The Digital Warriors are stepping it up a gear, a new studio, new format & they're taking the fight right to the very top.

We’ve completely had enough, so we are now dedicating our lives to exposing the truth (and having a few beers of a Friday night of course). Digital Warrior Productions now has an HQ with an all-new studio where Dawson & Mahoney can tear apart the fabrications branded around by paid-off scientists, governments, health professionals and main stream media.

Let’s take the fight to the bastards that created this mess, and take ’em down one by one!


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  • 3 or 4 World News sources, all in the same hand and if the source is poisoned all rivers downward are poisonous. Reuters, AFP and some others are the same source

  • You guys are awesome! Go Irish, I’m in the USA trying to wake up as many as I can. Will share your videos, keep up the good work!

  • Good stuff boys. Keep it simple and it’s appreciated when you say you don’t know as opposed to tapping the side of your nose whilst indicating some covert form of code is being employed. People known to me get confused by such presentations and lose interest, regardless how important the message. The majorty of these people are scared. Early last year.

    I informed family members i was a military nuclear, biological & chemical warfare instructor out of Porton Down and briefed them regularly. All who have met the criteria, have had the injections, they opted to believe the bombardment of fear. Both of you make the points well with your easy but focused approach laced with enviable degrees of confidence, manner, attitude, diligence & ethusiasm. Grab those who can’t be bullied, badgered, bought or blackmailed before the treasonous governments and msm do!

    Many thanks,


  • I’ve seen several examples of the same script being repeated over and over on US ‘news’ channels. One of the them not only repeated the words , but also there was specific intonation in the sentence on the same word and highlighted with a distinct pause at the same point.
    So well scripted they must have rehearsed.
    Sadly the vast majority of the public wear blinkers and refuse to look any further than the ends of their noses.
    I had a friend of mine say that most of the news came from Reuters, ( who as we all know are a trusted independent; yeah right ), partly owned by the Rothschilds I believe, so no different to any other large controlled news outlet.
    Great start guys, but does this make ‘the angry man’ redundant?

  • I loved your new show, guys. Well done, natural, a bit amateurish but at least we feel it’s from the bottom of your heart. Congratulations. And I look forward to the next edition. (From a 72 year old Frenchman who worked in Scotland and now enjoys his retirement in Spain Almería, not too far from you).

  • Great programme, guys. Fabulous new studio and great presentation. Really enjoyed the content. Love the BS button. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Awesome – I will be checking you guys out every day for More Great Truths – Thanks for all you have done – From the USA

  • BLESS YOU, BLESS YOU BLESS YOU!!! We LOVE you all the way in Bozeman MT!!! Thanks for doing all the research & all you do!!! With you all the way!!! Tons of LOVE!!!

  • That was great. I hope the viewing figures go galactic. This is what breakfast tv should look like.

  • Thank you boys for all that you are doing! It takes real genuine people like you to wake the world up! I have known what has been going on for some years now and most of my family and friends think I’m a mad conspiracy theorist! I love you and your warrior spirits!
    I’m old enough to remember songs from the 60’s and think your theme song should be “something in the air” by Thunderclap Newman. .. very apt for today!
    Will be following and sharing wherever possible.
    Thanks again

  • Hey guys, I love your bullshit button.. I am a rebel canadian living outside Tamarindo Costa Rica. I have been a student of the New World Order, the 13 bloodlines since 1992 after an awakening in the Great Pyramid of Cheops..I had so many metaphysical experiences in Egypt that I was never the same since. I was invited to the lodges on the Indian Reservations, I had council meetings with off world beings…omg have i had a life. I own and operate an animal rescue and a cabin rental near the beach. I cannot wait to hear your next video. AHO FROM AN ENLIGHTENED WARRIOR… I took training with T Harv Eker for 2 year.

  • Lee it’s nice to see you’ve upgraded from your car, lol! I love the way you both tell it like it is! I’m excited to see where you guys go from here!!! Nice work!

  • Love the studio and your charismatic, truthful presentation. You work so well together and deserve to reach a much larger audience. Thank you for showing London Freedom Rally. I went, and it really was massive!

