New COVID Ad Campaign Until March 2022

What do the UK Gov know that they’re not telling us?

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Or in this case: the fat cats. 

On April Fool’s Day – but this is no joke – the UK Government launched a NEW one-year COVID advertising campaign – TV, radio, billboards, buses, the lot. And they awarded a whopping £350M contract to OMD Group UK, part of Omnicom Media Group UK Ltd.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

I know… it’s funny, isn’t it, when the UK is seemingly opening up.

What do they know that they’re not telling us?

How can they just pull £350 million out of the hat? 

(And note: The hat is taxpayers’ money)

Who are the fat cats in the hat?

If there really was a pandemic, why would they have to advertise it?

Oh, and just a couple of side notes:

The UK government struck a similar deal with the OMD Group three weeks before the country went into a national lockdown

And do you know how much they paid an agency (MullenLowe) to come up with such mind-blowing ads as Hands. Face. Space and Enjoy summer safely?

£5.2 million.

Pip Fuchs


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  • I am looking for the exemption for wearing a mask notice you said is on your website. I looked under “Documents” > Health. But i do not see it. Can you make it more visible and also please let me know where i can find it?

    Thanks so much and Lord bless all you do for freedom!
    Janet Estrada
    Colorado, USA

  • I apologize. I looked on the home page and found it…my bad! No need for a response on how to find the face mask docs.

    Janet Estrada
    Colorado, USA

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