Dawson & Mahoney take a look at which celebrities won't sell out, and regrettably which ones do. Eric Clapton the legend, James Corden and Ariana Grande.... shame on you! Dave the alcoholic cameraman takes his boozing up a notch and Lee manages to hold back his chronic Tourettes for 40 whole minutes.

Special Thanks to Oracle Films, The Highwire and Info Wars.


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  • Dave, its an old and proven political axiom that when we are tired of stating common sense truth then that truth is starting to percolate through the rest of the people.

    Put simply when we are sick of saying it the plebs are starting to listen.

  • You guys are the troops of the Army that will end the Dark State. Information flow in the Internet will be the end of them. They can no longer hide their intent or identification, They can no longer control the narrative. And even more important they can’t control the World Wide Web, It is everywhere and never forgets. Everyone in the world can communicate with everyone else and in their pwn language.

    Those of the Dark State need the web to function in their own machinations but it is a double edged sword that they can no longer hide from. You guys are the edge of that sword so cut away!..pg

    • Thanks PG. We’re doing our absolute best to wake as many up as possible. It’s great to hear some encouragement..

  • Love you guys & the message of truth you put out in your own unique way with a little bit of light hearted humour (with all need a bit of laugher now & again 🙂 ) Keep up the good work & when i’m in your neck of the woods in the future the first round is on me 🙂 We will/have to win this.
    p.s. can you give Vickers a mic

  • Bloody hell, would you please get that drunken lush behind the camera a microphone so I can actually hear him! I don’t need to see his face because I’m not gay and he might be ugly as hell. But I work 80 hours a week driving cross country in a semi truck and I can’t always hear what he’s saying and the guy is pretty cool.
    I would have a drink any day of the year with any one of you guys I would drink myself into a position where I wind up paying my pants. You three are more American than the Americans I live with!
    I swear to God Americans have dropped their pants and pulled out their balls so Uncle Sam could cut him off with a rusty pair of scissors and now they have lockjaw and can’t say shit!
    I have an last couple months come across you three and absolutely love you! I am godsmacked! From my Scottish father as he loves to use that word. I have called a lot of people out on their bullshit and I am sick of hearing it and if people are offended by a few cuss words then why the hell are they allowing someone else to have control over their feelings? Did not ever learn the lesson of sticks and stones? Bunch of panty waist bitches! America did not just drink the piss they’re gargling it like mouthwash. Love y’all, keep up the good work!

    • hahaha. Mate, Ive definitely got a face for radio!!! Glad you’re enjoying the show. Keep movin, keep strong!

  • I have to say my favorite takeaway from this entire video is the wise statement about “3 large gulps of water at at time”. Intuitively I’ve sensed not to drink too much at once or it’s a waste; but hearing it said out loud has solidified that it will stay with me always.

    Thanks for the profound wellness tip!

  • Sky news reported on the 4 pilots sudden death but cheeky sods said it is not to do with the vaccine! Can you believe it! Fucking liars! Believe you me, they can run but they can’t hide. The families of the pilots will speak up.

  • I have been in a running battle for the past 12 month with my doctors about a certificate of exclusion for wearing a face covering . I am asthmatic and I will not wear a mask as it brings on attacks . I have recently changed doctors in hope a new Practitioner will grant my wish . I registered and then emailed my request . I had a reply which basically said at a cost of 20 £ I could get a Letter from the GP which says this person considers themself not fit to wear a mask ! Very strange for me to pay 20 £ for some that I can buy in a supermarket for a fraction of the price which is called toilet paper . I was not going to stop my quest to protect my health , so I wrote back to the GP and explained I was traveling very soon by aircraft and I was putting them on notice that if my health was compromised by being FORCED to wear a mask on a plane for several hours I would take legal action against the GP and the Practice who I believe was willing to compromise my health . A day later I revived a text from the GP which blew my mind and made me very very fucking angry .
    To me this I’m going to show you proves what a load of poppy cock this whole debacle really is .

    Dear Mr. Dickenson,

    Following on from your e-mail;

    From Sefton Local Medical Committee:

    GPs are unable to provide individual risk assessments or letters for patients who are, or feel that they should be, exempt from wearing a face mask.
    The Sefton Local Medical Committee has prepared this note for patients who believe they meet the exemption criteria and are not required to wear a face mask.
    Government guidance on exemptions does not stipulate any requirement for evidence of exemption and it is sufficient for an individual to self-declare this.

    The Village Surgery Formby


  • Its FARKED that you have to repeat yourselves but you need to undo the BRAINWASHING by repeating stuff to get the message across to these SHEEP’s.

  • Boys it’s not blackmail, it’s mind control, watch the West Point Video. They can get a brain to tell another brain what to do/say

  • Hi
    Great ahow, when you spoke about scratching your arse, beware the illuminati are everywhere and if they cannot get in your ears, mouth, nose, eyes and skin they are all around and their attack is called “illuminarsee”

  • Hi Guys,
    Please share the latest news about FDA finally issuing a warning for the mRNA COVID-19 shots for heart failure. My source was Health Impact News, dated June 24, 2021, 1.47pm.
    thanks, love your shows.


    • It’s dumbed down of course – as precautionary/benefits still outweigh the risks – but the fact they have to do this tells a story indeed. Thanks Jerry

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