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  • My wife and i are glad to see people like you push against the lies being perpetrated by big and small Media Tech to be compliant to their false narrative. We are grateful for your work!

  • It will really take a drastic death toll for the majority to wake up. Will that be too late for them, quite probably!!

    • People are gonna think it’s the virus and not the vaccines. Everyone I tell they don’t care there lost in there money world. They only care for for themselves and money this won’t end well

      • Yes people are more stupid now than back in the 1880s. The mandatory small pox vac was killing more people than the disease. The people rioted to stop it being mandatory. Obviously this wasn’t the case if you could afford the £5 get out fee to not have it in the first place.

      • I can’t say much with these people and the only 2 words I can think of are ‘Natural Selection’.

      • So angry at the big lie that I want to scream.
        What is really in the jab? Unfortunately my son took the Pfizer jab 4 months ago because he is a nurse and believes the lie. He just had his antibodies tested and results were ZERO! So what does he have swimming around inside? Scared for him.

  • We are in the middle of a war, we all have to do our bit to save the future for our children and grandchildren. So many people are blind to what is happening.

    • This is about the children. Not just those 8 mil per year that go missing, but for the freedom of all children. Seriously folks what did our ancestors fight in two world wars if it wasn’t for our freedom. And grown ups are scared to say I’m exempt when going into the supermarket, pathetic! I wouldn’t even comply when I went to court. And guess what non of the magistrates were wearing them either.

      • Yes, to right! I have not worn a muzzle once. I just walk in places as if I own them. I don’t leave room for any comments or arguments. And it is US who have to put a stop to this. This cannot go on. I am concerned for all the children and what their future looks like….Vaccines are chemical rape!

  • I am tired of hearing all this fake news my friend got me on your news I started watching and am very impressed.
    Keep up the good work

  • Love you guys Lee never stop swearing your just like me I get so wound up you make me howl but you get the message across as you so passionate. I refused the vaccine I’m 64 they can do one. Funny you can’t get an appointment with your doctor but they manage to find the time to call you personally to offer it.

  • Have you seen the latest going round regarding “” the resurgence of deaths and hospitalisation will be from those who have had 2 vaccines etc”” that’s off the government website too this is their 3rd wave that know exactly what’s coming more lies and scams if you want details let me know

  • What’s happened to Joseph Gregory, is he the real deal?
    Some of his last posts with movie clips made him seem like a fruit and but cake

    • Hi Phil – Looking down thru the videos in Joseph GREGory Hallett’s website, near the bottom I see that some are not yet available; that some have been removed; and most are the excellent wuns that I’ve enjoyed. When you make a criticism, it’s important to state specifics, and a proper critique begins with a
      compliment. . . . in order not to seem like an fruit and nut cake.
      Are you even familiar with GREG’s amazing mental & soulful accomplishments ?

    • Greg went his own way after the interviews, we carried on with our path which you see now. I am sure he will return.. Someday…

      • Hey Mr D.M, Have you heard of the educate before you vaccinate? chk it out @ www, im thinking you might want too do a info. vid.

  • Thank you love your truth video’s. I’m newly diabetic any good information would be appreciated guys.

  • I love you guys, love how you say it just how it is! I am a 78 year old widow and just signed up for you new spit test vitamins. Forget what they are called so maybe they will help me with my memory! Thank you for the discount code I appreciate that and all that you two do for our freedom. No vaccine for this old gal! Pure nonsense

    • Memory issues are often due to metals on the brain. Geo engineering spraying heavy metals and Aluminium.
      Liquid Zeolite is the nest for Brain fog and memory loss. Good for children with Autism as it takes away the metals in vaccines causing Autism. We have used ‘ Pure Body’ spray from ‘The Good Inside .com’ for many years.

  • Amazing news! Thanks so much for your « engagement » in these difficult times! Bon courage, and all the best❤️
    Gisella from Montréal

    • I’m here in Arizona and have been trying for a long time to wake people up… they are so asleep at the wheel.. so programmed.. continual almost violent feedback when talking about the vaccines.. the Satanic involvement that permeates thru all walks of society…. I will continue the fight but as John Wayne said in one of his westerns..”You can’t fix Stupid “

  • WOW … I’ve just found you guys !!!
    … at 70 and sadly many old man health issues I no longer have much wind for my sails … yep … emphysema too BUT no matter … I still love finding out new and true information about what’s going on behind the scenes !!!
    I’m really looking forward to this !!!

  • Hey Lee Dawson send this to Charlie his channel isn’t responding!! Here is something to explode to the whole world!, from Lin Wood! Mentions the Vatican the Queen and the Shsyter Politicians min our Nation!! Caharlien


  • Thanks for your video. Just found you. We live in New England, USA. It is the most woke area… Almost everyone getting vaxxed!!! My husband and I have lost almost all family just for being Trump supporters 5 years. Now it’s worse. No Christmas in 2020! Crazy. Now we are looking to move to a red state with no masks, a healthy way of living and options for everyday life. Only a few friends left, and they are facing the same problems. Looking forward to DJT coming back, not in D.C. (it’s going down) but normal healthy thinking people. Right now we are forced to wear masks everywhere, and I can’t stand it. So, no holidays or birthday celebrations because no one will meet up, and we won’t wear masks other than in stores. (We got to eat!) So thanks for the honest speaking. My husband is better than I am at taking this stuff in stride. Me, not so good. So I keep in touch with my peeps and listen to Christians who know what’s what, and people like you who know this is evil madness going on in our countries. God bless you gentlemen.

    • I am also in New England. Western MA. I am impatiently waiting for DJT’s return. The number of friends and relatives who have obediently gotten ‘the jab’ is mind boggling. There are going to be so few left. So sad. Scary how oblivious they are. I refuse to wear a mask anywhere I go, and I just want to yell at all the mask-wearing puppets who look so foolish doing as they are told without question. Gawd….

  • Hi Lee and Dave, I’m Jo from New Zealand. I just wanted to say thankyou for all that you do. Love listening to your posts, they are extremely informative and very helpful to what could be coming here. Because we are a small country and at the bottom of the world we have had the same challenges as you guys have had but they coming, the bs from the MSM and our PM shows they are pushing for. But we are fighting back against this agenda and we have all got faith that we will win and top the bastards. Love you guys and have an awesome day Jo.

  • How can I get involved Iv reached out to clare but no reply on LinkedIn and Instagram.
    Am 56 from Liverpool and take no shit Iv had enough of this shit show and want to do something about. I own my own construction business am Fm and I eat sleep this fucken scamdemic an d will die fighting for humanity. Get me on LinkedIn to look me up.

  • Are You a Human?9 + 5 = ???

    As I haven’t had the vaccine, the answer to this question is an unequivocal “yes”.

    If I had had the vaccine, would it be more honest to answer “no”?

  • Wow! I’m impressed with your intel, delivery and statistics. These are the types of videos the world needs. I’ll be following you and praying that you and your loved ones remain safe and that your words continue to reach far and wide.
    ~Linda K., PA, USA

  • love the vaccine letter but personally i would change point 8 to say;
    will i (or my family) be compensated by the board of directors of the company producing the vaccine,by the members of staff and owners of the practice giving the vaccine,by members of the goverment local and national (personally)encouraging and advising the rollout of the vaccine and by owners of the media companies encouraging the same

  • Great work guys .You are SO appreciated. Thank you for the Docs to .I am printing them of. If I was in Spain I would buy you guys your favourite tipple.!!!!!!Biba

  • i think the government website you all mentioned was already removed – from Canada – God bless you gentlemen

  • Thank you for all the amazing work you do and the information you so freely share. I live in South Africa and I hope that some of this will be applicable here. We are desperately in need of change.

  • My husband Mike and I feel so blessed that you give us all your research so we can continue to do deeper research. We are Dr Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes patriots which lead us to you. Very grateful, many blessings from Alaska.

  • Watched your show via Charlie Ward on 4/26/21. Excellent information to research further. Big thank you!

  • Just listened to your latest post on Dr Charlie’s site; never miss you two! I’m so glad you provided your site info.; I just LOVE you two fellas. You might have missed but NEED to watch the video on Charlie’s site

    It’ll help in your invaluable efforts to help the braindead public know what’s in these deadly concoctions and what they do to the body.

    Also, referenced more info (re: the below link) via the horrendous transfer of toxins, thus symptoms and reactions, now being suffered by those NOT getting the jab, but in close proximity to those that did. Just as your warnings are invaluable, in truth…the vaxed are complicit in their own suicide pact because they choose to TRUST and did NO RESEARCH! Bill Gates must be high-fiving Soros (if still living) over how fast their 90% depopulation genocide is working! D

    Date: Sunday, April 25, 2021

    IMPORTANT Information about staying away from anyone who received the vaccine for 3 weeks
    The “vaccines” are said to be so toxic that the person who gets one “off-gasses” the toxins which can spread to other people in the vicinity. The repercussions so far appear to be related to reproductive aspects of both women and men. These are two doctors and 3 women in very short videos sharing their experiences.


  • Hello from CA, USA – as an 81-year young “granny” I have pretty much alienated my whole family by refusing the mask, the test, the vax, the social distancing, etc. Living in one of the absolute worst states in the USA, I so enjoy listening to both of you rant – you speak exactly what I think! Now, I have just heard on our HealthRanger website ( a nurse warning of the danger of those who get the jab are liable to spread not just the “virus” but also the other bad stuff in this experimental garbage. Could you check out this possibility? If it’s true, it appears that we may truly be doomed, and I really hope this isn’t a factual report. Thanks again for all you are both doing for all of humanity – glad to hear there are so many of us that are awake!

  • We should be during Megan Merkel
    She just reinforced on Social Media to get your vaccine mask etc. When she FAKED HER OWN VACCINE.

  • Thank you for the amazing job you all do.
    Keep up the good fight.
    I live in Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK. I would really like to help in anyway possible. I am also thinking about fostering or adopting as many of the children saved. I have a past & experience of domestic physical sexual drug and alcohol abuse, I was a child in care and have issues with my mental health and was recently diagnosed with PTSD (not sure I agree with said diagnosis). I have had hard times and lost everything and am building back better (little joke)
    I am 45 & a mother of two 20 & 23 after being told I would not carry a child full term. I am a fighter and strong though and although I am not rich and have a big house, (I also want to move into a van and travel or live as self sufficient as possible on land with a pond/lake to fish, trees to build tree houses & help homeless people and or children).
    For the passed twelve years I have worked for Manchester City Council as a Support worker for Adults with Learning Disabilities complex needs and challenging behavior. I tried to end my life as a teenager many times, someone told me I was here for a reason and I think I could be a great value somewhere in this craziness.
    Please consider me if you can think of an area I could be of benefit or pass on my information to Dr Charlie Ward or anyone who can utilize my assistance.
    With Warm Regards and Great Respect
    Caz Mathieson

  • Until an online friend sent me an email back in March 2020 telling me Covid was an evil scam, I was one of the ‘sheeple’ and had swallowed the media story BUT ……. I did decide to watch his video and then did my own research – and came out of the dark side and into the light !! No ‘vaccine’ here.

