Stew Peters interviews Dr. Jonathan McGreavy with some shocking revelations about Pelosi, the U.S. election and the Major General in charge of the National Guard.

Take your time on this one guys, the sound is very tricky but this guy has a lot to say, its definitely worth the effort.

Thanks to the Stew Peters Show.


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  • I very much appreciate your MANLY MAN take and stand on this world-wide debacle. Such an exciting time to be alive. I’m 81 and I’ve known since I was 12 that sumpin’ ain’t right. I recognized some twisted stuff in the way the “officials” handled a UFO landing 30 miles from my home. Been suspicious since then. God Bless you and keep you safe. P.S. What did I do about it? Not much, just continued to collect the meager info available and blab about it as an audience appeared.

    • Every Bit helps Barbara, you never know how many people you’ve helped. I saw summit when I was 14 on my paper delivery round, I was told by adults to shut up about it. We love a good UFO story. 🙂

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