Mariah Doesn’t Carey!

Look at that wonderful caring face. Let me tell you she doesn't give a f*^k! Check the video.

I allow nothing to boil my blood until I’ve first boiled the kettle and had a nice cuppa, but today this took absolute precedence. The whole ridiculous forum of celebrities promoting medical coercion is a massive ‘No No’ for us here at DWP. Why would any ambassador try to coerce their fans into taking an experimental medical intervention? We’re talking dedicated fans here, children, families, people who’ve spent their last coin to get to a concert to help push this numbskull along to multi millionaire status.

All I Want For Christmas… Is Mariah On Trial.

So how does Mariah repay her fans? With a fake injection. Yep, this is one of those insane videos that will hopefully wake up a few million people and have vinyl smashing against the walls of living rooms the world over. The fans who’ve remained dedicated through displays of extreme divaism, personal problems & addiction will surely now bite the bullet and let go of this ridiculous avatar of a twat, and hopefully she’ll take her shitty ‘carpet slipper’ style music with her.


Persuading innocent children & fans to take the jab by taking your own uninformed moral stance is one crime against humanity, but faking that jab… Absolute cruelty on an unprecedented level, and a crime.

Where Are All The Celebs?

So the question is, what the f+ck is going on here? What does Mariah know that we don’t? What club is she in that allows her to film and release insanity like this and get away with it? I think deep down we all know really. This also raises the question, where are all our wonderful celebrities in this time of need, when the fans need a bit of payback, a bit of balanced information and widespread moral support? The answer is, nowhere to be seen, save a few brave warrior exceptions like Ian Brown (erm… erm, can’t think of any more) who run the gauntlet of ridicule to try to inform thousands of fans of the real dangers of experimental pharmaceuticals. Where’s John Lennon when you need him?

Sadly Some Don’t Fake It.

One thing is for sure, DMX and Marvin Hagler won’t be making dumbass videos like this, the poor souls passed with heart problems days after actually taking the jab. Share the hell out of this please.

Thanks To Tru Tee Vee For The Video

Dave Techy


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  • She will certainly not be mixing that toxic chemical with the kids blood she uses to stay young looking.

    • Many of them are not. I hope they are held accountable for collaboration, along with politicians & the elite – none of who’m will be choosing to inject these toxins.

  • ‘IT’ is a deep state satan worshipping child abuser who is as evil as they come, i have read numerous times that ‘it’ is a transgender male from an early age. Take a look at those eyes there is evil in them as there is in the shit itching screech that emanates from that hole in the front it’s face, and there are many, many more like it.

    • IT even goes so far that if you are not “one of them” you can´t be a “celeb”……… its like victorias secret right, these trannies are everywhere……. in the news, in the movies, on all stages………someone said that there has never been a woman with a womb invited to the oscars – have a look at the “red carpet” …

  • The truth is coming out about Hollywierd, and they are all scattering like a bunch of cockroaches. The only way they can make money is by doing FAKE commercials. A bunch of ACTORS with no moral compass,

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