Official Covid Deaths In Sussex Hospitals over 14 months!

NHS Sussex request for verification of Covid 19 deaths, the answer is mind boggling.

Below is the reply from NHS Sussex to an official request for accurate Covid 19 deaths and in-patient numbers. Based on this (and other similar requests) the lies, the lockdowns, the shutdown of economies, the suicides, the 4.7 million operation/procedure backlog and the constant vaccine propaganda is nothing short of tyranny.

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  • How many other lies have they told us here…I live in Burgess Hill West Sussex and for the past 15mnths have been aware of what has been going on around me, and have for the past year tried to make others aware of what is going on with no avail.
    As I live in assisted care home there’s not much I seem to be able to do apart from talking with others outside, to see what they think and try to talk sense into them…it seems like bashing my head against a brick wall.

  • Well done lads.
    Its hard work trying to convince The Covid Creepers to wake up.
    It may be a lost cause.
    We all need to be aware those who have been Infected with the Sheep Dip Jab could be the New Lepars shading their infected DNA to others.
    Keep up the good work.

  • This is a mental health trust- no acute beds so no such patients unfortunately and therefore not news. It would have better to check first.

  • Sadly this is true but not relevant. This trust is a Mental Heath Trust with no medical beds. Hence its highly likely to have had no covid patients in treatment. Any who became ill would have gone to an acute hospital.
    Check before judgement. We don’t want the establishment to have a reason to deflect attention away from them. There’s huge amounts of bad stuff to find- the problem is to get the public to see it.

  • I am always impressed with their info. The only thing is, when you share their sites, I get refusals to listen because they use the “F” word so much. It really is turning people off who really can’t get past their language of not only them but some of other men, that can’t seem to communicate without cursing! I want to share all of their info, but if people I share these sites with can not stand the cursing, sadly it all has been a waste of everyones time. I understand the guys are absolutely furious with everything, but we got to be about to be able to communicate this information so even the unawake are willing to listen & will be willing to share with their Teenage Children & their Grandmothers & Pastors! Please do try to understand what I am saying! I just want to share with everyone, (the World) your important info & know they will accept the language used.

  • Does anyone know that Trump signed an EO on 3/20/20 to depopulate earth?
    The EO was Operation Devalution, which is the reduction of the earth population.

    Very nice man! This movie has gotten old, while we have to deal with the masks and the jab. People are suffering!

  • This NHS document needs to get into the hands if the class action in Ontario.
    They are pretty smart so I’m trusting they also accessed the Freedom of Information Act documents.
    Good reveal people.

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