    • HI Dave, Very Odd. We’ll register you. We’ve been really busy building a studio so apologies if this took time.

  • Thank you for pushing back against the tyranny and arming us with so much quality information. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  • I just watched one of your videos for the first time when signing on to Charlie Ward’s site. Excellent information and it’s a good feeling to see more people joining in this fight against the tyranny ruling our planet at the moment.
    The information you shared about the legalities of refusing to wear these stupid masks was quite informative. Is there anything similar here in the US? Masks are so unhealthy and those monsters know it, just like they know the vaccines are totally unsafe for humans.
    I will be watching more of your videos and sharing your site info with friends. Keep up the good work! We need as many “digital soldiers” as we can get. 🙂

  • I absolutely respect what you do in waking up the masses. I follow you both via Dr CW and Nick V.
    Thank you once again and God bless you!

  • Been following you guys for awhile now .Really refreshing to watch/listen too on all levels .Factual ,interesting format and the truth..

  • It’s nice we can come to the site and get the truth as all the false news media and a push on experimental vaccines . It looks like people are starting to stand up to the bs corruption well done guys

  • Hi Guys
    Congratulation on the new platform. I shall continue to listen to you both Unfortunately I’m old enough to be your mum so I won’t be learning your physical stuff don’t want to be named Super Grannie by my son and daughter and grandkids lol
    Can’t wait for the arrests of all the U.K. corrupted government. I hope it happens They have done so much damage with their continued lies and deception…. Keep pushing the truth out there
    Good luck guys. X carolyne

  • Just love your video’s. Wife said she feels like she is listening to my work friends again now that I am retired. Use all of your info trying to educate neighbors and friends but they just refuse to hear anything. Neighbor across the street said she took the shot “quote” to go along to get along. That is a good reason and the mentality of so many. Keep up the good work and my God watch over you guys.

  • I am in Canada and did not know about you. I just listened to two of your videos through Charlie Ward’s site and I am so pumped up.
    I cannot wait to see the documents you were going to post on the website with respect to rights about wearing masks. I want to print it off and get a Canadian lawyer to look at it and have it tweaked to be legal in Canada. I love Charlie, Simon, and Robert and now I have added you to my list. I wish there were more people in Canada standing up. There are a few and I keep praying for more and more, but people just don’t want to open their eyes and ears to see and hear what is going on. I worry so much about our kids and grandkids and our great-granddaughter. If we can’t get this stopped, what kind of life will they have.
    This is the agenda that was leaked from our PMO in Canada.

  • Thanks so much guys for all you are doing. It’s just amazing. Can’t thank you enough. You are keeping my spirits high and focussed. Big hugs to you both from Somerset xxx

  • Thank you for putting this together.
    Dave, I’ve been following you since the release of the video where you talked about the strange occurrence that led you to document JGH. What a journey that’s lead to. I found Charlie then too.
    I’ve been following these hidden stories and truths since 2006, and to see the information coming to public awareness is truly a blessing.

    Thank you both Lee and Dave and all the folks behind the creation of this new media platform.

  • Thanks Guys! looking forward to your show .
    We really need the emergency broadcast system to tell ALL the people the truth. People like my Mum and Dad dont even have internet or smart phones so they are completely unaware of alternative media, they swallow the MSM lies completely. All my family have had the jabs , so lets find out if there is something we can do for those who have had it before its too late
    Keep up the good work!

  • Great job guy’s the truth can’t be surpressed the deep state has bit off more than it can chew !!! They are finished !!!

  • Hi, I have seen both of you on videos in the past. Some on the Charlie Ward Show. I appreciate your candor on the issues we face today. Please sign me up for your newsletter. Only one comment, if I may. I am a 70 year old grandmother who would love to share your videos. However, most of my friends don’t use the F word in their language and would find it offensive.
    As an Air Force veteran, I have just about heard it all…..but, I don’t find it necessary to use it in conversation. I know both of you are professional and understand what I am saying. Ok, past that, I feel your new videos will be a hit. Thank you from a solid patriot.

  • Hi guys, absolutely love your videos, so much research behind them. We are in southern Ontario, Canada. Looks like dipshit running our country is implementing marshall law soon. Can’t wake a single sheep up around here, drowning in liberals. They will actually defend military presence. My brother’s in the airforce, but he supports Trudeau, won’t get any info from him. Thank God for my husband and 16 year old kids. We’re locked down now, but I won’t be very popular telling my daughter to keep away from her vaccinated friends if we ever open up.
    I was correcting some misinformation that our dental hygienist was sharing. Later my son said, “Can’t you just be quiet and agree, no wonder everyone hates us.” Oh well.
    Keep up the amazing work fellas, very much appreciate your wealth of knowledge, and we’ll keep annoying our fellow Canadians with the truth
    ❤❤❤ God Bless

  • You guys are great. I agree with you 100%. I live in Oregon and out Governor is as bad as coumo and unfortunately we have so many brainwashed people here. It seems everyone wears masks here. They are even making the kids wear masks in PE and even when they’re rubbing in track. Makes me so angry. A lot of The teachers are tyrannical. I feel so bad for my grandsons.

  • I am retired PO and know that this vaccine push is B.S.
    I have traveled from Florida to my Snowflake State of Michigan.
    I had Covid in September for about a week but from taking C, D-3, Zinc, and Quercetin prior and after I have returned to Gym and at 69 yrs is stronger than ever. Reports of high Florida rate are nonsense,and after returning to the gym in Michigan in early April which was reporting horrendous worst in nation Covid Cases I have not observed nothing unusual !
    My wife who was with me and healthy never picked up Covid . She is taking my recommended vitamin regiment!
    Look up Dr. Paul Marik MD expert on SARS treatment and see his protocol for Covid prophylactic and post treatment which includes low cost Ivermectin ( extremely safe) you won’t die and you will recover quickly ! The Dr is from Eastern Virginia. With this treatment you probably won’t get Covid! By the way no one is dying by heart attack, cancer, old age, they are all dying from Covid because hospitals get cash bonus calling it Covid ( another BS situation). I know of incidents of people dying from Vaccine or suffering health effects. Don’t know anyone personally who died from Covid, do know of about 10-15 people, friend and family members, relatives who recovered from Covid- a lot by following my vitamin recommendations!

  • Love your new show. I’ve been following Dawson and enjoy his daily rants. I’m glad to see you guys team up with an interesting show. I’m looking forward to the next one. Do you have a schedule?

  • So grateful for finding you guys from Charlie, & also MelK, Simon, Nicholas, Anne, Sasha, Robert, Doug… I’m Awake but so afraid for those who aren’t. I knew something was wrong from the beginning when seeing for starters NIH studies brought into MSM conversation. I did studies 30 yrs ago and too many red flags with this bs of science! You and those above tell it like it is which helps my & many others sanity. Trump will be back for all of us in the light instead of behind the scenes. ing. WWG1WGA ❤️

  • Amazing to show the corruption on the local US television news programs. These people are as dangerous as anyone on CNN or Fox News. Turned off the news years ago best thing we ever did! Looking forward to your next 30 min broadcast, first one was spot on.

  • I’m already a CharlieWard truther. Guys you talked about the water beigncontaminated on I am afraid it’s far worse than that. if these Covid Vaccinated moros shed through sweating them the whole food chain an drinking chain is contaminated. i only eat from canned food which i microwave then cook o the stove. I’m An ex serviceman i know the deal. I fear the outcome is far greater than we thought.

  • Fun seeing you with your news-of-the-world backdrop. Great format, great clips, all ad-libbed and authentic. In your videos, be sure to give the right address to your website:

    Bravo & best of luck. Things have been weird for a long time but it’s getting more weird by the day. I think you’re helping people get grounded and stay sane. Survival skills. Keep it up!

  • My wife and I have been Viewing both of you for many months on Charlie Ward’s WEB channel.
    I am Stuck in one of the Democratic run states in The US and can not move away. So All my Good quality Information is from WEB sites like yours. Please keep the faith! I hope you get your Van repaired soon , My wife misses the angry Man in a Van videos.

  • Hi guys ..that was a great introduction to the digital warrior world….
    We are mushrooms … we are fed bullshit and kept in the dark …
    But not for much …with this type of info coming out…
    I’m of the uk … yuk world ….
    and a as m in Scotland ..
    loved the tech you have and the brilliant content …just the truth the whole truth and …..who was it that said it will set us free…
    Yes , but only if we don’t think that the bullshit is the truth…so digital warriors is the way …
    Thanks guys

  • been with you guys since the beginning . King john onward.( lol) . I have faith in you despite that nutjob losing the plot eventually. ( He nearly had me too!) . keep laying the truth out. unmasked ,awake for decades and unvaxxed kids and next one won’t be either in July. Fighting where I can and have a lot of info I try to share. been trying to get any of you guys to look at ” QINETIQ” . I know what I know but no platform to get this MAJOR PLAYER dug on… you guys can access so much more and connect to way more avenues than I dare try now. scary stuff amd very , very risky !!!!!! Would love to get onboard with all i know and have known for a long time . Live in a town with great connection to magna carta and its history. contact anytime , would love to get more frontline than clandestine amd have a great gift of humour or so I am told amd we need some belly laughs about now( my speciality too.heehee) sick of the fear and misery( not mine !) now but miss my humorous side so much amd seeing folks laughing..Keep the fight going guys. And Mahony, Try the same machines at the gym as Lee uses , that one you spent time on with the crisps and snacks in is crap !. …… lol love it guys. British for brit issues

  • Guys! I’m a skeptic but I’m willing to sign up. The reason of me being a skeptic I’d the Gregory Hallet story!
    I’ve not heard anything for months now regarding a positive side to the story, but I have seen some negative stuff that doesn’t put you in a good light. Please share your thoughts on what’s going on or even if it’s a dead end story. WE need to know.

  • I Appreciate Your Diligence and Service
    Thankful for The Focus, providing clarity for every PATRIOT to pursue Knowledge deepening Development of WISDOM shared with the individual’s that are unaware or refuse to acknowledge the Paradigm Shift taking place around the World right before Our very EYES.
    Your Brother from Another
    Jeffrey L. Garvin aKa “ChoctawClover”

  • David and Lee great show. I love how you too work together. I can’t wait for the next show.
    I’m definitely going to send this one to a few friends.. Love and Prayers from Colorado USA

  • We are PATRIOTS OF HUMANITY! You guys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work! Help your brother to open his eyes so he can see where he’s going!

  • I love you guys ! Breath of fresh air.
    We know we will get the truth from you two . It’s a shame more people don’t do there own research for the truth with the jab. Maybe the Med Beds will help.
    Thanks for the research you do !

  • Have been following you since late spring/early summer last year, along with Charlie Ward. Thank you for everything you do.
    Greetings from New Orleans and God bless you both!

  • love you guys, especially Lee’s frustrated comments give me a daily dose of laughter because I live in America and his favorite F word sounds so much different than the way Americans say it. You both also tell the facts and the truth and you both are a joy to listen to and watch. Love the new stage.

