Honey, I Shrunk The Carters

What the hell is going on with that photo?

On 4 May, The Carter Center released a photo which showed Joe and Jill Biden with erm… Lilliputtians Jimmy Carter (96) and his wife Rosalynn (93).

Yes, we know old people shrink. But seriously?

Luckily Auntie Beeb (the BBC) is on hand to rush to tell us it’s simply the result of the photographer using a wide-angled lens. And we trust them, right?

Well even if it is, hopefully it wakes up a few sheeple into realising how images are increasingly manipulated. 

But it does beggar the question (or four): 

• Who on earth allowed this ridiculous photo to be published? 

• Why did they feel the need to turn the Biden’s into giants? 

• What was the “opportunity” in this photo opportunity?

• Who was the photographer? Anyone?

Thankfully, it’s given us all a good laugh when we sorely need one. Humour is the best medicine, folks. 

And with that, I’ll leave you with one: 

Source: https://twitter.com/Rosemarie_T/status/1389586811375267850

Pip Fuchs 


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  • Well I ain’t never seen senior citizens shrink to that extent! I’d say the photoshop fella had a liquid lunch !
    Love the attempted Beeb intervention, assholes. Very funny Pip.

  • The right side of Joe disappears into the chair, as you say Dave someone had an extra beer or two for lunch.

  • My husband and I both got Covid between Christmas and New Years. We live in Fl. It was rough but we survived it without hospitalization. Thankfully there was sunshine in January in Florida. I am now getting 2 phone calls a day offering me the vaccine. No thank you! Thank you for the information and entertaining information!

  • Just makes me laugh, they’re all of vulnerable ages, yet not a mask in sight, and surely this is not their safety bubble. Stop complying. This ends when people stop doing it.

  • So Biden advocates being masked to avoid catching/spreading Covid, yet doesnt wear a mask when he is with two vulnerable people. Mind you he has Dr Jill there, the most qualified doctor in the US thanks Whoopi).

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