Tabloids Fess Up

Watch Your Back Prof!
Professor Robert Dingwall has dropped Boris and co. right in the old 'Crimes Against Humanity' swamp with this gem of an admission.

Some of the UK’s notorious tabloids have started fessing up about the Government fear mongering over the last year and how they’ve scared everyone rigid with the threat of death from Covid 19 without just cause.

No Messin’

The Telegraph isn’t messing around, claiming that the Government has ‘Terrorised’ its own population into an unnecessary fear of a flu-like coronavirus… Terrorised! Thats a pretty hefty word for an administration that is supposed to be guardian of its own subject’s safety and freedom.

The Mail Online admits pretty much the same thing with this incredible headline:

Britons were ‘terrorised’ by the government’s tough coronavirus message and ‘lost sight’ of the fact most people only have mild illness, says SAGE adviser.

Finally Some Truth.

The SAGE advisor Professor Robert Dingwall effectively ridicules Britains health policies over the last year ahead of Boris’s bonkers Lockdown Exit strategy with a clear admission of crimes against humanity! If we’re honest, this is all an outspoken statement like this can amount to… even though the Goggle Box is completely ignoring any of it happened at all. Football seems a much more important subject on the BeeB than the psychological torture and manipulation of a nation, followed by a mass fear-driven gene therapy human experiment.

Hey Ho, I wonder if the Euro Super League will happen this year?

Which One is Robert?

Next time you see a SAGE line-up and you’re wondering which one Is Professor Robert, he’s the one sweating nervously in a Kevlar undervest.


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  • Hi Guys I heard you mention about the quality of tap water, do you have any recommendations of water filters that will filter out all this crap. You are doing a great job, keep up the good work.

    • You can get a water distiller. It works great and then you can add your minerals back in or use a pinch of sea salt.

  • I think they will replace Borris before the next lock down, this is why you are seeing everyone stabbing him in the back. They will need someone tough to take them into the winter lockdown.
    As scientists are saying 9- 12 months before the Vax starts developing illnesses etc
    They will say it’s variants that are killing people and that the unvaccinated and children are spreading it. This will give them a excuse to vaccinate children and may be bring in forced vaccination, hope not, I’ve got my woodland survival kit ready, just incase

    Doing a great job Boys , I’ve been wearing a tin hat since last February, trying to warn people.

  • Love ya lads, thanks for being there and shouting the truth. If I had one person around me who thinks the way I do I would be a happy bunny but I’m drowning, surrounded by mugs who are taking it royally up the arris and think they are doing the right thing.
    Thanks again!