Dr Mike Yeadon is back, worried, defiant, determined and with a stern warning to humanity.

Listening to this podcast would probably be the best thing you could do with a spare hour this weekend. It’s an hour of complete revelation, joining dots and determination to get to the truth. Dr Mike Yeadon is defiant, and willing to put his own safety on the line to get this hugely important warning out to the public about these experimental jags, and the people who are pushing them.

Please watch and share.

Thanks To Delingpole for this Podcast.


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  • Great interview but sorry Dr Yeadon your revelation stating that, “you heard it here first,” is not quite true. Numerous other YT’ers have been saying this for years. David Icke in particular, has been talking about population reduction for well over 20 years.
    For those who are not fully aware, take a look at ,’The Georgia Guide Stones,’ for further confirmation of what the intended outcome is.

  • Good man but he should not be telling over 70s have it if not fit for all it’s not fit for over 70s.a lot of older people have died from it .when they could have lived for many more years.

  • I was under the impression that this novel ‘vaccine’ does NOT confer immunity, it is only supposed to “lessen the symptoms”.

  • I wonder if he’ll read this… but yeah I’m going to refer you to 43:01… about what you could maybe do with changing genes…. make it do something good to them or bad to them… I’d like you to imagine which a pharmaceutical company would prefer with a profit motive…. also try to remember that 51 or more percent of children 10 and over now have some form of chronic illness… none of which is attributed to vaccines but a lot of which is probably caused by them. I know everybody thinks they are super duper safe…. but they aren’t… but if they do cause chronic conditions wouldn’t that just be a shame… those companies will just be like oops…. I guess we just made a lot of money. People with money maybe get cured…. people without here in America for sure will surely die.

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