NHS nurse speaks out about the terrifying vaccine program going on in hospitals around the UK.


This extremely brave lady speaks out about the ongoing medical criminal activity going on right now in UK hospitals. Her shocking account, spoken under obvious duress, needs to be heard. This is it folks. We know there are thousands of NHS professionals who feel this way so lets hope this starts off a trend among them and the dominoes start tumbling.

Story courtesy of UK Column.


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  • I have to admit that having been a fan of Brian Gerrish for over 10 years, (he formerly ran a tv channel called Controversial TV which was channel 200 on Sky), I struggle to watch UK Column News, simply because these guys really dig so deep and obtain information like no other organisation. Imagine the effect that a story like this one were to hit the BBC and ITV. It would rightly cause total pandemonium.
    This is why I would completely recommend that all you guys in the alt media form an alliance and share all of your content so that a much wider audience is reached.
    Sadly, Uk Column despite their brilliant but often scary content, have quite a low subscription level. Perhaps if there was a collaboration, we would see the less popular sites hitting far greater numbers.
    Love your channel guys, my best wishes to you with your new tv channel.

  • May she be seen with favor when trails are had. I will not be renewing my nursing license, which I’ve had since 1996 and have already been out of the profession b/c I saw the uncompassionate and unethical practices years ago. God Bless us all. Stay safe.

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