French Nobel Prize Winner and virologist Luc Montagnier believes that the mass vaccination programme is an “enormous mistake ...

… a scientific error as well as a medical error”. And rather chillingly adds: “The history books will show that.”

And he contends: “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.” 

Of course, viruses do mutate. But listen to what Professor Montagnier has to say in just over two minutes. Interview in French; subtitles in English.

It’s worth mentioning too that the mainstream media love their variants. They even love to name them – Indian variant, Brazilian variant, Kent variant and so forth. 

Although one strange aspect of this name game is the backlash against saying Chinese virus or Wuhan virus – even though it originated there. 

Spanish flu? Perfectly acceptable terminology for more than a century. 

Pip Fuchs


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  • I love you both and agree with your anger. I really want to share your info. I know your heart is breaking for all the idiots who are taking the jab & for the health of all our children! I agree with everything you are saying to the World. You are Right On Target!

    When I share your show , it just isn’t being received because of the constant “F” Bombs, by the older people I send to. So, Please, Please find another word you can use & not GD either.

    This info is so good, I know you do not want it not to be spread far & wide, just because you like to say the “F” Bomb so much, & your pride will not let you stop because it is your show. I am not wanting to censor you. You have to look deep & decide which is more important.

    Again, I love your show & all the info and thank you for doing it. I can over look & close my ears to the bad words. I will continue send it out to ones I know will listen.

    Again Thank You!



  • Which is the video that shows spikes by country after vaccination program began…? I want to share it with family.

  • The commenter down below said the same as you –Which is worse – “bad” words or the evil intent being exposed?” BUT, which is really worse -doing what you are doing to get the info out to as many people as possible who are already brainwashed…or NOT getting it to them because you don’t care that they were brought up with a moral code–a consideration for others not to be crass..especially for Christians who want to follow the bible. Do you not know that “what goes in–comes out”? Do you want these people to hear your message or not? They are thinking…”why should I listen to makes me cringe..all these fowl words..the message must not be good either.” I do listen because I want to hear the truth..but it disturbs the Holy Spirit and my spirit inside and is uncomfortable. I know it is a habit people have and it is like the “big gun” of emphasis. Well, I agree with the commenter below..I can’t send these messages to people either–why do you think even the tv gives warnings about language and content–because some people don’t want to hear it….so why don’t you guys get CREATIVE and come up with new “big gun” superlatives so your videos can be sent to ANYONE..Do you REALLY want your videos to go everywhere and to anyone? Think about it. Thank you for getting the truth out! Blessings to you!

  • The first case of the “Spanish flu” of 1918 was at a US Army base, Fort Riley in Kansas. Coincidence? Was it an early military bioweapon? It should be called the American flu.

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