Please Be Patient Warriors – Good Things To Come

Our IP is blocked by the major email providers, so we are struggling to reach you.

I guess in effect it means we are doing our job properly and seriously aggravating the big players on the planet. Our journey wouldn’t mean much without glitches like this, so hang in there, be patient and keep tuning in.

We’re always updating and theres a shop coming very soon with lots of lovely DW merch, and we’ve gone all-out and created a cool self defence course by the one and only Angry Man Lee.

Lots to look forward to so thanks for watching, commenting, sharing and seeing the truth.

The Newsletters will be up as soon as we can get to the bottom of the issues.


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  • Say you fellows are spreading the truth and me and my fellow patriots we stand with y’all, tell ten let them tell ten, Texans will lead the way to destroy the Cabal and set things straight in America, Patriots hold the line

  • Had to say….LOVE YOUR WORK!! Thank you for all you are doing. Here in Melbourne Australia I am trying to get the sheeple to see reason, to see how we are being manipulated by the MSM, but they just don’t get it, or don’t want to get it. I understand it can be hard to see the truth, that means you have been taken for a fool. So the ego or pride or both get in the way. Well, soon death will be in their way!! Its so plane and simple to me, I just don’t trust what I see or read from the media here. They are all being manipulated. Its plane to see. Anyways, keep up the good fight. Stay safe, stay healthy. All the best to you and yours. Cheers. Jules

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