  • Thank you guys for fighting for those still asleep. An avid follower of Charlie Ward and never miss your postings. Love your platform .
    Keep fighting the good fight. Love you guys.
    God bless, have a great day,
    Debra Smith

  • Thanks to a co-worker who sent me Dr. Charlie Ward Show videos and now Digital Warrior it’s gonna be Fkg great!
    Guys, I’m one of the stupid fkd. been vaccinated 2 months ago for Public Bus Transit. Will there be a counter vaccine to rid the poison from me or am I looking at an expiration of months til death?

  • I am very excited about your website and podcasts. I live in Ontario Canada where we are in complete lockdown. It is insane ! Dayna Johannsen

  • THANK YOU I just Signed up to your News Letter.. Scary Things Happening, I Haven’t had No PCR Test . And No Death Jabb,My Children DONT want to listen to me, Say I’ve Losing My Mental Capabilities..
    I’ve Been arched this Crap a unfold In Nov. 2019 as Well. thousands of hours watching videos, Searching, Reading.. GODSMACKED!
    All We can Fo Is Keep Fighting.. AGAIN Your Video Was Very Informative ..

  • Your video was great. I’ve followed both of you a very long time now. I met you first on with Charlie Ward.

    Best wishes and God Bless


  • Your show is very inspiring and educational , keep up your good deed patriots , God Bless

  • Hello Lee and David,

    I have been watching and listening to you for almost a year or even more, through Charlie Ward and I appreciate all your hard work and time you spend to bring valuable information to the people. I copy links, excerpts from postings that are very informative and important, I make pamphlets, print them and distribute them throughout the stores, banks, parks, wherever I go; sometimes in peoples’ shopping carts and in person but I find it very disturbing when people give it back to me as if I give them some poison…
    But, that doesn’t stop me from spreading the truth!
    God Bless and Protect you for doing this very important work for saving the humanity!

  • Expect a surge in subscribers, Charlie put your guys video on his site with 11 million people on his list LOL. Keep up the great work you are both doing. Loved the video and the BS detector was LOL “Trusting the Plan” the BS is almost over.
    The truth will always prevail eventually, all be it taking sooooo long … 🙂

  • Fantastic first presentation Guys. This is going to be awesome
    Can’t wait for your next show. Your research is phenomenal and
    much appreciated , thank you, thank you guys
    Following from Perth Western Australia

  • Thank you for this channel. Can’t wait to see your next production. Everything on social media is being censored, including me for reposting other people’s posts, so that just confirms it’s the truth. They’re just making a noose for themselves.

  • Great information, guys and I love your style! Getting the truth out is the most important thing we all can do right now. You are making an impact on many peoples lives…Great job!!

  • I LOVE IT BOYS! Keep up speaking GOD’S language of TRUTH! We’re definitely cut from the same cloth! Much love from Utah!

  • You Guys are GREAT! Thank you so much for your channel in spreading the real truth. I have been watching your group from Phoenix since the beginning of Charlie’s daily walks.

    You not only Rock, you “BOULDER”.

  • LOVE YOU GUYS. Keep up the awakening! I’m not a fan of the ‘f’fword, butt Lee has a way with it, fooking dumbasses. I am now surrounded with them. Dont take the shot. 4 Did. 1 got sic, 1 has rash, 1 passes covid(?) to anotther? Test not prov-prob needs an anal insert. WTF! Some will never wake the “fooking” up!
    Working on waking up my col-grad step-daughter. Socialist thinking shit.
    Anyway, looking forward to your input.
    Bitch to find you.. Hope its easier to donate.
    [email protected]

  • Had a hell of a time getting to your page! Seems they want you hidden. Love you guys! ❤️
    Thank you for telling the truths!!!!

  • I just watched your last video as it was shared through my email from Charlie Ward.
    I’m in Melbourne Australia & have been awake since day 1! Everyone thought I was mad as I said the very first day it was man made & there would be a vaccine with nano technology….. that was BEFORE I dived head first down the rabbit hole.
    I just felt it all energetically & it was like a download from above, which has developed increasingly throughout this time.
    I discovered Charlie right at the beginning, which lead to the discovery of you both. Until I saw your video I was unaware of your platform.
    I’m now part of Australia One & a common law assembly doing my bit also.
    Love the way you both deliver your messages…, & the funny at the end about the Australian politicians is bloody awesome…. but sadly spot on!
    Just gotta wake up more people here… as I still keep hearing the response “I’m not interested in politics”
    Which I very quickly point out…. “neither am I, but as a parent it is our duty to pay attention as WE are the ones responsible for shaping the world that our children have to continue to live in…..
    and right now it’s more important than ever!!
    Keep up the great work guys … love your energy & passion you have for humanity…. so on par with mine! Many blessings to you both

  • You are a great gift to patriots fighting against extinction of intelligent human life from this planet. Kill Gates is not intelligent even though he has graduated from a high-school. Related to the experimental nano-bots based poison, U.S. special forces veteran “Gene Decode” e.g. on (with backstage or Gene Unleashed level subscription), the test swabs hammered to brains through nostrils contain exactly the same poison. Also many videos show disposable face masks containing the same moving worm-like nano-fibers (cooperating nano-bots) – some cotton extracted to water where the “worms” move reacting to e.g. temperature, pressure and especially pouring of alcohol. I guess a US $ 50+ dollar digital microscope connected to a computer can show them. The swabs are definitely vaxxing without informed consent (Nuremberg interrogation in a boxing rink would be welcome). Maybe the face masks as well?

  • To Dawson and Mahoney:
    Guys, I love your videos, you’re great!….but sending them on to wake up people is impossible .
    The language you use doesn’t offend me, but it does a lot of people and causes you to lose your credibility. I sure wish you would not use words like you do when trying to get your point across. I watched the one about the FDA and the school in the US fighting back. Great info! 5 of my friends sent me replies and said it was a joke, and you two are a joke and not to be taken seriously.
    Are you doing a comedy show or actually trying to get information out to wake up people? Help us all out. Cant spread the word around because as soon as people hear the “F” word you’re turned off.

  • Great job men great to see some men still have balls, keep up the good work, tell Charlie to keep off the gin it’s fucking up his eye.
    PS yes we do have Kangaroos in Australia , by when the poms bought the bloody sheep over here they cross bread , now all we have are woolly jumpers.

  • You guys are hero’s!

    Thank you!

    In a world full of Marxist rubbish, especially all the Fake News that is out there in our Main Stream Media [MSM], we desperately need people like you guys to inform all those “SHEEPLE” out there that still can’t see the “Danger Ahead” sign that is flashing and flashing, yet they simply don’t see it!

    Your news is very important for us to forward on to many others to keep them informed.

    Do you have a postal address? I’m sure many people would like to mail lots of Intel to you rather than via unsecured and highly monitored and censored Email.



  • The emergency approval of the clot shots also voids your life insurance if it kills you !!!!

  • Did you know that when there is a lock-down for eg-ample 3 day there are many arrests going on in the night, The lock-downs are a smokescreen.

  • Hi guys, Thank you for caring and speaking the truth. It’s great to connect with like minded people and also have a laugh. Love you. Regards Linda

  • hello warriors,

    You have my full support. The world has already gone a long time ago in a
    completely wrong direction. 90% of humanity is in complete hypnosis. The problem is in obedience combined with fear. We live in a civilization of fear. Everyone is afraid of everyone. The system World Wide is designed to learn children not to think for themselves and not to question authorities
    …. The world’s manipulators are aware of this and use all their power to keep it that way. The main guidelines come from the dirty private organization WHO. Behind that are dirty Game of very few from Great Britain
    and the United States through their long political affiliation. They navigate all; banking system, pharmaco-mafia, corporate system and they are the masters in war management and governance… everything is systematically
    designed a long time ago … every human on this little planet in order to be aware must want to wake up … and then explore and scratch the surface.
    You don’t have to go deep. This is how people will come to understand and will realize that the whole world order is one small group of families who have no empathy for anyone or anything and who systematically works to
    impose totalitarianism and transhumanism.

    Personally, I share and forward all info and video from all people with good will and top experts who have remained moral and ethical, like a real original loving human being. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people
    resist and do not want to hear and do not want to see the truth, regardless of the incredible negligence and complete crazy measures and firm systematic deprivation of basic human rights. What to do …. have no fear of anything, have no fear of death, let’s always question, especially when it comes to mainstream media and their uniform narrative, don’t trust the scientists who follow the narrative, explore and be a skeptic , share
    knowledge with each person who wants to hear , never give up even if it seemed that this is the end …greetings and support from Croatia there are very few of us but we are strong and we are not afraid of anyone and we have learned to be persistent.

    love and respect

  • I just watched you on Charlie’s page…Discussing the vaccine deaths. I forward your page to my truth believing friends. Thank you!!!!

  • I’m here in Arizona and have been trying for a long time to wake people up… they are so asleep at the wheel.. so programmed.. continual almost violent feedback when talking about the vaccines.. the Satanic involvement that permeates thru all walks of society…. I will continue the fight but as John Wayne said in one of his westerns..”You can’t fix Stupid “

  • Thank you from Rhode Island! Just found you on Dr Charlie . watched your last video and now this one .Thank you for the website information so we can go directly to you and check out all your videos. WWG1WGA Worldwide, United we stand, they cannot divide or stop us now. We must keep sharing and spreading the truth. God Wins and good will triumph over the evil ones! Blessings and prayers for all humanity!

  • Wow! You guys are great, only thing I could ask for is that you do a show (or part of one) on Canada and our POS Prime Minister,Justin Trudeau and his (some) his carrying on with trying to turn us into a communist country (true). this if you would/could be great. I hear you talking about the rest of the countries in the world but we here in Canada feel that we don’t matter and we feel left out. You could go on for months with the shite he’s done.
    Thanks Ben

  • I am a spiritualist and after watching your video that was posted on the Dr Charlie Ward show I was very grateful for the work you are doing!
    Thank you and God bless

  • So, I just watched a couple of your videos over the last couple days. I would call myself one of the silent ones out there. Just watching the bullshit happen, knowing that none of it seemed right, but just watched it and hoped everything would right itself over time. Probably common amongst most people in the world. I have never had a social media presence. I have never tweeted, blogged, snapchated, facebooked, none of it. I always felt like it was a waste of my time, and who gives a shit about the new shirt I just bought, or what cool thing I saw a squirrel do today. But, now, in this time of mis-information, and the fear that these shit-holes have brought onto the public, I get pissed, and feel like it is time to act. How, I am not sure, but more people have to speak up. I like the way you two deliver your message. Direct and no bullshit. Researched and grounded in truth. I have never spoken out in any way, with this being the first time I have put my thoughts into words about the times we face. I am not the type to talk about myself, but in brief, I was born in 1962, so I am getting older than shit, and I have had many different jobs. The one I am proudest of is my time as an U.S. Army Airborne Ranger in the 1st Battalion from 1981 to 1985. If anything, that time taught me how to take a lot of punishment, and not give up. It was great to be part of a group that was a strong solution to problems that might arise. Now, I feel like problems have risen that need to be dealt with and I just need to figure out how I can be part of the solution. I just wanted you both to know, that you helped me reach this point. I could go on and on, but this is not the place and time. Let me just say thank you for what you are doing, and I look forward to joining this fight.

