deeper searches

  • So well done, thank you!

    I am from canada, is there contacts here that have done a court document on the mask fraud?? If so may I have the credentials?

    Thank you so much

  • These weekly adverse figures are only those people who report them, my mom had a reaction but never recorded it…… it is dire, so how many people have had them and not know to report.

    The covid passport UK is coming, I have written to my MP absolutely disgusted, all write to your MP to stop this. Do not have blood if you need it ask for saline solution, the blood they give you may be off people who have had the vaccine.

    Captain Tom was collecting money for the staff of the NHS. He had been in hospital and the staff didn’t have proper facilities in there staff room so that was what he was collecting for not the actual NHS. Thanks great shows thank you for your time .

    • It’s really true Gee, blood transfusions all of a sudden become really worrying. Great point, thanks. As for Captain Tom, he had the jab… but nobody talks about that.

      • Yes I heard he had the jab as well but not really reported about. I am at the moment trying to find the NHS leaflet Dave and Lee spoke about re: not having to have the nasal swab PCR, not having much joy yet,! I feel people are so asleep that nearly all my family have had the jabs, My son who is 41 definitely says he is having it but my daughter is not. I fear so much for the children if made to have this. I am emotionally up and down everyday with this, I constantly write to my MP and he is conservative I said in my last email Friday night that I will not vote Tory again due to the covid passport. I await his reply…

      • Yes I remember the newspaper said that the Queen, Prince Philip and Cpt Tom had the jab, then when Cpt Tom died, someone went back into the newspaper archives and found the same article, but they had crossed his name out. Sneaky gits.

  • Watching you reading the list , was just like me reading to my friends a few weeks ago when it first were published!!,
    It’s staggering.I’m just hoping more people will be listening now

  • OMG! People need to wake up! Why would people inject themselves with this vaccine. Our own government has lied to us from birth. How corrupt and violated we all should feel. Get on the warrior train and start fighting back to take our countries back. We all need to stand together to take down the Cabal. From day one I have not worn a mask and never will. This virus is a joke a hoax just like Donald Trump Jr. said and others. We need to Shut them down!

  • Do not misunderstand me, but are you sure it is weekly reporting? This text is on the first page of the COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis print: “All UK spontaneous reports received between 09/12/20 and 28/03/21 for mRNA
    Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine analysis print “.
    After all, it does make a difference if it’s the overall reports, but updated weekly?
    Have I misunderstood something?. My only interest is to avoid that we, who are of a different opinion than the official narrative, do not behave as the media and politicians does. We do not have to deliberately feed them with ammunition we ourselfs shoot in our foot?
    But even if it should be over a longer period of time, it is still very serious. In particular, I was surprised by the many different side effects, I think the vast majority would also be if it was published via social media.
    I apologize in advance for my mediocre English.

  • Thanks everyone for helping us get the REAL NEWS out there, people need to know how dangerous this vaccine is.

    Doctors claim A&E departments are ‘swamped’ by people seeking help for mild side-effects of AstraZeneca jab like headaches
    People who have had the AstraZeneca jab are clogging up A&E departments
    Doctors say patients are coming in reporting they are suffering ‘mild headaches’
    The Covid vaccine was restricted in under-30s this week due to clots concerns

  • Thank you both for all your knowledge and strong stand up for yourself spirit. It goes along way. A lot of unawake people in Canada still. I have never worn a mask and will continue to never wear one. You nailed it with saying its up to ourself to fight back. If only people knew their strength in numbers. Stay strong people .

  • Hi! Dave & Lee, we’ve been following you two for some time. Can relate to both of you because you come across as intelligent and caring people.
    Both myself and my wife retired from the u/k to live on the campo 10 years ago. We are nearly 70 years of age, very fit and healthy, and will never, ever! take that poison, and thankfully none of our family will either.
    Has anybody began to wonder! what sort of impact our society is going to have once these individuals start becoming ill, or dying that have taken this jab. Our food chain will be hit. Haulage. Power Stations. Gas & Electric supply’s. The list is endless. Then you have the blood supplies that might be contaminated, or purposely contaminated, making sure those that had slipped through the Net, get infected. Anyway! keep up the fight, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful work you are doing. Bless you both.

    • Hey Steven.

      Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, we keep trying to get the truth out. The future is not clear and I hope the timeline of a positive outcome might just pop into place.

      Be strong and continue the fight with us all!


  • Be sure (IF you opt to be a ‘lab rat’) to take the name of the individual injecting you. If you suffer harm from it, you have someone to sue regardless of what the vaccine makers do. If they decline to give you at least their name and job title, you have every right to decline the experimental drug. In a couple of years from now there will be a Tuberculosis pandemic, in reality it’s the altered infection response eating your lungs. More lock down, more jabs, more suicides, more deaths. They will get those reduced populations one way or another.

