There's a gaping hole between the bullshit MSM and the unicorn truthers, and we're going to fill it!


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  • Yes in Chicago they are pushing 12 to 15 to get the jab….. does it have to kill all our children before we stop this nonsense? And it will….. until it’s FDA approved it can’t be mandatory. Ohio has $1 million lottery for people who get the jab! Thank God for Texas and thank God Tucker came out and tried to spread some truth

  • I think what you have to say is great! More people need to stop trying to please everyone and only think of what God thinks. My family has woken up and wouldn’t get the jab even if they paid us. Can’t wait until Buyden is ousted. We live on the border and a policeman in our area caught two illegal aliens who were known human traffickers and when he called the border patrol to pick them up, they stated they weren’t allowed to, so Buyden is a known trafficker!!!!! Sick A–hole! I now lock my doors and never did before Buyden! He’s bought off!!!1

  • Hello Warriors from the Mile High Suburbs in Colorado! I love you gentlemen so much for telling the truth. Sad thing is people have been wearing masks for so long and I do believe the oxygen dep has dulled their common sense. Stupid sheep!!!! They are so relaxed about having their free will assaulted by the deep state depopulation squad that they ARE asleep. Thing is princess…. there’s no “true love kiss” to wake them up!!!! Frustrated in the Rockies and hatching another plan to reach the neighbors (that quite frankly, are too close together for any comfort). Keep fighting guys !!!! ARIZE USA tour started today at Battle Mountain in Nevada

  • You guys are awesome! Great attitudes, straight talking no shit, here’s your truth with added recearch! Lee cracks me up. Give us a shout out Chris Goy in Tenerife, ex Brit also

  • Me and the mrs went round to some freinds house at the weekend and met up with ten freinds that we havent seen for yrs .And the conversation turned to the experimental synthetic pathogen gene injection
    I started to give intel to my sheep freinds and the look on all of there faces was a picture.shock panic fear all in a few seconds.
    I just say to people do your research..but unfortunately for my freinds its to late

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