When Propaganda Needs A Proper Gander

Seems that the mainstream media Ministry of Truth is getting as tired as their news in the month of Mayday.

Spot the difference in the headlines on the same 5 May 2021 Sky News (UK) report:



Yep, there’s a slight difference between COVID-related deaths and coronavirus deaths. 

Fix your propaganda machine Sky News. The public need to know whether to be a) really scared or b) really, really scared.

And a news decode while we’re at it: 

27 people from a population of over 67M have died.

It might have been COVID. It might not.

Chances are it wasn’t.

Pip Fuchs


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  • The Indian variant is sweeping the UK and on twitter a guy in India says the UK variant is sweeping there.
    31 deaths in two days in the UK and still people are fast asleep. 27,000 people die daily in India and they think they have a problem now,

    • My Indian Doctor who was a doctor in India, stated that 27,000 die everyday mostly from malnutrician.

  • It’s been a scam from the beginning. Even calling the deaths “COVID-related” is misleading. No matter what the person died of, if they can attach a “positive” C-19 test to their chart, their death becomes either COVID or COVID-related. The PCR test was never designed to be used for this, it has a huge false-positive rate and will pick-up almost anything, and telling millions of perfectly healthy people they “have” COVID because of some heinous nasal swab is madness. And why do they have to stick that thing up our noses? If C-19 is in our nose, throat and mouth via our saliva and nasal drainage, why can’t we just spit onto the test device? Everything about this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • The Bidens and Carter’s looks to be not real. I know all the sniffers around the world was hoping it was, but relax it isn’t.

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