EPISODE 4. Dawson & Mahoney wrangle with concerning Viral Shedding information and advise you how to keep your immune system up to scratch.

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  • Great show again today lads,

    Topped up with the Toon winning 4-2 away at Leicester.

    We had company at our house tonight and my wife who has had two jabs said that I was a danger to society!!

    I am 49, 50 in June and run 75km average every week. I take vitimin C &D, magnesium, cod liver oil, Glucosamine, Zinc daily and have not been poorly for many years.

    MSM are turning sheeple against each other and our relationship is in trouble after 27 years.

    I will be attending the London freedom event at the end of may along with many hundreds of thousands more.

    I can only see this ending one way right now and that’s with society split 80/20 in their favour!!

    Thumbs up to your shows, they are enlightening and reinforcing the truths that only the inquisitiveness amongst us have required through this whole farcical war on mankind throughout the world. How dare they be allowed to play god!!

    Love from Birtley,

    Barry. ❤️

  • I watched a video by David Zublick Dark outpost. He’s on bitchue and Rumble I hope you can found it. Antidote for the Covid vaccine (isn’t a vaccine) . Check it out. This is the second time I have seen something about this Antidote. But by the time we get people to see this vac is killing people might be to late.

  • Been following you guys for a while and find you entertaining and factually on point! As a retired police found your comment on traffic stop by police amusing as I even wrote a song lyrics ( small town shakedown) after coming to defense of a little sister who was answering to a bogus violation” ! First line was “coming over a hill and the speed limit drops down” just another small town shakedown!
    Was on a vitamin regiment ( zinc, Quercetin, C, D-3, 69 yrs old going to gym for last 55 yrs, ) one week Covid, in Sept, back to gym , stronger than before! Hell no , to The Jab!
    Wife healthier and gym attendee, taking vitamins, hell no to Jab and she never got Covid ( probably protected by O negative blood type!)
    Keep up the good work!

  • Love your humor and content. Great talk guys. I’m somewhat perplexed with your anti-mask point of view with v-shedding risks, so shouldn’t you consider wearing a mask now to be safe?

  • Lee, don’t stop swearing !!!!! I love it. The show loses its punch without it. Too tame. The “f” word speaks volumes. You are passionate and mad as hell. Don’t change for somebody else. Be yourself. It’s real. Be real.

  • Lovin the content guys but rule number one for any truth seekers out there is to research the world in which you live. The nature of large bodies of water at rest will always indicate we cannot possibly be living on a spinning ball of water; it does not and never will conform to the convex shape of a globe. The best place to start is David Weiss and his channel DITRH (deep inside the rabbit hole) or better still download his app The Flat Earth Sun and Moon and watch the videos he has amassed on there rather than just googling the subject (and stay away from the Flat Earth Society; there for disinformation only).

  • Love you guys and your videos. It would be helpful if you could put dates on things so we can tell what’s current and if we’ve already viewed it. I first was introduced to you two by seeing your videos on Charlie Ward. The angry man in a van series was spot on truth and hilarious at the same time. The city in the USA where I live is still mostly stone cold brain dead with covid, masks & jab promotion. My head is about to explode. Sheople dominate and I understand why Lee cusses so much! Keep up the good work gentlemen!

  • SOY LETHICIN IS IN EVERY PACKAGED FOOD IN THE U.S.!! As you well know, it’s scientifically proven that soy consumption mimics estrogen in the body. So after over a decade of that, is it a wonder that America is full of soy boys who won’t stand up?

    I agree about the jab…I can’t hide but I’m concerned about shedding. Especially since when they rolled it out, the head of the FDA giggled so sinister-like when a nursing student asked him about viral shedding..he said and I quote ‘ we hope to have data on viral shedding in the coming months'(as he snickered like a golem)

    I follow the ‘no weapon formed against me shall stand’ because I’m a believer in the Christ, because you guys are right, it isn’t realistic to avoid people. Thanks so much for the swearing…people need to be snapped out of it and that helps! Actually I’m just saying that cause I fucking swear all the time too!

    I just wanted to mention also newcaliforniastate.com we have for 3 years been forming a new constitutional state within a state. We have constitutional standing with the courts because they added our brief to the Texas lawsuit against Georgia even though it got dismissed. This fall, when California can’t pay it’s bills, we will step in, they are so corrupt they have to let us or go to prison in most cases. We have another convention coming up at the end of May and Sidney Powell will be our keynote speaker. Just thought you’d like to be informed of the movement.

    Go to the web site for more information but if you want to have me on a phone call, I can explain it better and tell people how we are ousting local officials legally in the U.S. without the courts…it’s brilliant and not many people know about it!

    Thanks you guys for doing this….I walk around my house in my Lee Dawson accent when I hear what people do and I say ‘you people are so fucking stupid’ It helps my sanity

  • Merci, vous êtes une bonne équipe, j’ai ris beaucoup quand le cameraman a pointé la bedaine avec une flèche !
    D’un Québécois du Canada, Lee ne change pas ton language il est très bien.
    Je vous regarde sur bitchutes Charlie Ward.

  • Oh please keep swearing for goodness sake, don’t take any notice of arseholes who question a swear word lol

    Great job guys


    • When speaking, one can’t speak in ALL CAPS, or with !!$$%!%^^^^$#^&&[email protected]#$%&** so swearing is what clues us in to the seriousness and/or feeling of what is being relayed. So I concur wholeheartedly with your assessment/opinion here…

  • LOL, love you guys! I Saw Charlie ward posted this and I will be watching for more from you. God bless you all! Keep up the good work. P.S. listening to you in Kentucky USA

  • Where do I find the product that determines the supplement needs for my body? Lee said it was a saliva test but I do not see that on the Warrior Supplements page or on the Verelst Pharma page.
    Thanks for the great info that you provide with each video.

