Angry Man is tired of Unicorn distractions and damaging rumours.

It’s time for a total rant for the compliers. Angry man is shifting the blame for this nonsense plandemic onto the Rimtards who go along with all the non-science for ruining the economy and ruining society.

If you can’t see what’s going on here you’re not taking notice. The governments are desperate to get these needles into you, bribes, lotteries, billion dollar advertising campaigns. YOU DON’T NEED TO ADVERTISE A PANDEMIC! You’d all know if there was a real one and nobody would need such pathetic attempts at coercion.

Bottom up response people, fight locally, keep your families safe and start saying no! We cannot rely on anyone from the 1% to come and save us.

It’s facts for the warriors, facts that we can back up and respond to, because the police are too busy nicking people for wearing masks while the biggest crime in history takes place under their noses.


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  • Angry Man Is 120% spot on the first time I sore Trump pivot on vaccines and started promoting the Jab and warp speed I Knew he was the other side of the same Coin.
    I then did more research and found out that in 1999 was the world bankruptcy and every president since then does not have a flag the flag they use is the gold-fringed Military flag which represents the marshall law in control. And is against the people. The Commander and chief is :Russell-Jay: Gould he holds the 1.0 to 1.9 American Flag He salvaged this from going into the British hands in 1999. see www. lastflagstanding .com I have claim of life and lifted myself out of the birth certificate trap. I am standing strong against 5G, Jabs, Chemicals trails, stand strong with you guys keep up the great work. :Paul-Keith: Catten

  • From Canada: love your rants…..don’t stop, it s good for the Soul…lol…

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