Shedding Evidence.

Dr Sonia sets us straight on a few facts about Viral Shedding and how the vaccinated could become Super Spreaders.

This is more information on the theory how the vaccinated may become the next super-spreaders.
According to the developers of the vaccines, taking the jab helps to prevent serious illness from COVID, but it does not prevent infection nor transmission of the virus. It only prepares your immune system to deal with it faster, once you get infected.

The Mechanics Of It

The nose is the main entry point of the virus, where it will replicate before attacking the body. When a vaccinated person gets infected, there is a time-lapse before the immune system will kick in and eliminate it. During this time, the vaccinated person will not present any symptoms, but he can pass the virus on to someone else.

The Danger Of False Assumptions

Vaccinated people that are living under the false assumption that they are immune and cannot spread the virus, will increase their social contact and, therefore, are more likely to infect more people.
But more important, there is the issue of viral mutations. When a virus such as the coronavirus infects someone, that person’s immune system mounts a response. Viruses continuously produce slight variations when they multiply, and if any of these variants can evade a person’s immune response, those variants will survive, multiply and spread to other people.

Super Spreaders?

Many virologists are concerned that people that have received the first shot of the vaccine are breeding grounds for the virus, and stimulate it to acquire new mutations. Therefore, the vaccinated could become the next super-spreaders, and possibly transmit more dangerous and resistant forms of the virus.

Dr. Sonia Van Kerckhoven

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology MSc in Nutrition
Expert in Medical Genetics


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  • These are not “vaccines,” but rather extremely dangerous, experimental gene therapy. No one should be getting them. That so many have fallen for this scam is astounding. The next 2-3 years are likely to be horrific territory, with the long-term effects of the mRNA concoction eventually coming to pass. And what will the powers-that-be say then? Never mind, we all know…

    No tests
    No masks
    No lockdowns
    No “vaccines”

  • The virus theory is bullshit. The vaccines are bullshit. The best thing you can do is stay as far away as you can from the medical industry killers: big pharma, doctors and nurses.

  • I have a question about the vaccine. Can a person who is unvaccinated who is around vaccinated get the same gene therapy as the person who’s vaccinated? I know the vaccinated are shedding the virus but are they also shedding the Spike protein gene therapy?

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