  • “We The People” need to define the enemy.
    I watched a ‘Round Table’ With Ann Vandersteel , Mel K , Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward.
    — Simon touched on an excellent point. The Deep State ‘bad guys’ are nameless and faceless.
    — In order for We The People to succeed THOSE PEOPLE (the true deep state) need to be named and their faces need to be shown. We The People need to know who the enemy is.
    — We only know of the politicians. They are not the power that is really making the decisions and pulling the strings. — The politicians are not innocent, they are simply not alone in their misdealing.
    — Who exactly are the people who make up the deep state? Where do they live (no, not their home address).
    — We The People need to know who the enemy is.

    • I agree with you. The ones we see are the ones we’re supposed to see. They are the marionettes. Look no farther than the vatican with it’s military Jesuits. They always hide . They have one goal, make the whole world submit to the pope as the supreme leader or ‘god’ of this world. They already declare that he is so. They hate our Constitution and freedom loving people wherever they are found. They use Hegelarian Dialetic to get their results. Edmund Paris wrote a history of them and there are many others who have exposed their plotting. Clintons fav. Professor was a Jesuit and wrote A book Hope and Tragedy-Carroll Quigley. He tells one and all that they control the world. Check it out. They are the missing piece of the puzzle.

  • Great job guys. Keep calling it out. A lot of us get it on our own. But same as the MSM brain washes the massed with a constant bombardment of trash – our side needs the support of the truth with the facts as to why it’s the truth.

  • Love you guys been in the background with a very strong loud voice right there with you both and Charlie the whole way! Congratulations on your new information set! It’s beautiful!

  • Water problems, buy yourself a Water Distiller, they are about $400, makes 4 litres in about 6 hours, no fluoride, no chlorine, no toilet paper, no estrogen, no nothing, just H2O

  • Thanks guys awsome love the balls and all’s truth of what’s put there time for control and greed to dissolve from this world time for the sheep to wake the fuck up,time for all evil on earth to b exposed, vanish and b dealt with .



  • Will This Covid BS Ever End &End Masks too soon .No more jab scares an Real News Broadcasts every where in world so the BS is Shown to Wake up All

  • To say the thought of the residue of the experimental jab in our drinking is terrifying would be an understatement! How many different ways have the buggars thought of to make us ill and kill us? You’re the first ones to make mention of this possibility. As disturbing as it is, far better we know about it . Looking forward to more of your downloads of information. I took krav maga for a year and just before I was ready to take my 2nd level test got hurt. My chiropractor told me no more. I sure do miss it. Whenever Lee gets revved up I remember how much I enjoyed it and especially the challenge. I was 63 at the time.

  • See our mongrel premier of Western Australia just extended the emergency powers until next year! There are so many brain dead idiots living in this state, parroting how great this fool is and what’s more you can’t tell them. I want the idiots who have been jabbed to wear a badge so we know who to stay away from!
    Keep up the great work, I keep getting bans from social media, so finding it hard to keep up the information to the brain dead!

  • love the to hear the shit that you guys put up.i cant stand these fuckers all of them will pay dearly i will be part of the rezistance in the usa. agian thankyou.marine veteran not afraid to sacrifice myself for my grandchildren.

  • Thank you so much for getting this info out there. I spend my life researching and can’t believe the number of educated, intelligent people having these jabs. My husband is one of these who had the 2nd Pfizer 4 weeks ago and has been in bed unable to be walk since. I just feel it will kill him this winter because he’ll have no resistance to any bugs then. It has made us get all our affairs in order- the only plus side! I’ve lost so many friends because I’m a Truther and feel so sad that they can’t/will not see the truth.

  • I am putting everyone on notice, if I walk into a restaurant, bar, etc, and you ask me for proof of vac, I will immediately file suit against you. I will file both a personal and business lawsuit for violation HIPAA Laws.
    You have no legal right under any circumstances to see my private medical records. If you deny my entrance, I will consider it as a form of discrimination and a violation of civil rights.
    I will use every law that is broken to destroy you. Be advised ignorance of the law is no excuse.
    I will not and do not authorize any release of medical records to any business without my consent. And I do not give my consent just to participate as a member of society.
    I have put up with the temperature checks, which is being performed by someone who is not a member of the medical profession.
    Even that action is an invasion of your medical privacy. Since when does someone working at a restaurant, bar, etc have the legal right to make a decision about your medical well being based upon taking your temperature.
    These actions of “show me your papers”, stops now! Copied from a friend!

  • Hi Lee and David, thank you for all that you do! Love your show! My question is my son has dual citizenship in the US and Ireland. He attends college in Ireland and will resume this fall. Is there anything I can do to prevent him from getting vaccinated and or quarantined?

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