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Front Line Defence

Benefits of taking this supplement:
Health: Extremely potent immune system regulator - booster developed through cutting edge scientific research & development. Total detox, effective against pre-mature ageing.

Personalised Supplements Set

Characteristics of the product:
Medical-grade, manufactured in the European Union according to highest GMP standards. Contains a personalized composition with direct bio-active vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Absolute Skin Care

Benefits of taking this supplement:
Cosmetics: Increased moisture and skin elasticity combats wrinkles and and premature ageing.
Health: Unique formulation helps boost a healthy immune system,

Joint & Muscle Support

Benefits of taking this supplement:
Effect: Relieves joint & muscle pain. Increased anti inflammatory action.
Health: Prevents joint damage and loss of cartilage from osteoarthritis.

FatBrn Energy Booster

Benefits of taking this supplement:
Effect: Potent weight loss & fat burner. Energy Booster
Health: A unique formulation that works in a safe and effective manner.

Hair Re-Growth

Benefits of taking this supplement:
Effect: Powerful stimulator for hair re-growth for men and women.
Health: Based on “spermidine”, a powerful stimulating molecule for hair regrowth.

Weak & Brittle Nails

Benefits of taking this supplement:
Effect: Unique formulation for strong and healthy nails.
Cosmetic: Results in beautiful and well-kept long nails right at your fingertips.

General Pet Support

Benefits of taking this supplement:
Effect: Improved joint health for cats & dogs.
Health: Relieves symptoms of sore and stiff joints, boosts the immune system. Great for allergy conditions.

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