  • Love your videos. Very informative, thought provoking and concise. Also upbeat, in spite of the often difficult and downright scary truths you are providing. Thank you both for your work in spreading the word.

    Yahwehs blessing’s on you and your families always.
    Jenny Martinez

  • Love your videos. Great must have info which is thought provoking and concise. Also upbeat, in spite of the often difficult and downright scary truths you are providing. Thank you both for your work in spreading the word.

    Yahwehs blessing’s on you and your families always.
    Jenny Martinez

  • Love your videos. Great must have info which is thought provoking and concise. Also upbeat, in spite of the sometimes difficult and downright scary info.

    Yahwehs blessing’s on you and your families always.
    Jenny Martinez

  • Good on you guys , amusing yet serious and well worth watching especially any dirt on NZ and the laughing assassin Cindy.

  • Hi guys well i v been following you great m the very beginning thank you so much for all your guidance I have looked to you to find my own path so thanks

  • Hi guys from Cape Town South Africa,

    Just saw your video on drcharlieward show (whom I’ve been following for a year now and I am aware of the BS being fed to us on MSM and the rest of it) for the first time and your message immediately resonated with me. I retired in 2010 and since then have done a lot of research of my own of how the world really works and I’m still trying and will continue to wake people up to the truth. I’ve signed up for your newsletter and looking forward to more videos. Thank you guys for your dedication to do the good work it is much appreciated.
    Yours sincerely,
    Fahreed Suleyman.

  • So grateful to the Digital Warriors…Thanks Mahoney & Dawson…..your video is clear, concise, real and entertaining!!! Bless you for the effort !!!

  • Hi Guys! I love Charlie Ward… thrilled to be connected to you! I’ve been following him since he had around 60,000 followers! Beautiful heart and family!!! Truly would love to meet you all some day! I have been fighting the good fight here in the US, TN for nearly four years!
    We all need the hard hitting facts and humor to manage! That’s exactly what you bring!
    Big thank you for time and attention invested to these life saving and changing facts!

    You language isn’t harsh at all…
    I’ll survive it!

  • I wish everyone would start to look after their own health. Vit C kills ALL viruses and humans can’t produce their own. Vit D should be taken by most people because we arnt exposed to enough sunshine. Read and

  • When the latent issues began to develop with the vaccinated; don’t be a bit surprised when the unvaccinated are said to be the cause.

  • Hello from Western Australia thank goodness for you guys giving the info from our government . Now I can read and understand the stupidity of the government closing down areas because someone has so called not feeling well. Keep up the great work and a big thank you.

  • You both are extremely entertaining and I love watching and listening to the both of you. You bring humor to the everyday bullshit. You are a breath of fresh air. 🙂

  • Thank guys your great info is much appreciated. Im out here in California . Masks are slowly stating to drop . I carry mine with into hardware and food places and no one says a thing . No body wheres em at the Harley shop ! Dr. David. Marcus Arroyo grande California tells it like it is nobody wears a mask into his office huge and a holistic healing and nutritional supplements . Its great that were waking up here . Keep up the awesome info Rick

  • Grateful for your insights.. there is so much being hidden but believe you me… I AM AWAKE

  • you brothers are the real deal…perhaps you could emphasize and help people to understand the importance of decalcifying our pineal glands and techniques, foods, etc…..this is imo so so crucial to our perception; for starters our B.S. meter gets a massive upgrade

  • Love your videos so far! Maybe you can help me with something? I received in the mail A picture today from President Trump and it said “miss me yet?” I didn’t order it or anything. It was from Ace fulfilment. Do you know why I would receive this? Do you think it has anything to do with Nasara Gasara or how can I find out?
    Thank you!❤️ Elizabeth

  • Have “they” started working to find an antidote for the covid shot yet? Would it be too late for them to take hydroxy?
    I’m scared for those who got the jab

  • You guys are a breath of fresh air in the putrid world we are stuck in! Keep up the good work! You bring common sense to this nonsensical, bazaar and sick global mess. A bright light in the darkness! Hail digital Warriors!

  • Love your videos. They make me laugh during these insane times. Love the F bombs. We must be related.

  • hello fellas Ye just watched jour show the other day being a Geordie and having what 2 and a half years at high school I am the only one in my family and the youngest with my head screwed on my Da has just had his second injection and has many internal problems I said to him I wouldn’t be a guineapig it isn’t even a vaccine I believe both are biological weapons

  • Even in the UK local Elections People are saying they are going to vote Tory even when they are being taken to the Neurenburg Courts for crimes against Humanity what the hell is wrong with people

  • I cant believe People are still going to vote Tory in the local Elections, they are being taken to the Neurenburg Courts by the Lawyers from the World Doctors Alliance for Heavens sake and these People are giving them the thumbs up Heaven Help us !

  • Thank you so much for what you are doing. I saw you on Charlie Ward’s telegram channel and now follow you on bitchute and signed up for your newsletter. Your “AustraliEn Values” clip was hilarious!

  • Great job on this new format! Love it. Keep being the truthful barbarians that you are. I’m one in my own way. Live in East TX. Soon 67, run sprints every morning with my German shepherd, eat organic, have a small container garden though live on 5 acres. I’ve been awake for a long time but have been ignored except by a few close friends. Stopped wearing the mask early last year. It felt… WRONG! Like I was wearing a badge of compliance. YUCK. Told my grandkids I had B.S.A.S. So could not, would NOT wear it. Have been challenged but stood ground. Translation: bullshit awareness syndrome! We’ve ALL got to wake up, stand up and speak up. GOD WINS!

  • Hey you guys,l’m glad l found you and l’m glad some body has the gusts to go up against those morons that are controlling the world and for you guys to expose the truth,but some people l talk to about this and tell them there being lied too,they look at me as if l’m from another planet,they say you got that on the net,it’s all BS,well l told them they were getting a lot of BS from the media and TV,l would like to ask you is it true that if someone has been vaccinated and your not,you can get the virus from them because it mutates and sheds??thanks guys and keep up the good work,l’m from Canada.Bob

  • Well hello from the United States I love you guys. You don’t hold back on any of the bullshit and I’d love it. Thank you for helping all the people you’re helping it’s awesome having people looking out for other people when apparently our government doesn’t give a rats ass about us. You too are just more than my digital warriors I feel like we’re almost family isn’t that weird. I’m the woman version of you guys because I don’t hold back and I tell it like it is and yeah sometimes some dirty cuss words come out. So thank you for being my strong digital warriors that keep me informed on what’s going on outside of the United States I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love you guys. Sincerely yours Red Robin!!!!

  • Thanks for your straight-on website. Narrow is the road and few find it. That applies to not only the road you are helping us navigate here, but also the way the heaven. Matthew 7:13-14

  • I have recently applied for a CSCS course via Universal Credit adviser.
    The course provider, asked for my i.d.
    I provided my UK Common Law i.d. card.
    This was rejected by the course provider, who told me that only Government administered i.d. such as UK passport was acceptable.
    I complained, saying that the UK Common Law card was my legal i.d, but was still given the same bullshit reply.
    Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.

  • God bless you and all other truthtellers. I will not submit to the vaccine but now very concerned about shedding….. Is there any hope?

    • Yes there is hope. Remember this, God is good so keep the faith. I’m in healthcare and I refuse to take or give the fake vaccine. Stay strong.

  • Following the money works everytime!. When you find out that the usual suspects have funded the scam covid influenza and the same usual suspects have funded THEIR cure ( deadly death poke) then you only need 1 braincell to understand and say fuck off with that needle I am a sovereign being and I’ll take my chances with the 0.004 death rate ..
    Do not comply , do not consent, when people wake up they stay awake .thanks to digital warriors production x

  • I tune in to y’all all the way from Commiefornia, USA. We need more folks like y’all. Living in this liberal state helps me to keep my sense of humor and my daily debates going. The information y’all put out is important so thank you.

  • OMG. I love you guys. Keep up the good work. I can’t awaken 10 people because my family and friends (although some say they are on the “right” side) have all gotten the jab (except for one sister and one friend who at 77 has put of knee replacement surgery because the effing hospital says she can’t have the surgery unless she gets the jab. I can’t do anything about family because you get what you get, but maybe I am picking all the wrong friends. I am a people person, but I have become quite happy to stay at home with my hubby and dogs at this point. Can’t stand all the lies and the yelling when I try to explain the truth.

  • Brilliant guys. Love to see you pair with Dr Charlie Ward and all the other truth seekers.
    Great work from Spain. Myself and my wife, Jenny, live in Lanzarote. The place is on its knees because of this covid bullshit. Countless businesses gone forever. We are virtually totally tourist reliant. No tourists, no jobs.
    Keep up the great work. I pass your videos to as many people as I can, those who are sort of awake. The rest are just a waste of bloody time to be honest, like lambs to the slaughter. They don’t have the balls to stand up for themselves, their families, there children, their grand children. Getting on a rant now.
    Keep it going fellas.
    Dan and Jenny

  • I’m on board in Somerset, have been for a year or more now, lost friends but lucky to have best friends and family on the right side, standing in the park Sunday, writing, leafletling, doing what we can!

  • Guys: watched a few of your videos, and am super impressed! Facts, no bullshit, and a good helping of humour and sarcasm; what else does a person need?
    I like to capsulize things by saying that the vaccine was not produced for the virus. Rather, the virus was produced for the vaccine.
    In the end, the vaccine will be our salvation. Provided we stay the fuck away from it.

  • What do you think about President Trump and Ivanka pushing the vaccine? I really believed Trump was the best person to lead the US through this but now I’m not so sure.

  • Thank you for you common sense videos. I love the straight up, no BS, hold the sugar coated political correctness you guys speak.

    I only wish there was vaccine for common sense because there is a common senseless and low logic epidemic that needs a cure!

  • Love you guys! Bang on about it ALL! Deception, nefarious and DIABOLICAL deeds from those DEMONS! Only GOD can right this!! But THEY need to be TAKEN DOWN by the PATRIOTS of the EARTH!!!
    Keep up the great job, boys!!! Many Thanks!

  • I love your videos and I am looking forward to see more, I praise God for people like you standing up to tyranny and bs about covid, I hooe more people will have their eyes open but we all need to do a bit of work to help this happen.

  • Great work…..seriously well done. Youngmen.
    Lots of Love from Dublin . Ireland
    God bless you both and team.

  • Love you guys. I Really like the I Don’t take any Shit Attitude…It’s a Rarity to see some guys walk the walk. Stay strong…keep up the Fight.

  • Hey just wanted say I enjoy watching both of you guys. Info and a laugh. Thanks for helping to put it out there!

  • Keep up the great and valiant work guys. Can we borrow Lee for a few days here in the USA to provide some pushback against the F$&?!&G retards as Lee calls them. We need more guys like you two. My 5’ /90lbs wife has already been bullied by a 6’plus mask NAZI because she’s not wearing her panties on her face like many other people.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t there to defend her. So frustrating living with a population of mindless do what-they’re- told robots. And rude ones too!