    • Hi Claudine, the people giving the jab in Britain can’t be sued, same as the government and pharma companies. The government have got every avenue covered.

  • Thank God you are telling the people the TRUTH about these damn jabs!! I live in Wisconsin USA..I have been against ALL this. I KNEW what they were up to from the start. My sister in a different state and I WILL NOT GET THE JAB. Our other siblings and their spouses all got the jab. I have been trying to spread the word from the start..If my family dies from this will be 11….They would NOT listen to us, and now won’t even talk to us..Our family is torn apart..My husband and everyone on his side are against it..( Thank God)..I Praise GOD for what YOU DO… OH BTW, HOW do I get papers for the USA..against all this..please help me.. Thanks again

  • This is not a joke .please read this and do what you want with the information. The virus we are battling is FVR .Feline viral Rhinotracheitis. It was weaponized by Fauci. I am taking a huge chance by posting this. At this point I don’t care who knows I released this information.

  • Im Australian. I moved to a small country place 3 years ago from a major city here. There is a high ageing population where I live. The majority will get the vaccine. I have given people I know and like information about how bad the vaccine is, here and in the City where I lived before. The response has been negative. Their choice, so I have done the best I can. Now its about looking after myself and a small group of us, who will refuse to comply. My neighbours had the vaccine and had a very bad reaction. Recovered but is now questioning whether to have the second vaccine. Yet this neighbour believes that at the end of the day. Those who refuse vaccine, will have to be outcast from Society!!

    • Those people, sadly for them, will not be deciding the fate for the rest of us! Our own decisions decide that for each of us! God gave us Free Will & NO ONE can take that away❗️
      God bless everyone, regardless.
      BUT we Do need to stay strong, united, truthful & supportive of each other. It is left up to the minority of “we the strong/courageous enough to stand up” to create the change that needs to happen. Would love to meet some of you in the future…j
      (Wouldn’t that be swell?)

  • This whole thing makes me wonder how much of the population will be killed off?
    This is horrible.

  • I live in Pennsylvania. I know many people who think like I do and will not volunteer to go have this shot. I also know many others that are having it. I cried the day I found out my daughter had decided to take the shot. So far she hasn’t had any side effect. But there is a girl that works with my sister who took the 1st shot and had a bad reaction. She still has a hard stiff arm from the first dose but is going to have the second shot next week! Thank God I’m awake to what’s going on but some people will not listen they think you’re the crazy one and that it’s all conspiracy. I don’t know how to get thru to these people. You guys keep doing these videos! Excellent information, I will continue to scream it from the rooftops. Pandemics mean we would all know multiple people that have died. There would be so many dead they would be burning and burying bodies in pits. Believe your own eyes and experience!

    • Post everything in your Facebook page like I’ve done I dont care what anyone thinks if I can save one life I will! Godbless!

  • thanks so much guys for all the information scary times and i cant seem to get through to people so sad… i signed up for you news letter any and all info is appreciated keep up the good work

  • Finally you guys r great I live in Australia and they r really pushing the Vax the sheep are rushing to have it but a lot of people r hesitant the damn media really need s a kick up the a…s!!!! People don’t think and I said yest that the prob in India is that they must have been given the Vax re deaths and u mentioned it !!! I am giving as much info that I can get to get it to people / now this weekend Mother’s Day bc of 2 people they have placed a 3 day lockdown / mask on transport and in shops also inside no more than 10 people inside ur home !!!!! Seriously the Premier of NSW FROM 5pm today until Monday I’m not wearing a bloody. Mask to the food shop I’ll tell em I have Anxiety / autoimmune need to breath fresh air a load of rot !!!!
    Yep Fear / I have to tape mthly a blood product IVIG and I asked will it be cross contaminated from anyone that has had the vax and gives blood – they don’t know great the reason I take it is I got CIPD FROM A DAMN FLU JAB in 2019!!!! Neuropathy my first and last

  • The VAERS are not even complete figures. Most people don’t even report any reactions. Some do but they are never reported. The shocking reality is that only a third of the U.K. population has had 2 shots!! Because of lockdowns 1000s have been trapped in other countries and had their jabs there so any VAERS won’t be reported in the U.K. stats. It’s obviously much worse than the statistics quoted on the Gov site.

  • Post everything in your Facebook page like I’ve done I dont care what anyone thinks if I can save one life I will! Godbless!

  • If your database is anything like the U.S. VAERS database, it is reported that only between 1% and 10% of the actual side effects is reported…. So look at those numbers now….

  • Lee, Dave, have you had any DW T-shirts printed?
    Your intel and common sense is the best.
    Keep up the great work and never give up.
    The truth will out.

  • Please share the exact link to the table labeled Analysis of Adverse Reactions to Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines! I find the EudraVigilance website but I cannot find that table. Please help!

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