Mike's back, chatting here to Del Bigtree about the pack of lies you've been sold for the last 15 months.

Former Pfizer VP and Virologist, Dr. Michael Yeadon, is one of the most credentialed medical professionals speaking out about the dangers of the #Covid19 vaccines, yet it has fallen on deaf ears. With great honour, The HighWire gives Dr. Yeadon the floor to break down his “list of lies” that keeps him up at night, when it comes to lockdowns, masks, PCR testing, natural immunity, and why he thinks our health leaders have abandoned science and reason.

Thanks to The Highwire: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/okiFK5CwQrZS/


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  • Hi guys.. love everything you’re doing.. Thank you so so much.

    Right from the start I knew this was some weird agenda.

    I teach Pilates and do various healing modules. All on Zoom at present but want to find non- vaccinated people only to work with in future. I’m from
    Central London but moved to Hove . Where can I find a community? I know a few great people with the same mind set as me in Brighton but not for work for future.
    Any suggestions?
    Really appreciate any feedback.

    • Hi Sheila, we are open for ideas too. We are only 3 ATM so it’s tough for us to come out of our schedule. We’ve just opened a telegram group however where you might be able to find others and splinter off? The link is at the very bottom of our home page. ATB

  • A great interview. I had the questions he answered. How come you listen to these scientists, that the mainstream media ridicules and they sound sane and logical. And you listen to the mainstream media and it is total nonsense. I studied psychology, social psychology was my major, and I see the things we studied about come true – discrimination, propaganda, mass psychosis – it would be an excellent case study if it wasn’t so frightening. Where are the psychologists who speak up against this discriminative passport thing and all the other deceit and manipulation? I see literally no one.

  • I have watched this interview more times than I can remember, and find it so informative. I have also sent it to people that I thought would have an open mind or at the very least, listen. All these valuable information could and would save lots of lives, if it can go further. Please invite Dr. Yeadon back again (and again!) – we need to hear more and need to hear about any updates he might have. If you could have Dr. Yeadon & Dr. Bhakdi together for an interview, it would be absolutely awesome! I am an American Thai, and I live in Thailand. I am having a hard time trying to explain all of this to the Thai’s – I wonder if Dr. Bhakdi would be able to do an interview in Thai! If the Thai’s could hear from an expert, rather than from me, chances are better that they will see things more clearly. Right now, it is the ‘elite’ in Thailand that are getting the jabs first – and not knowing any better – they are very proud of that fact! I, on the other hand just want to go and hide in the jungle somewhere so they cannot come at me with a needle!! FYI – in March 2021, many doctors from the Thai Health Department spoke on TV saying that ‘it seems that the Sinovac Vaccines are causing blood clots and other ill side-effects’ – so they are going to SLOW DOWN the jabs! – not STOP! The mind boggles!!! I simply had to turn it off and could not listen any more stupid remarks – and like Dr. Yeadon – I just wanted to cry! Thank you for doing this — we need MORE people like YOU.

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