    Wear your diaper on your face if you want, but forcing confrontation with those smaller than you, that’s crossing the line. That’s why we need a group of guys like you and Lee here in the US. It’s going to get to the point where we need to give these mask nazis a time-out;) , followed up with a 10 second count before they get up Lol!

    I’m done ranting!

    Thank you to both of you guys for your research, your hard work and for standing up to stupidity with both brains and brawn to back it up!

    Dave Phillips, Chicago Illinois-USA



  • Love watching you guys, just plain old truth mixed with common sense, bless you both! ♥️♥️New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

  • Thanks lads love ya show..I live in sheltered accommodation of 41 flats everyone in here had the jab but me….I’ve been trying to wake them up since last year but to no avail
    I felt like I was banging my head against the bloody wall… thanks lads
    Keep up ya good work
    God bless ya xx

  • I hope one day we can all have a beer together, my husband and I really appreciate what you’re doing.
    So the “virus” was fake but the shot is the bioweapon.
    The bioweapon is the spike protein and all the toxic ingredients.
    We are now distancing ourselves from everyone we know who has had the shot and doing all we can to protect our immune systems.
    I’ve read many explanations of why Trump pushed these but it still doesn’t sit right with me.
    So everyone who’s taken the jab is now collateral damage in the war v. the deep state or good v. evil.
    Keep sharing info and thanks so much!
    Cheers from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, from a rural area forests and the Strait of Juan de Fuca across the road.

  • I am 74, have never had a jab, had all the normal childhood illnesses, I did not jabbed my
    4 children either, later on because of work what ever, perhaps they did, but not as children.
    Because I was stay home mum, jabs were not even mentioned. I am looking for an antidote
    in case the tie me down and violate me with the needle. I am sick of it, When I was 24 pregnant
    with my now 50 year old son, my mum, then 48 got Tuberculosis,here in Australia, at that time
    people were called to the local caravans to go go and have an chest XRAY. I was with mum, kissing her, hugging her, making her chicken soup, (we did not know what she had until she was tested) she went to the sanatorium for 4 months, came home, I had a fat, healthy baby, life went on, the world did not close .. no agenda. Today still 4,000 people die every day from TB. no one cares. Mum passed away 10 years ago, age 88. In Australia, in 2008 when my dad died
    from the influenza/pneumonia age 85, there were 1,554 deaths from it, in 2020 from Corona
    909. Go figure.

  • Thank you so very much for your work snd time god bless you both please keep going your brilliant . Your clarity is priceless .
    I’m 67 and marched in London for the first time recently will be going again soon .. I’m marching for my grandchildren this crap had to end we must stand strong and stay in the light ❤️

  • I love you guys! Great attitude and love that you don’t censor how you feel and what you think.

  • It is incredibly sad for me, most of my family has gotten the jab! One of them is even a nurse! I used to wish that I was an “only child” because they (my sibilings) were such PITA people. (Pains in the ass!). Now it looks like I might get that wish. I had to tell my sister yesterday that if she gets the jab, she can’t come over. Keep on informing on the facts, and Lee, dont apologize for the language! I am 63 (be 64 next week) and this old lady is ready for battle IF necessary.

  • I would like to thank you guys for all the information on these crazy times. I’m a patriot here in the US and like having information about other parts of the world. I’m an old timer and been knowing since 9-11 things just didn’t add up. I have done a lot investigation into certain things, and came up with some bad people doing some bad things. But you guys, along with others have opened my eyes to a lot more.


  • We are right in the middle of a galactic war and we are in the middle of it. It is a carefully crafted war with booby traps at every turn. Sticking to this direction of knowledge from you and the many other united earth force patriots will give us all the knowledge on how to avoid these traps and expose the hidden enemy and all the dominion traitors that they have recruited to use against us. For probably more years than can be comprehended by most we have been subjected to this tyranny in one guise or another. Celebrate the fact that we are now not at the beginning of this war but at the end. Who is winning now – we are , however we cannot sit back and rest on our laurels. Thanks to all the digital warriors that are out there and raising the dead and the comatose. Let us keep gently waking up the troops and bringing them out of their lumbered spells

  • I have been a loyal team member ever since You guys dropped more info truth nukes in EP #1 then the entire global MSM has in decades.

    Also I feel the need to tell you because you distinctly said in one of your episodes then there are no healthcare workers that would follow your show. well I would like you to know that I am a doctor in Pennsylvania and probably only one that is actively discouraging my patients from getting the vaccine I would love to hook up with you guys and spread the word in this area

  • Wow you guys are so down to earth and honest
    Love your videos. Great info in an easy to understand approach. Thanks from Aussie land

  • Love the show! Could you post up the Mike Yeadon talk that you showed 3 minutes of, please? The guy’s a hero! Cheers, Andrew from Cardiff

  • So brilliant to listen to you guys. Very much appreciate all the information you share to help keep us level headed and, to be navigate through these crazy times we are experiencing.

  • So glad the two of you have joined forces! We know we will always get the truth from you!

  • Very pleased to see the two of you have joined forces! I know you will always be factual and deliver only the truth! Truth is what is needed.

  • I’m glad i was able to subscribe. I have seen many of your videos on Charlie Ward’s site, but recently I have not been able to view them since they are all on bitchute and for some reason I cannot unmute any of them. I have tried to pass this information on but for some reason, my message is not getting through. I spoke last night to another person who is having the same problem. Perhaps you guys know who to contact to help Charlie et al. correct this problem.

  • Just found you guys…… Thanks for helping spread the truth…..

    just signed up for your email.

  • You two are a riot to watch! Great information and never boring and easy on the eyes! Don’t change your language, it’s who you are and also apart of what is so entertaining! Keep up the great job guys!

  • I love you both but finding it difficult to find your videos on telegram so hopefully now you have my email l will get them all as l do with Charlie Ward

  • Grateful to you both for saying it how it is. Oh how I wish the rest of the world would wake up! It is good to connect with like minded people as sadly my family and some friends think I am nuts and a foil hat wearer due to their closed mind. You are doing a great job, so much gratitude to your time and effort

  • can you please provide the information for the testing for your health/vitamins? Mahalo

  • Hi All,
    Does anybody have the details of the Spanish legal challenge against lockdowns masks etc
    Many thanks

    • HI Tony, we’re doing a show on this in the next few of weeks with the Spanish lawyers who are executing 4 class actions against the government. Keep tuned in.

  • Hi Lee and Dave Love watching you both, Been following Lee for a while, Love Charlie Ward too, All Truth Seekers, You just feel like shaking them so much that are asleep or in a comma really, They just won’t and don’t want to listen, Love watching you both, Keep the great work up, I Am A spiritualist Healer and A friend that as been healing those who have had the jab and she hasn’t had the jab but is now losing blood clots, She now as to think about herself and her family, WE all must keep our immune system high, Thanks again boys, Keep up the good work,

  • I love watching you guys! You’re intelligent, passionate, witty, a little naughty and damn good looking. ❤️
    Jackie from New Hampshire USA

  • Keep up the great training information good job guys. Hopefully it will activate some brain cells.

  • Keep up the great training information good job guys. Hopefully it will activate some brain cells.
    Just a couple of simple questions from a fully functioning old man.
    1) An antibody test for the wuhan virus, as with other virus, is not given but something is put in a needle and jabbed in the body that does not produce an antibody. Even the simplest minded fool should recognize this.
    2) Supposedly, many have had the wuhan shits, without symptoms. If they elect to take the jab, they are sheep without self direction.
    3) I have a “doctor?” that I know fairly well that I talked with about this shit. He said he took the jab so he could travel. I looked at him and asked if he had an antibody test first to see if he needed the jab. He looked at me, with question marks in his eyes and said no. But I could see it in his eyes that he felt stupid. I asked him how he would like me being his pilot and having a blood clot in the brain at 37,000 feet. He just looked at me.
    4) I have an older friend, and remember i am old (73), that was hospitalized with covid (?) for 5 days. Two weeks after the release, her doctor called and told her to come in for the Jab. She did….. 4 days later she called and in the conversation forgot what she was saying and who she was talking to. Then remembered and said that she forgets things often, and that never happened before the jab. The doctor told her she was just getting older and temporary memory loss is part of aging. I wish she would have called me first.
    My question for the audience, if you have no idea of if you need or even want something, why let others mandate you do it?

    Oh it’s free (bullshit taxpayers are paying the bill)! Why is it “free” BUT mandated?

    The government health care is supposed to protect us, if that is so, here is the final quesiton: we have illegals coming across the boarder, lined up and waiting… Why not jab them, they are easy targets?

  • Just signed up after I saw your part 6.
    I’m wondering how many employees of Moderna, Pfizer, J&J and Astra Zenica have had this vaccine?
    My siblings and one parent wouldn’t listen to me but thankfully my adult children are paying attention.
    I’ve been taking Vitamin D for over a year. Haven’t even had a cold.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for the laughs. It’s what we need right now.
    Deb. Wales UK

  • Hi, I cannot find the link to the USA Senate Hearing you mention in episode 6. Please can I have the link?
    Thanks guys
    Keep up the GREAT work

  • I signed up for your newsletter but can’t tell if my info was accepted. How can I tell if it worked? And thank you for all you do to get the truth out there!!

  • Hi, thanks for all you are doing guys. Thought you might be interested in this youtube video: “The Controller’s Secret Timeline Exposed!” by Saratoga Ocean 11/5/21 Y xx (I am a big hairy bloke- only joking!)

  • Great to hear the truth. I’m a 79 year old man, retired Army Ist Sgt, 2 combat tours in Vietnam.
    We’ve been lied to by our govt. forever. You can’t believe anything that has been said or done. I personally think Donald Trump is the closest thing to the truth in my life time.
    Don’t know what’s down the road, but I do know that the word of God is true and He will make all right, very soon.
    Watch Charlie Ward daily and look forward to seeing you two again soon.
    Sincerely, Jerry Pounds, Burns, Tennessee 37029

  • Hi Guys
    yours is one of the several I tune into. I do enjoy your banter, it helps take away the horror of the situation we all find ourselves in. It is like a really bad dream, I keep hoping to wake up and find it has disappeared. Not so! It is hard to fathom how some individuals of the human race can act in such a dastardly fashion toward others when essentially we are all one, we are all made of the same stuff that Earth is made of, that in itself unites us all. Inflict harm on others and you inflict harm on yourself, and these evil perpetrators will get their just deserts one day, some already have!!
    I am down under in NZ and our PM is the biggest liar, she touts that the jab is safe and effective and fully tested! No idea where she got her information from, but I can guess, she’s pally with the Gates’, she has bought 10 million doses of Pfizer crap and 5 million of J & J’s crap for a population total of 5 million, she means business and is using opening our borders again as a reason to get the jab – blackmail is what it is.
    Keep up the good work, we are more than them and we have love behind us, they have nothing but avarice and hatred and bitter and twisted minds. They cannot succeed, their own evil within them is all-consuming and will be self-destructive.

  • “ There’s three things that can’t remain hidden
    the Sun the Moon and the TRUTH.”


    I’m with you all the way.

