What ever happened to real health advice? Not this emerging culture of pseudo health and medical dictatorships.

In the last year, where has all the health advice been? Not the bullshit ‘stay indoors, stay away from each other, wear masks and take experimental jabs’ type of advice… We mean the real stuff! Vitamins, sunshine, exercise, socialising, hugs, fun, you name it. All that essential stuff that we never hear about anymore, or only in a negative light where governments would have you locked up, isolated and breathing in your own toxins from now until you take the jab and beyond.

On that point, where have all the mental health experts disappeared to? Up until 2020 the TV was full of mental health experts crying out for the right treatment for our kids or sufferers of abuse or victims of PTSD. Silence. The whole mental health forum is tumbleweed, an abandoned sector that should be overspilling with talk of depression from effects of the pandemic, the isolated, the jobless, the new homeless, the victims of abuse now locked up with their perpetrators.

Are you seeing it yet? This pattern emerging of all-out abuse from tyrannical administrations and MMS. The moulding and shaping of a New World Order that none of us want. But we can fight back by staying healthy, by choosing to educate ourselves and by saying no. Lee has many answers, but you hold the key. It’s time to get strong and build immunity to this insane culture of pseudo health and emerging medical dictatorships.

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