The Angry Man in Van Easter special. Part 2. Stand up & fight


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  • Great work Lee … and David too.

    I’ve been trying since this BS started to wake up people I know, but sadly they have been so brainwashed, there seems to be no way of getting them to see the light and now they’ve gone and had the vaccine.
    Thank God I at least have a couple of friends on the same page as me.

    Anyway, love you both guys 🙂

  • Thanks Lee for showing people that there are real men still in the world; and not just a bunch of bleeding man-ginas everywhere. So in regards to your latest video… Not all of us Amaericans can not where a mask in a privately owned store and spend a night in jail. Some americans are civilian enlisted, have a CCW, and value their gun rights. If they attract attention and are aggressive about it; those rights can be taken or suspended until it is all resolved. Also some Americans depend on there guns because they live 30 min to 1 hour from the nearest hospital or sheriffs station; and there are swarms of two-legged roaches wandering America. I know you research your information and thought id add a point of view for some ameicans that watch you, charlie, and simon daily. Thanks again for your work.

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