  • I am definitely part of the resistants!
    I can never wear a mask. I suffer from BCS
    (Bloody common sense) there is a more severe type FCS, Thank goodness I haven’t got that one yet.
    Love from Stella
    Sydney Australia

  • Thank you guys for sharing so much truths. I watch your show every time it’s on and am so grateful. You make me laugh and smile! Love what you’re doing keep it coming ❤️❤️

  • NEVER NEVER NEVER hold back the your language!!! You make a 64 yr old woman’s fucking day as you have me laughing my ass off especially with your witty comments about it! LOL! So glad to find others who get frustrated & pissed at the mass stupidity & cowardness of WAY TO MANY!
    Just shocking! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!

  • You gentlemen are informative and hilarious!! Thank you for the information on the Texas legislature. I am a Native Texan who will be losing my job at the end of June unless that Legislature passes. I would have been there 15 years in July 2021.

  • I love you guys. You speak the truth and do a great job on your show. Keep up the great work. We need to wake up the world. No way would I ever get the jab. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and have stopped watching main stream media for months. All they do is lie.

  • So glad you guys teamed up together for this. I look forward to the planned content you two will bring to the social table. I’ve been following both of you via Charlie Ward and Friends as you’ve popped in and out of interviews. Good chemistry between you both – nice graphic background. I’d expect nothing less from David, the tough guy needs to step up more… LOL David, you might let him engage more in the future narrative. Don’t hog the show, in other words! Thought I’d throw a punch right up front to see if you can take one for the team?!!!

  • Hi guys
    You guys rock – thanks for the updates
    No jab here – was ill in hospital but everything is good
    Always said the media was bad especially when shoved down our throats 24 hours a day
    No wonder kids are depressed having to grow up in total bullshit
    Thanks again

  • I live in upstate New York and I have to watch all the sheep around me. They are begging for the “shot” and I don’t think they will ever get rid of the mask. We are looking into moving out of this state away from King Cuomo, who is all about power.
    Thank you for standing up and speaking the truth!

  • you both are so refreshing and fun to watch. Appreciate all you both are doing and the info, facts and humor you provide. You express all our frustrations, those of us awake and lost hope for many friends, family and coworkers that seem to be comatose or brain washed beyond ever being able to comprehend what is happening and what we let happen and have to stop. Here in the US, surprisingly so many do not see the error of their ways.
    Judy from Massachusetts
    which I heard really turned RED this past 2020 election according to space force
    Keep up the fine work you are doing!

    • gmail has serious blocking issues, there’s little we can do about it. Try another email? (not hotmail)

  • Love you mates, And definitely love how you mates put it out there!!!
    God bless you and yes I feel the same damn way David does!! Hang, burn, firing squad injections and bullets!! From near Houston, Texas by the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship of Texas
    Love the water…
    You mates ROCK!!

  • I will not take the covid-19 shot. I’ve seen and heard of the Side effects and sometimes death that it causes.

  • I cannot get hydroxychloride in the UK without a prescription. Do you have a source I could obtain it without prescription please?

  • Big thanks goes out to you and your team getting the death jab information out there and exposing all the bollox that goes with it. Legends

  • Just love the intel that I would like to share but I am finding people are so resistant to hearing anything of truth. My good friend that I thought was sharp proved me wrong by getting the Jab. Just heard here in the states one airline is talking of prohibiting vaxxxxed people from flying for fear of them getting blood clots during their flight. Like you guys said, this is just the beginning. I wish they would mandate vaxxxed people to wear a sleeve with a big “V” so we can stay away from them. Have a good weekend.

  • Thank you for your courage and tenacity. I developed a mantra that I share with everyone I meet or if I get hassled. It shocks people to start to think.

  • Hi Lee and dave, I love the truth you both are spreading, lee you can swear all you want i get angry and swear also, being in canada how we are treated oh ya, disgusting, than you for mentioning canada,…sending huggs dee

  • LOVE hearing the truths you share. THANK YOU! Don`t worry about the superlatives. They serve to add emphasis,and provide a bit of color!

  • Watching you guys from Payson, Az. You both are amazing! I woke up last year when the Covid shit started the light switch came on immediately. Many like me in this small town 70 miles NE of Phoenix. Keep up the great and entertaining info!! ❤️❤️

  • I have been awake and trying to wake people up since 2009 and felt pretty lonely with everyone calling me nuts as some still do. LOL I am so happy to see Real Men standing up and sounding off to the world. I was getting worried that we had none left with all the Flouride in our water and poison in everything we use in life! Recently I made my new logo tin hat. On it says Proud Tin Hat Granny. I did it because everything I have been telling people is now coming into their eyeballs. Too bad our own friends/family couldn’t believe us over the Tel-A-Vison sets. We would have been much better off and long time ago.
    The other day I galloped down the isle in Meijer saying The Brits are coming, The Brits are coming but should have said the Commie’s instead.
    You guys keep up the great podcasts and Thanks for showing our world Real Men still exist and to relax.

  • My wife and I are very aware of what’s going on she spoke to one gentleman the other day and came home and told me how this gent just would not listen to anything she had to say he thought he had all the answers on the fake pandemic and masks.
    I sat her down and just said look we can only help those who really want it those who choose to sleep threw this is already lost people will only wake up when it’s too late for them to be helped those who are waking up to the truth need our help more
    We also need to bring this government to account for crimes against humanity and we will

  • i recently watched a cell phone video where a man ” took the vaccine” literally, told everyone there that it was going to poison them and then ran out the door with it! he claims that he will take it to a lab. he also brought up an interesting point ( pfizer , i believe) that the vial that he took held multiple doses and was not refrigerated at all. the tables that were around the room all had the “vaccine” and all at room temp. so…. what happened to the “fact” that it had to be refrigerated below zero?? s’cuse me , but wtf!
    ps.. i am a 67 grandmother in the US that says the lies have to stop ! we need to take down the mainstream media~ WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • love you guys down here in Okolona Arkansas. Keep up the Lord’s work. know that We are in your corner and as My Husband would tell You He has your 6. Respectfully Yours Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kruck

  • Hi Guys – You and your content is great. I just watched your video via the Dr Charlie Ward link. I want to share the info with friends and family that I have been warning not to take the vaccine for a long time, and others. I downloaded and reconfigured your questionnaire that I will share with people.
    I have a company called Modern Spartan Systems ( that is doing well and set to grow a lot over the next few months. I am in the process of creating a place on our homepage for recommended sites/info on a variety of areas – Geo-political and health care real/fake Wuhan virus info included. Once I have that section of the site up, I will invite you to work with me to promote you and your message. is that something you will be interested in?
    Keep up the great truth telling work – Thanks

  • Hello men, love your show, you speak the truth and are right to the point,
    I’ve been talking to same things to my friends and family from the very beginning of all this shit here in the USA, the thing is some of these people no matter what facts you bring to them they just don’t see it, it makes it hard to watch especially when our loved ones get the jab, I just hope the jabs they got were the ones the military pushed out first but we’ll see
    Anyway keep pushing the facts out and I’ll keep sharing your videos

  • Dave, Lee; great episodes! Truth without crap; very refreshing!
    Been hearing a lot lately about herd immunity. Considering that most of the vaccinated are sheep, shouldn’t that be flock immunity?
    If you accept that premise, does enjoying a lamb chop therefore make you a cannibal?
    Then yesterday, I saw a cartoon where one rat asks the other rat if he’s had the vaccine yet. To which the other rat says,”no; they haven’t finished the human testing yet.” Had I been enjoying a pint at the time, that would have been a beer out the nose moment. Keep up the great work!

  • Please address the topic of Vaccinated people shedding “Protein Spikes” to the Non-Vaccinated. Is there Validity to this? Around September of 2020, there were LOTS of info coming out about the pharmaceutical industry seeking to create a vaccine that would spread like a virus through the population. This INJECTION FRAUD could very well be the weapon used to cull the human population! This is WAY BIGGER than just wanting to put more $ in the pockets of Big Pharma! Keep the info coming guys!!!

  • I like what you guys are doing, keep up the fight, I live in a liberal state of minnesota, but out in rural areas a lot of us are not wearing the mask, and refused to get the vaccine, so keep up the good work you guys, and God bless you

  • I’m from Vancouver, BC – the sheep here so far are utterly pathetic! I have shared my videos and chats of you guys to some that ask me for it, but this has to stop and I feel Canadians are further back then the states on how this will be eventually play out on our rights and freedoms. This is illegal, all the pushing and bribing and not to mention discrimination against ones that are educated and decide to not vaccinate, like myself and family. We are made to feel minority for sure! A fight and will to have our own opinions and care about what’s right is damn well worth it, I know that! It is a fight for our children and for the people that see the truth and won’t stand for bullshit! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the like minded videos, thoughts and charismatic way you guys with humour and wit you have with this! Quite frankly, it’s hard at times we feel we are only ones in our circle of friendships, who some we have lost already since they have become the “ Walking zombies of Coshit”
    Thank you all!

  • I can’t figure out why people want this so called VACCINE. when Its an untested prophylactric treatment experiment. A Vaccine makes you immune this ‘jab’ doesn’t. So stop using the term VACCINE. or being pressured into having it.

  • Gentlemens, you are a sunshine in my journey, thanks a million for your good job, love you guys…

    Claude from Québec, Canada under the” DOME”

  • Hello!

    I’m a 64 year old Mom, and I laugh at your F words. Reminds me of ME. 🙂 Keep up the great work, I’m with ya all the way.

    In Ohio NOW, Moving to Florida in a few weeks – FOR Freedom!

  • You guys are the best.
    Keep up the cussing and profanity.
    My wife and I enjoy the courage and truth you guys are getting out to the world. You say what we all feel. Keep up the great work. When you did one podcast and tried to dial in the language, you had us worried.
    Thank God you came to your Senses.
    You guys are warriors.

  • Doing a fab job lads. Your courage will help many more step up to the plate.
    Looking forward to your health and strength issues as well as the documentation to take the pricks out

  • Hi there. Do you think it’s time for me to pull my 12 yr old out of school now. I am so pulled as my daughter really needs the interaction of her friends. Worrying times! If so does anyone know of home schooling link; as I am worried they might say I am neglecting her education!

  • Thank you so much for the
    Interview with Nicholas. So informative. I have been wondering how to get out of being a corporation and reclaim my sovereignty.


  • I love you guys. Your honesty is over the top and I hsve no problem with the language. I am 70 years young and realize sometimes we have to use colorful words to get people’s attention. up

  • Love your attitude and outlook on the current state of affairs. You two are the type I would love to have a beer (or two) with and just shoot the shit. Keep up the great and courageous work the two of you are doing.
    Darin from California
    (Pray for us that are stuck in this state)

  • Just found you both the other night. Looking forward to following and sharing your info. Thanks for all your doing.

  • I love watching your videos! You put a humorous spin on such a somber topic. I pray this drama ends soon, though, as I am so sad that so many people are getting the jab…but even worse the children! Thanks from over the pond in the USA

  • Acabo de conocerte a través de Nicholas Veniamin.
    Me gustó el diálogo.
    Me uno al grupo.

