The 1% are pushing and winning, and we only have ourselves to blame. Time to stand up!


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  • People here say we are winning this, but I don’t see that. The vaccines are going full steam ahead. As you said all the information in the World is now available and yet the sheep line up. The sheep people are our enemy as they will want us to follow them to the slaughterhouses. If we don’t and they know they will dob us in. If Governments pushed to make the vaccines mandatory. I am very worried about this. Think about it, the sheep have always been with us. Look at the major battles in history. Millions have died since the beginning of time fighting for their rights, against the Elite and the sheep who followed them. Now Ive given up trying to educate the sheep. I outright refuse to have this vaccine.I have stormed out of three cafes who wanted to scan in for a meal. I told them they had no business asking for my details and they could stick their food where the sun doesn’t shine. As for the vaccine, I will die before I have it. If I lose everything as a result of not complying and have to live in a cardboard box so be it. I will never, ever given in.

  • Can someone explain what’s going on in India? Are we really saying that it’s not bad out there and they and the MSM are all in on the cover up?

    I know what’s happened here, but I’m struggling to see how they can pull it off on this scale in India?

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