  • Question: is wearing an ioniser around your neck, belt or as any other way protect you from those shedding the bacteria?
    Love you guys, you made me laugh at your intro. Keep up the good job❣️

    • I am just another curious fellow here and can’t answer your question directly. But I will say that you should at the least make sure your Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and ZINC levels are all up. And when as you can spend time outdoors in direct sunlight and fresh air.

      My personal regimen – and not directly related to the COVID – planned/scam-demic (I’m not saying there’s not a serious for some problem sickness out there) –
      I have been taking 4,000MG a day of Vitamin C and up to 6,000 MCG of Vitamin D3 (I was low it was determined 2 years ago – so not COVID related info here), and now that I’m going back in the office I have added a NAC tablet (mostly Zinc). I also take a multivitamin. I split these up and take some in the evening and some in the morning. I started taking the large dose of Vitamin C as I struggled with a persistent cough that would randomly crop up at different times of the year. Since I’ve been on this regimen, for about 4-5 years now, I have not had any issues. I also used to wake up with a stuffy nose. That has disappeared too. And I haven’t been sick with even a cold since I began this regimen. If I do feel something coming on I just up the Vitamin C by 1 1,000MG pill – taken in the middle of the day.

      Sorry for the long post but I feel it can be important to others for me to share part of my journey that has helped me immensely before this latest health threat ever became in issue.


  • First I want to say a huge, THANK YOU GUYS! for stepping out and doing what you are doing.

    I also want to pray God’s blessings and protection on you and all involved in this site and the production as I believe you are front-line warriors of Truth and seeking after and sharing Truth. Which is a rare-commodity these days – at least by those that are “holding the Mics”.

    I want to share with you a paragraph from a Consent form that the company I work for has shared with all employees (via the HR department) because they are strongly encouraging all employees to get “vaccinated”. So much so that they contacted a company called GAFS and contracted with them to do an on-site jab clinic. Of which the second installment is coming up a little later in May. And they are wanting employees to contact HR and let them know when they’ve been “vaxxed” (which is not legal by the way). Here is the paragraph from the consent form (supplied by the shot people /GAFS (GetAFluShot – a quite large company in the USA)):

    [ Excerpt copied from the “COVID-19 Consent form” that one must fill out and sign prior to getting “the JAB” at the “COVID Clinic” site set up at my company and administered by GETAFLUSHOT company personnel.] See quoted material below –

    “I have read the adverse reactions associated with the Covid vaccine. A copy of the FDA Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers is
    available on request. I have had the opportunity to ask questions about these immunizations and I have been offered a copy of the Fact
    Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers for the vaccine(s) being administered. I ask that the immunization(s) be given to me or the person
    named below for whom I am authorized to make this request. For myself, my heirs, executors, personal representatives and assigns, I
    hereby release GetaFluShot (GAFS), corporation, school, school district, physician and/or medical director and their respective affiliates,
    subsidiaries, divisions, directors, contractors, agents and employees, from any and all claims arising out of, in connection with or in any way
    related to my receipt of this or these immunization(s). GAFS and the other aforementioned parties shall not at any time or to any extent
    whatsoever be liable, responsible, or in any way accountable for any loss, injury, death or damage suffered or sustained by any person at
    any time in connection with or as a result of this vaccine program or the administration of the vaccines described above. I believe the
    benefits outweigh the risks and I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any reactions that may result. I agree to remain in the general area
    for at least 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine.”

    My own additional comments:

    I wonder how many of my co-workers actually read this paragraph completely on the consent form? And of those who did, it actually sunk in what they were signing? I am completely and utterly baffled by average healthy people lining up for this and buying into this SCHEME.

    Signed, sincerely,

    Disturbed, baffled, sorrowful, BUT AWAKE in Portland, Oregon, USA (not all of us that live here are part of the “Left-coast” crowd.

  • Great video guys. The immune system in Babies is also activated or seeded by vaginal birth, Skin to skin contact and breast milk in the first hours of birth. This is under attack by the medical system also. Hilary butler and Suzanne humphries have a wonderful series called infant immunity.

  • You guys are THE BEST! Love you two Patriots! I am in USA( IL) and they’ve been lying their fat asses off(check out the size of JB Pritzker’s ass) to us for more than a year- SIGH! I’m not ever going to buy the shite they’re selling! Thank you for putting TRUTH out in front of this shit show. I have a very well paying job and have decided that when this cluster F comes to an end I am going to leave my job and do something for the good of HUMANITY! Perhaps adopt some of the trafficked children that are going to need a safe place to adapt to. And also volunteer to ensure election integrity. This EVIL can NEVER happen again! One good thing that’s come out of all of this is that it has United Patriots across the world. I love all of you! And Lee.. you are SOOO SEXY! I love your bald head! Sooo SEXY! Just sayin!!!

  • Hey there…you guys are amazing!! Thank you for reminding the world that Is still on the map! Everyone thinks that Canadians are polite and do what we’re told….and for the most part that is true…but Dawson must be wearing off on us cause we are starting to get fighstie and tired of the bullshit!! The day the bastards shut my small business down I started my research and quickly found out it was all BS and fear mongering. It has been frustrating to put it mildly and on the days where I just wanted to scream I tuned into Lee’s videos in his vehicle….and every time I watched I found myself laughing..so thank you Lee for the humour and brutal honesty. So no pressure guys…..but we all need you to keep us informed and entertained….both of which you guys excel at. Thank You from

  • I agree with your comments about bad language being the last of our problems but unfortunately less is more when it comes to getting your message over . I know because I swear like Fuk!

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