  • Love you guys. Love the potty mouth…it fits the war we are fighting… especially for our kiddos. I sent you an email earlier about our group here in Montana called STAND TOGETHER FOR FREEDOM. I put the monthly Newsletters together each month and disperse them through our county to try to wake folks up. I think you would enjoy them and find them useful. You can view them at
    Lots of Critical Thinking via pictures, quotes, and News articles along with scripture and reminders of our Constitution which protects our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!
    Thanks so much for all you guys do.
    A big hug from Arsekicking Gramma in Montana

  • Isn’t the vaccine only good for the initial COVID-19, but now with an African Strain, and the new India strain , am sure the vaccine won’t help with them. I am a survivor who was left to care for myself, and after the virus, I suffer from Severe Panic disorder , as the virus has destroyed my Thyroid, that used to be hypothyroidism, to now uncontrollable hyperthyroidism, which has my panic in severe mode, not to mention all my teeth are falling apart. So now the new normal is if you have a doctor that cares for you, and in NV it is supposed to be mandatory to be seen every 3 months or you lose your treatments from them. This is a money grab, as my prescriptions I’ve been taking for 20 yrs now, and now it’s mandatory to see Doctors every 3 mos, and those visits are just for prescription refills, and takes time from both patient and doctor, but had a nurse assistant forced on me last time for a flexeril refill for my accuse back issue, and because of my unorthodox , she instantly says no, because I am on a lot of meds due to my history and the PTSD that has put me now in bed permanently. So now we have government interference in the treatments that worked until they stick their exec orders and force doctors to treat people like me by a book, and destroys my care.I sound like someone who thinks it is inconvenient to anything that gets in the way of my care, but all people’s chemistry are not the same. I have been dealing with life and death situations for going on 41 yrs now, and my body was destroyed from stress and continues, but the 1st med they stopped because gov stopped making the prescription name brand, 30 yrs taking it and now I am beyond debilitated. So, now I fear going out my door, my immune system is so taxed. So, as for the vaccines, NOT ON MY LIFE would I put any part of that vaccine near me, because I believe this is a : “Culling”. Treatment for the virus here in NV was either the ER, which never would I go near the ER watching the naivety as cross promoting to others don’t register to these people here.
    My adopted daughter is a pharmacist, and got the vaccine, and her bowel was blown up, got twisted and was a side effect,of the vaccine. She thinks the virus saved her , and doesn’t realize it was the vaccine and almost killed her. Since this man made pandemic culling started, I lost all great drs and only ones left is being dictated as to treatments, from our government, so Now I have to holistically treat myself. The Virus, was real, but I got it because those on that cruise ship were not quarantined and one bumped right into me in my drs office. They were not practicing 6 ft rule, masks, and were roaming among us who caught and destroyed our body’s because I believe that was what the Gov. planned. Lucky me. So I was asked by my oxygen doctor , why won’t you get vaccinated. I said, God No Way, Look how much government has destroyed the country and world, and the vax is their weapon. We are prisoners with a stolen government that thinks we are ordered to do as they dictate. Look at the World, and tell me this government is at least my enemy, and they are gaining control and no one is doing anything to stop it. So if these idiots cannot go by our Constitution, then quit paying them to dictate more. Stop paying taxes, because that money is not for them to do as they please. But they are in need of knowing who their employers are. That is We The People, who they are supposed to be working for, not against. God Bless, we all need it.

  • No they are worse then the USA and we are pretty bad . As my mother would say ,”Clean House”.

  • Followed you on Charlie Ward and have found so much of interest . I have a small story to tell and wondered what would be the mail to address it to?

  • Hi Lee,
    I’m Australian. Just thought I should let you know that Allan Jones on Sky TV is a pedo. He may be saying all the right things, but guessing Murdoch has done a deal with the White Hats. So please don’t say this guy is great.
    I’m 64 years young and have known about Jones since I was a teenager.
    Love your show and look forward to the next episodes.

  • You guys are amazing…….whenever I’m having a crappy day I search out Man in the Van spots… your chats Lee!!!! You make me laugh on the days I need it the most

  • Community project community leaders community health. New thinking new wisdom new leadership new opportunities. Time for next level of evolution. Thank you for helping.

  • Thank you both. Been watching you both for a while having first seen you on Dr Charlie.

    We need to wake more up for sure and I have been wide awake with all this nonsense for at least 14 months.
    Best Regards to you both.

  • First I found Lee Dawson on Dr Charlie Ward’s website, then I saw the Digital Warrior videos that he shares as well. I absolutely appreciate your information, candidness, and fucking humor! I find myself laughing while learning, thank you. Keep up the great work!
    ~Marcy D.

  • Hi Fellas, you are great we are in the fight of our lives. Here in Canada they are shutting down every peaceful protest. I really know we’re in BIG trouble. Soon we will have no rights, we as not jabbed will probably not even be able to go to work or get groceries. We need to get more Canadians on the awake side but the propaganda is too powerful here. I hope it breaks through more in the US so maybe someday people here will see their breakthrough. All our family and friends think we have lost it. Staying strong. Keep broadcasting it gives us hope.

  • How do I get the most recent video of you two (and that crazy f*** ‘man with avian)
    The method I use seems to be very hit-and-miss. I only have an iPod several years old…


  • Love and appreciate what you two are doing!

    FYI on your recent CW video, it DOES NOT have ANY link below for easy viewing, per your comment to the contrary. His site is lacking in SO many ways, ie, NO interviewer ID or contact info EVER. Pls say something to him, as he could disseminate info so much more efficiently. TY

  • Oops.. Unexpected error occurred.

    I tried to sign up (twice) for your NEWSLETTER, to NO avail. Just saying.

    • We’ve had our mail server blocked, particularly gmail and hotmail. Shows we are doing our job properly tho 🙂 Don’t worry we’re in the process of fixing it. It might take a while as these things are hard to reverse.

  • Hi Fellows, had already signed up and was receiving your newsletters, then it all stopped. So am doing it again & hope this time I remain subscribed. Thanks much indeed for your vigor, example, and strength. Keep it up. Maribel

  • Hey boys, just want to say what a great job your both doing , Thank you for all that you do. By the way I love how Lee swears in the van/ car , sounds just like me , yes a potty mouth I am and I don’t care , may god bless you both ❤️Lucy

  • To sign up to your newsletter your form asks if I am a Human. I must say YES because I am Not a Democrat. They have lost there HUMANITY.


    I think your show is great and will get others signe up.

  • Thank God for real people who are taking action to exercise their divine Sovereignty and educate those seeking the truth and practical advice about wellness….all interspersed with humour and down-to-earth no BS. You have my support and respect.

  • Hi, I really appreciate your videos and the sincerity to express regarding the lies the msm, politicians and the rest all put out about the shots, One World Order etc. I have been “awake” for years and indeed have been cynical for decades, not trusting anything any of them tell us.
    I have something to add to the de-population agenda evidence, no doubt I will be called a conspiracy theorist but who cares, I believe even this can help join a few dots:-
    Approx. 2 years ago I was contacted by my GP surgery to have a test for COPD, having had asthma since the age of 14. The computer testing system. carried out by a nurse, diagnosed COPD and my medication was changed from 2 asthma inhalers to one powder inhaler. I accepted that my asthma had no doubt got worse due to my age and was told by the nurse that as I was a non-smoker it was due to using medication for many years. I (stupidly) accepted was was told me and used the new medication for 18 months, despite feeling that it was not improving my condition, I stopped using it 6 months ago and just use 1 reliever inhaler instead. Now for the point of this story – I have recently heard that many of my age-cohorts were called for the same COPD test and all fount to have it. This led me to read the leaflet from the new medication and one of the things it states is “Because you are using this medicine for COPD you may be at an increased risk of developing an infection of the lungs known as pneumonia. See section 4 “Possible side effects” for information on symptoms to look out for while you are using this medicine”. Incidentally it also has a list of conditions you may have which mean you should not use the medication, one being thyroid problems, which I have but I was still prescribed it despite each repeat prescription I have included thyroid medication.
    Back to CV19 – The fact that many people of my elderly age group where “diagnosed” with COPD and given medication which increases the risk of pneumonia if you get another infection, and that this was in 2019. before the public had heard of CV19 but 3 – 4 years after it was decided to release it on the world to reduce the population, makes me believe that this was once again implemented to make as many of the older population as possible vulnerable to the virus and to increase the death rate as we are no longer productive and are using resources in respect of medical and other services, not to mention hanging on to savings and properties which could be used for the workers/slaves they want.
    Sorry about the rant, but I have seen so many of my friends and family take the shots and I truly believe that they will be dead or disabled in the very near future. They refused to do their own research, thinking I was mad and I fervently hope I am wrong but I am both sad and angry with them for at least not making informed decisions.
    Thank you for your work. Best wishes and kind regards, Carol Jonas

    • Thanks Carol that’s great info. Stay safe and trust us you’re spot on with this info. ATB Dave x

  • Good to see a couple of alpha males !
    Rare breed these days
    Great show , I have tried a few times to register for email notifications but some reason I’m not receiving ..
    only catch the odd ability on CW

  • Hello from Texas!
    Found you through watching the Charlie Ward show.
    Thank you for all that you both do in getting the TRUTH out to the world! You are fearless warriors and we appreciate you!
    Looking forward to receiving your newsletter in the future!

  • India is NOT in terrible turmoil wth a variant!! Too many people in India posting videos of this claim being a farse!!! That the MSM is lying to the world!!! Oh surprise surprise!!
    Fuck the MSM !!! People have turned to the internet to get the truth!!! Thank God for people like you!!!! We all appreciate your hard work!!!!

  • I love you “FUCKEN GUYS”. Same attitude and high blood pressure as you. I’m on a ferry in the San Juan Islands in Washington state and went for a liberal tour just to watch these idiots. Lots of kids with masks so I yelled “You parents making your kids wearing masks, need to be FUCKING SHOT!!! Do you realize your kids need twice the oxygen as adults” and “you need to be thrown in jail for idiocy!!” in the ferry and I got an applause from a couple guys. Anyways love ya and you must keep up the fucken cussing. God bless

  • Hello Boys, My name is Rhonda, I’m 67, I’m told by just about everyone that I look like I’m 49-50
    and my mindset against the government has remained the same since the 60’s. I hate the government. And that brings me to my love for both of you. When I first saw you video months ago, I was so entertained, I laughed my ass off watching and listening to Lee, I’m saying to myself, ‘This is me in the male gender” Lee you are absolutely fucking dynamite!!!!!!! OMG so good, and very good looking, but entertaining as all get out, I fucking love you to pieces, if you ever come to Vegas, I have to meet you and by you a drink. And David you are a doll, you are also just awesome to listen to, and you remind me of one of my favorite Hollywood guys, Armand Assante, you have the same bedroom eyes, you are very handsome. you guys are fucking dynamite!!!!! A breath of fresh air is a under statement.

