Almost 5 million on the waiting list for essential operations.

As people in general wander around in masks waiting for jabs so they can go to the pub or go to Benidorm for a week, 4.7 million actually sick people in the UK are waiting for operations. 4.7 million..! It’s got to be the biggest surgery tailback since the Battle of the Bulge. Lee’s on it though, people need to start listening and stop cowering behind a narrative that is now, without doubt, taking the absolute piss out of you. Think about all the serious illnesses that were prominent before a re-branding of the flu took over the planet, do these people think they just vanished? KAPOW… they all just disappeared?

Cancer ops, heart disease interventions, accident ops, organ transplants and all other essential surgeries are still in massive demand, only persistently ignored by government, media and health services creating a colossal backlog.

People need to wake up and try to grasp what this is actually doing to their fellow humans, it could be you next, it could be anybody.


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  • Great vid as always Lee.
    Still would be best to see you guys demonstrating, on video, how you deal with small shops, bars and cafes, with the big supermarket chains and how you stave off attempts by your local police to force the wearing of the dreaded “mascarillas”.
    Many alt media people are saying the same thing, but not leading the way.
    A video of this type would go viral on all media platforms and boost your channel immensely, which would be fantastic. As role models, you have a challenging task, but without you leading the way, others will have little confidence simply in your words. Everyone is afraid.
    I have faced numerous challenges in my home town, (I’m up the coast from you near Torrevieja), I’m 15 years older, 4 stone lighter, 5 inches shorter and I only made 3rd kyu and that was 44 years ago and I’ve got dodgy knees through playing football for 45 years. So I need some inspiration.
    So come on guys, lead by example, a growing number of people are depending on you.
    And I’m sure it could be a great deal of fun as well.

    • Hi Geoff, We’d love that too but we advise NOT to film incidences in Spain. The data protection laws here are really tight. To the point that the legality of dash cams is questionable. One way to take yourself from constitutionally ‘in the right’ to completely in the wrong and aggravating a situation is by filming here. Especially the police! I tried it on the train when Mahoney got pulled off the AVE and I nearly spent the night in chokey.

      It’s better to deal with these situations as they come up and stay within your rights – otherwise we’ll all be fighting a losing battle.

    • Geoff, part of this process and part of what they guys are banging on about is to take empowered action yourself. We’ve lost this part of our human nature, the ability to stand up and defend our rights, freedom and culture.. Every country has different nuances and if we continually look-up to guru’s and others to lead us like stupid sheep to liberation land then we have no hope. The reality is like any good student realises, work out wtf is going on and take concerted action above and beyond what the text and teacher suggested.

  • Like the sound of that engine thats in your car lee !!
    What do you drive sounds like a 3.7 +

  • Is it possible please to put the date under every video you put up, I get confused as to whether
    I have seen it or not and feel I may miss one.
    Thank you Gee

  • My brother from another mother! Keep on keepin on, my bro! Sincerely, Elizabeth from Flagstaff, AZ Shalom

  • I can’t thank you enough for the vaccine letter link. Sent it to my doctor, and surprise surprise not heard a word back. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they were reading it. I passed it on too. Thank you so much.

  • Hi Guys, After the last video you two posted on Dr. Charlie’s site, I’m waiting for all the links on facts. I appreciate all your hard work. It will take an army to wake up the masses. Its amazing how operation Paper Clip has done its job. People are brainwashed by the government. You have been stating what I have known for years. Just follow the dots(money too). Thanks for filling in the holes.

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