The G7 Pantomime – No Covid in Cornwall

A cracking before & after for you. The classic 'rule abiding' shot for the world media followed by the reality of Covid 19 - no one gives a damn. What a circus.

Someone tell me why, vaccinated or not (none of them are we’re guessing) why the image that goes out to the worlds’ media shows strict adherence to the crazy Covid dictate, and the BTS shots are like a bozo’s tea party? Oh, and not a mask in sight!

And who’s at the centre of it all? Yes our wonderful Queenie. Isn’t this the same Queen Liz that demanded we all adhere to the Covid directive lest we kick-off a pathogenic slaughter of the old and infirm? Looks to me like she doesn’t give a shit when the Paparazzi disappear.

And lemme get this straight… so I can’t go back to Britain from an Amber listed country to visit family without having my brain prodded numerous times followed by a chunky bit of isolated quarantine, but these freaks and their huge entourages just land from anywhere… unchecked and mingling with vulnerable pensioners (ie. Biden & Queenie)?

They’re laughing at you folks, and guess what? You’re paying for it. This insane circus is the pinnacle of the laugh-in-your-face directive coming from the puppet politicians, and it’s quite scary. These idiots are deciding our future, deciding ‘who lives and who dies’ as ex Premier Gordon Brown so delicately announced this week.

Not only that, they’re working out what restrictions us plebs need to adhere to for our apparently delicate eco system. So, your 4×4 pick-up is on its way out, ordered by no other than a bunch of lunatic clowns, prancing around on the Cornish sand doing the elbow dance for the cameras and then buggering off back to their own tyrannical dictatorships next week on private jets.

Can you see it yet?

Here’s is an image of a rocket launcher near Bodmin beach shielding this farcical Bedlam… “Oh we had a lovely week in Cornwall camped next to the Jones’s in their Vdub California and a defence Batallion with Starstreak Anti Aircraft Guided Missile System.” Ging Gang Goolie.

Thanks to Polly Vick for the launcher pic.


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  • You guys are bloody classic! I would love to have a beer or two with you guys and shoot the shit.
    Keep up the good work fellas.

  • A rocket launcher !! , these people must be …soiling their undergarments . ‘these people will not be able to walk down the streets ‘ . trying to remember where i Qould have heard that ??.

    I’ve listened to your lying lockdown speeches, you didn’t fool me once, and you managed to work on the masses of people because you think they’re a bunch of cunts, if you think you can fool me and my life can be taken by your poison vaccine by fuck your mistaken, I’ll fight to the end with my friends at my side and we’ll never given in till the satanic have died, well a few of us stood and saw the light was coming but the fight went on with Johnson, Hancock and Cummings, their days are numbered the awake among us know, tick tock tick tock not long to go.
    It’s a lonely place when you know the truth, I stand for the children there is plenty of proof, the cowards among us they kept their mouths shut and sat on the fence with a butter fly gut, I know who’s beside me and I know who is not and my friends that are brave with anger that’s hot, I thank all of you direct from my heart whether living or dead our souls will not part, the people of England I’m shouting at you why won’t you wake it involves you too, there’s no pandemic and there never has been, there’s no dead people it’s a government theme, it’s time now to wake up or stay as you are or take your vaccine and die in the car, there’s no more to say if you can’t see it now you’re so fast asleep but we can’t see how.

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