Mahoney talks to Dr Sonia In this science special, enlightening us about the current situation, the effects of mass vaccination, masks, nutrition and health.

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  • Hey there… has anyone considered what is going to happen to our water system once all these vaccinated people pee and poop into our reclaimed water system? Nanoparticles are so small, I doubt there is any filter system that will effectively purify these phospholipid and metallic components out of our general water system. I can envision that when we bathe or use water for cooking, that we will still ingest the technology chips even if we don’t get the vaccines. Can you address this on one of your episodes? Many thanks.

  • Dr Sonia does not explain where the alleged ‘virus’ comes from in the first instance and the journey from cradle to grave of the so called virus? This would be of great help especially with someone who has excellent qualifications.

  • In order to get a pure reading for the DNA testing….should I stop taking my current regime of supplements? If so, how long should I be off the current supplements before the saliva test?

  • I was really interesting to listen to Sonia it very much appreciated, I would love to get the kit and learn a lot more. I haven’t got access to a computer only an iPhone and I am still trying to navigate my way round using it properly so can I ask you please to send me the link.

    Many thanks

  • This is gold! Dr Sonia is very clear, concise, understandable.
    You won’t get reliable information like that from your local doctor/hospital.

  • Hi absolutely loved the show with Dr Sonia.
    Mh sister and mum have had the jab even though they said they would not
    I live in Murcia and I try my best to change my friends minds and post your videos to them but they now had their jab to im absolutly devastated.
    Could you let me know how much you are talking with the frontline medicine that Sonia spoke about .There is the 2 of us and money is tight as I am only getting disability pension here in Spain.
    Cheers and keep up the great work I appreciate it and it confirms my suspicions and things I read about and my common sense lol. I lived in the North of England so the way you talk is normal to me. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Oh one point j can’t remember the video you where going to post about Mexico when you went a few month back ? Did I miss it ?

  • i was talking to my son earlier regarding a similar comment that your daring and dynamic duo (!) stated suggesting that some of these injections are indeed placebos. i have felt that way for some time and he agreed…. in order to keep the agenda and program going to vaccinate the entire population without overwhelming suspicion when everyone is either dying or having adverse reactions, they must have a certain % with no reaction whatsoever… how devious … how clever~! we must find a way to obtain more samples of the “vaccine” solution and have them lab tested for ingredients.. like the guy who videoed himself asking if he could take the vaccine , got a “yes” and then ran out the door with it! what was the result of that ? also, so curious and wonder why?…. all the “vaccines” were just sitting on the table at room temp and we were initially told on the rollout that his brand were required to be refrigerated at some amazingly low temp ( -45 ? ) . another wtf of many! can you find out if it is possible to get many samples ? can you find a dr who is willing to do that undercover?
    thank you for listening and all that you do !

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