...Then your children will be next!

The MMS talk about about experimental jabs for 6 month old babies and kids like its candy, Scotland puts coercive ads out on TV to encourage younger people to roll their sleeves up & the US military displays the reality about medical autonomy and medical info.

Big-up to Laloba Red for the Tucker Carlson clip!


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  • Great vid as always guys.
    Why not get Verelst to break down the mRNA shite?
    Also, take a close look at the mascarillas using a microscope. Look carefully for the secret surprises in some of them.
    You guys live in Spain, as I do . All of the British expats are invariably pensioners and most are scared to step out of line, which is why we all need you to show us how you deal with confrontation with local shops and stores.
    Here is what happened to me today, for example.
    Firstly, I suffer from mild asthma, certain allergies and at this time of the year hay fever is the most prominent issue.
    I went to my local pharmacy for some new tablets, the last ones I bought were useless.
    As I entered the store, the two assistants immediately shouted “Signore, mascarilla,” to which I
    replied, “I have asthma”, waved my mask exemption lanyard ( downloaded from UK gov website), and produced my inhaler, bought for 2 euros 50.
    I also produced the empty box of my previous ‘useless’ tablets. I walked to the counter, the staff now suitably calmed.
    I then went to my local Lidl supermarket, once again maskless.
    The store was fairly quiet for a change so I did not come face to face with a member of staff until I reached the checkout. The girl on the adjacent checkout looked at me but said nothing; the same as the girl on my checkout. That’s the first time I have not been challenged in this store. Major result!
    I was carrying the form which I downloaded from your site, but it was unnecessary to produce it…………. on this occasion. On my next visit, I will be even better prepared and more confident. On the way back home I went for a 3 out of 3 with a visit to Gama Supermarket where I am usually challenged on entry. But today, nothing! I think the staff in this store have given up so no challenges from staff……. or any of the customers today. Perhaps I just got lucky today?
    My advice would be to go to stores maskless when they are quiet; there will clearly be less resistance. You just have to push it a bit further each time.
    I started with my favourite bars and restaurants. There is less of a problem in places where you are known and visit on a regular basis.

    I have yet to be confronted by the police, who I often see driving around maskless.

    However, to reiterate, we need to see you guys demonstrating how YOU deal with these issues. Going maskless is so important.

    Good luck Warriors, wherever you may be. And let’s hear your stories, or see your videos.

  • Keep ip the good work guys, everything you have been saying Is common sense ,
    Loving the shows
    From Newcastle

  • Lee and Dave, I watched a video on Mateo Sanador the Spanish policemans telegram site yesterday. Translated what was said into English? ..(used google argh)
    ………………………………….Pfizer under microscope………………………

    It is not very clear what we are seeing.
    So this is the content of the pfizer vaccine? This is from pfizer yes.
    And all those pieces that move are inside an organism inside the vaccine.
    So what we are seeing is a living being?
    Yes, these are cells; the dots are black or white depending on the focus of the lens.
    These are the cells with the nuclei inside.
    ?So we don’t know if RNA is what you are looking for.?
    There are other videos where we are seeing more of the environment outside the creature.
    A cell disappears in the pipes (OVERY TUBES?) and goes to the other side and I don’t know what it’s doing there, so it’s still a bit of a riddle.

    They want to give this to Professor Capel who is an immunologist.
    And surely he knows more than what we are seeing.

    So it moves by itself, so this is what’s in the vaccine?
    WOW and you don’t know what it is yet?
    It couldn’t be a morgellon, morgellon yes.
    I’m curious, what would happen if we put the vaccine in the microwave first?
    Yeah then it probably all stops dead is dead!
    Very strange, so this is just an organism.

    Sorry I can’t post the video but you should find it on there? Roy

  • Thank you for all your hard work but some people can’t be helped !!! @@@@ its so sad people believe it though. They are full of shit on these commercials and the gmtv program. I don’t watch any news not in spain eather
    I hope we can wake some more sheep up please

  • Great work guys from Miami. Love your show & been sharing it on Twitter. Watched you both on Charlie’s show 1st, and now I am spreading to my following in the states.

  • I absolutely love you two warriors, its because of seeing you boys from as far back as April last year with Charlie Ward that I do not and have not worn a mask. I have not and will not have a vaccine and neither will my children. I researched child vaccines and now my grandson will not have anymore vaccines. I researched alternative medicines and take MMS, vitamin D, vitamin C and have recently found DMSO. Living the dream to piss off all mask wearers and vaccine infected.

  • I love you guys great info keep up the good work and damn you’re right there are a lot of
    stupid fucking people out there

  • I think they are now going to far,
    We all must fight now and protect our children.
    I am now hiring a human rights lawyer as they cancelled my operation because I refused a PCR test.
    As they say in thge arcade games….FIGHT.

  • Cheers mates!!!
    You are doing a phantastic job keeping us informed about the latest atrocities commited by the cabal’s minions…
    I think that each and every one of those pharmamafia companies are perfectly aware of what their bioweapons cause in humans. They are meant to do MAXIMUM harm. That’s why they have to keep all the side effects – which are numerous – under tight wraps…
    Thanks a lot from Austria
    P.S. Love the angry man’s swearing!!! Go for it!!! You have every reason to do so especially in times like this!!!

  • People need to read up the ingredients in these injections, it’s clear they’re not vaccines. My body is my temple and I cherish it.

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