David Mahoney interviews Sergio Cebolla who takes us through your rights in Spain. Many of these laws are translatable to your area so please watch. Sergio's bravery is helping many people in Spain and around the world.

Sergio can be found at:



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    re: https://olexabogados.es is there by chance an English version/page please? i know its a bit of an ask as ahem, were in Spain, however many of us are with you on this and LaoCrata who are not fluient (or even basic) in Spanish and may like to contribute and indeed buy you a coffee but cant get past the Spanish web page.

    Much Love.

    • Hi Merve. Thanks! We do a lot here at DWP and provide what we can, we do it for free. We only ask you guys to do your bit too. So, please get someone to translate for you. It’s very cheap. That goes for the Spanish documents too. I’m afraid Sergio is too busy saving our freedoms to create and English version of his website 😉

  • Did you guys see this video of one guy showing you what was in the mask when you wear it the heat from your face was showing you these black Wrigley things which were alive. now tell me what is that all about.

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