  • I’m in the US and I feel it’s so important to hear what’s going on elsewhere. I really appreciate your work and your Irish humor.I draw strength form your courage. Many Blessings

  • Hi Guys love watching you both, Love the truth videos, And The laughter too, I have to make sure my Hubby Ray who also follows you, puts my eye gel in my eyes before your show as If he starts laughing at you both he nearly pockets my eye out LOL, Keep the good work up guys, Love you both, XX

  • Hi guys. Well done. You both are a mine field of info. You make me giggle, love the way you deliver the truth. Straight from the hip. Followed you from charlie ward. Love your commitment to the truth. I live among mad family and friends. Despite all the info we have given them. They took the jabs, all on second doses. We are now the outcasts in our own family.

  • Hi guys – just found you. Great stuff. Here in Canadastan we have a Prime Minister who loves China and thinks Canada should be like China. He’s doing a really good job. Warriors are rising up all over the world. We just aint buying the B.S. Thanks for your work.

  • Hey guys, I have followed you both since you first burst on to the scene re King John and Charlie Ward stuff. Think you are great guys and respect for fighting for the people. Keep up the good work and don’t take their bullshit…….Peace Out.

  • Thanks for bringing the truth! We’re in an evil war which unfortunately only the awake are aware of… Hopefully more and more will wake up and see what’s actually happening.
    That’s why your work is so incredibly important!

  • Love love you both! Keep up the good work! Here is a question, why in the US are we bribing people with all sorts of stuff, kids too, to take the jab? How stupid do our leaders think we are? Next it will have Dinner with Fauci and have a family covid jab for desert. Arrrrrrgggggg makes me so forkin mad! Oh, and don’t change one word of your language Lee! I’m 68 and have heard a lot worse

  • I’m trying to be a member and it keeps telling me to put in a number !! How many times does it take

  • Love you guys, I am from Canada and I have been awake for a few years now as to what is going on, even went to a few rallies fighting to take the masks off of the children. I have family members like most people do who look at me as if i have 3 heads. I would never get the vaccine and pray all truths will soon be revealed to the world even though wonderful people like you try your hardest to get through to the sleepers out there they have been so brain washed. God bless you and keep up the good work for the world needs you.

  • Love you guys ,
    Keep up the great work,
    I’m from Canada, Saint John NB,
    It’s like living in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE here, The SHEEPLE just keep LINING up for the JAB and when you try to explain shit to these sheep they think that your crazy (Conspiracy theorists)… its AMAZING how brain washed they are

  • Unexpected outcomes? It gives me some small pleasure to realize that in the vast Army of Digital Warriors, there are many soldiers who have been diagnosed “Autistic Spectrum Disorder.” They have indeed created DISORDER on the Cabal, and I tip my hat to them.

  • We LOVE your videos!!!! You two are HILARIOUS!!!❤️❤️ Thank you for all your information you put out there for all of us who have recently WOKE UP!

  • Looks like another website based on truth and the Rule of Law, COMMON Law not admiralty law of the sea, from Venice. The Venetians have been excoriated and removed, and the three city-states have been cleaned out, up to a point. Keep us informed as to the recent news regarding our upcoming Ascension and freedom from the Matrix. Thank you.

  • Just saw your show with Nicholas vianamin
    Best one he has done in a long time ! About time someone woke him up a little more
    I am with you mates , going to catch the Uber ! I need more help please let me know if you can hook me up with any other PATRIOTS in the Orlando Florida area ,
    I am tired of pushing back on my own.
    Thanks David

  • Like your show. I’m in California. Signed up for newsletter twice, but no email received back, junk, spam or legitimate. Is there a US restriction.

  • I watched your interview with Nicholas. I also watched the interview with Nicholas and Juan O Savin where he explained the situation with President Trump and Biden. It is complicated because of how things played out. It might give you some insights if you listened to that interview. I live in Texas and it’s a great state to live in. It is very compartmented here in the states because we are a republic and each Governor is in charge of their on state and each state has their own constitution that’s based on the US Constitution. Texas is open for business hardly anyone wears a mask. Those that do feel uncomfortable and they end up taking it off. The ones that wear masks are the rimtards you guys talk about. Have a listen to the interview.

  • Hi guys you make me die I love it never stop swearing Lee there’s more in the world to worry about . My elderly friend 81 was seeing her doctor and was told to make appointment for a blood test. The receptionist says you can’t make it here you will have to ring in. Shall I go outside and call then my friend said sarcastically? If it was me I’d have stood at the desk and rang there and then and then demanded to see the practise manager and ask why in gods name does this have anything to do with Convid if probably would have been thrown out ,,, what are they RIMTARDS ?? Seriously this convid hoax seems to be the nee excuse not to do anything

  • There are companies here in Australia that are requiring employees to take the shot to keep their job. Is there some legal form we can get these employers to sign to make them liable for any adverse reactions to the vaccine?

  • Soooooo many people I know are fast asleep and it seems DONT WANT to wake up. They won’t even consider the evidence. It gets very tiring. Since finding you guys, it’s been uplifting to know that there are a lot of folk out there in the same boat as me. Thanks Dig. Warriors for the work you put in, it is really appreciated!
    Susan from Florida… I am scared for my kids too, who have fallen for the lie and been jabbed. Stay positive, good will win in the end.

  • Hey guys love your stuff. Right to the jab…. I mean point. Y’all maybe thinking over on the other side of the pond that All Americans are. We’re not. There is several movement of patriots all over our great nation crossing both isles that are fighting back thru “light” web. They have dark web trying to silence us but we are smarter than they think. Many conservative news channels are pouring out truthful information. Just look at MSM’s ratings. Twitter, Facebook etc. all clamoring for someone to listen. Anyone according to twitter, ayatollahs, ccp, child traffickers and hate groups like antifa, blm. The only thing is the patriots are watching them now and they always tell us in advance what they are planning. Good thing is the dark side has already been caught What did Keanu Reeves say in the Replacements.? It’s like quicksand. The more they struggle the deeper they get.. bare with the “light” web a little longer gentlemen. The light is getting so bright the rats won’t have any place to hide.

  • Thank you for everything you are doing to get the truth to us ! May God bless you always.❤️

  • I absolutely love the truths you guys tell. In this world of false information, junk news and just plain lies, it is good to hear something real and something we can grab onto. I share all this info with my woke friends and even upset some unwoke ones. Keep on keeping on, and may God bless all you do. Also, Lee, I at first was not fond of the F bombs, but I see that in some places it is the only thing that fits.

  • I’m so tired trying to wake people up do you think taking the oath under Article 61 to change the rule of law will help us.

  • Hey guys

    What a team you have. I am so grateful for all you do and Lee makes me laugh and we all need that. Like JFK said “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”. So thank you Dave, Lee and the camera guy

  • Hailing from Bermuda. Govt just reopened most of the Island – (Father’s Day is coming up), however, there still is a curfew from 12pm to 5am. Masks must still be worn in certain situations.
    Noticed it was a ‘regulation’ under ’emergency health’ and not an Act. Interestingly enough our PLP Govt was not too happy with Mr. Rankin the previous Governor, however, they have cozied up to the newest black Governor and have formed an alliance…hmm! Some restaurants are officially showing signage of the ‘safekey’ initiative — means you cannot dine in unless you are vaxxed — hmm (discrimination big time). Heard you talk about the proper letter to send off to the establishment regarding these anomolies. Would be interested in your response. Sheena

  • Hey you two gorgeous hunks of REAL manhood!

    I don’t think those were REAL soldiers giving the JAB in Texas. My “spider senses” were tingling on that one ,,.
    Keep up the good work. ( I’ll keep fantasizing) LOL love, me

  • Thanks guys for all your hard work,so look forward to your chats and videos very informative

  • Hello .great job boys thank you .I’m alone here lol my mrs friend has 7 year old grandson .he tested positive .locked himself in bedroom heartbroken crying his eyes out and terrified he is going to kill his granny or someone in his family .its another disgrace .

  • Hi Guys.

    I love watching you sharing and bringing out the TRUETH, It is DISCUSTING what is happening . I am from AUSTRALIA & it’s true I find it very hard to WAKE people up especially the people I love. I am so sick of this that I turn my anger to the satanic politicians they are so obvious in there lying .. AND please don’t stop swearing every time I watch your your show you bring a great big smile to my face.. You bother work well together and thank you for caring about the whole world in bring every bit of TRUETH … xx

  • I am very worried about the covid19 vaccine I have been in my job 17yrs as a carer and I am not taking the vaccine but now the government are saying that all care staff have to be vaccinated or lose your job

  • has anyone sued their employers?
    Like the families that have lost do to the jab?
    the Pilots /BA
    thax to u

  • I love your show! I look forward to seeing new shows every week. I’m a 71 year old grandmother of 13 and spend part of my day on social media to keep up to date on what’s going on. My TV is off all day. Thank you for keeping me laughing!

  • I love you guys!! I am originally from Texas, I now live in Arizona!! You guys would fit right in with either one of these states!!
    Mary Bell

  • You guys always put me in a good mood no matter how dire the info. I have a small business that provides private lessons including martial arts for special needs kids who don’t do well in class settings. Would love to know more about your martial arts program. I’ve trained in Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do, also Tai Chi. My website is a little out of date since I’m mostly Skyping lessons with the few kids who were able to make that switch. (Autism spectrum kids often refuse the change.) But check it out: cool school
    Please send commentary on your martial arts style!

  • Love you guys to pieces!! Keep up the good work. It is is a pleasure to listen to both of you as you make a very serious subject easier to listen to with your repartee and of course the language!!
    I quite loved the clip about the flu vaccine from the 70’s. I am part of what they called the “hippie” generation.
    I guess we learned early on that we could get those “in power” to change course. The first time it worked for us was when the School Board decided that Chocolate Milk was unhealthy for us and took it out of the school cafeteria. We just simply all raised our hands and were counted as “buying lunch” and then everyone just ate their own brown bag lunches. After three days of this and a LOT of wasted food they relented and we got our Chocolate Milk back. (Have you ever taste warm milk that has been sitting out for hours… least the chocolate hid the awful taste!
    Then there was the “walkout” in my Junior year in High School. The School Board (once again the “evil asshats” in all of their wisdom decided to fire our High School Principal (well, he was a great guy and we all liked him) and he was just ONE year away from retirement. We all walked out of school one afternoon and walked the five miles from our High School to the Board of Education Office. What that effected was that they gave him FULL retirement benefits. We still didn’t get his job back, but helped him out a bit.
    Keep up the good work!!
    BTW….you two remind me of my two youngest sons (they are probably around your age).

  • Hello from Sourh Louisiana USA! Y’all are awesome although I do feel a bit for poor Dave. So I have a suggestion- shouldn’t they be called “f*cked checkers”? Keep up up the great work and the laughs along the way.

  • Hi Guys – great show as usual – as I have said before I live in Murcia, I click on your shop link but it doesn’t go anywhere.
    I want a T-Shirt – fat bastard size, and one for the wife – I know you have the uk site but can you ping me a link for spain please.
    Love to support you guys but will don’t & will not use the globalist “PayPal” but after they cancelled so many independent gernalists like you guys in America for speaking out in favour of Trump.
    So happy to support- need an alternative to PayPal.
    Desperate for a couple or shirts.
    Cheers , great team, keep going.

  • Convid was created for the vaccines, it’s just about the children always their goal sterilize the young

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