Man or Bat?

A tale of two theories on the origin of that virus.

It’s not often I would find myself nodding in agreement as a I read an article penned by someone who was a staffer for the New York Times and still writes the occasional article for them.

But that’s where black-and-white thinking never serves you. If an article resonates, the writer knows their stuff, and the only agenda you can find is to get the truth out, it shouldn’t be dismissed.   

Science writer and author Nicholas Wade is British. He was educated at Eton and garnered a degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. He’s also aged 78 and the grandson of Lawrence Beesley, a survivor of the Titanic.

His article on the origin of Covid, subtitled ‘Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?’ is a long but worthy read.

Pip Fuchs

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