Lee Dawson, The 'Man in the Van' reveals about vaccines, mandates and covert social training exercises, on his way to the shops.

Lee’s latest thoughts on the Plandemic are laid out with complete clarity, more so when he’s driving. So we’re going to start a new series called ‘Man in the Van’ obviously. Short, sweet revelations, truths and guidance from Lee Dawson, one of the most connected people on the planet right now.


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  • Found you yesterday on Charlie Ward! You are my new hero. No sugar coating! No Bull Shit! Love it!

  • Them: “Put on your mask!”
    Me: “Did you have your vaccine?”
    Me: “Then you’re protected right?”
    Them: “yes”
    Me: “go away”
    Me: “Then you’re protected right?”
    Them: “no”
    Me: “Then why did you take it? Your an idot, go away!”
    ( they will die soon… poor bastards)

  • I am looking for the legal forms you spoke about on Dr Charlie Ward.
    I am in Michigan. I havent worn a mask since last April and was put on the no fly list in March with Delta A.A. for non compliance and they kept all of my money for 2 flts. I had paid for.
    I appreciate all you have done and Im right there with you on Angry Avenue. These people need to pay dearly for what they have done and are doing. Especially Dr Faucci

  • Lee, I enjoy and agree with your views on the virus and vaccinations however there is one thing that I need to inform you of. You’ve claimed that the virus is like the flu and a mild one. Let me tell you my experience. I’m 61, very healthy, haven’t had the common cold in two years and the flu in at least three decades. Last month I caught the virus and I’ve never been so sick in my life. Luckily I didn’t have breathing/respiratory issues but I was down for two solid weeks. One thing that I said all along while sick (and now) is that this isn’t a natural virus. It’s a bio-weapon. It attacks you in ways that are difficult to describe but nothing about it felt natural. I’ve been over it it now for over three weeks and I’m still having side effects. Headaches, sinus issues, tire easily and I feel like poison is running through my bloodstream. Just this morning I woke up (again) soaked in perspiration. This is happening a couple times a week. Seems my body is trying to rid itself of this poison/weapon.

    So I just thought to inform you and your followers that labeling it as a “mild flu” is incorrect. I don’t believe I’m the only one having these issues either.

    Keep getting the word out. Thanks for all you’re doing.

    • Jim, even Whitty from his own mouth in April said…
      ” We are now going to treat it like the flu”
      So maybe you should also send him an email telling him that he’s incorrect for informing millions of the public that he’s giving out the wrong information… See what reply you get back from that, but then I wouldn’t hold your breat, let’s face it they’ve been moving the goalposts and lying to us about it all for that last year!!!


    Department of Health
    Castle Buildings
    BT4 3SQ

    Any individual/person(s) advocating or proffering innoculations/vaccines/immunisations without informed consent shall be liable to private criminal prosecution.

    An individual/person
    (s), to be adequately informed before giving thier consent both personally and or for thier dependants i.e children, elderly, mentally or physically disabled, those not compose mentis ect, the following list,  comprehensive, should be concisely and accurately responded to.

    1. Name the immunisation/innoculation/vaccination product(s).
    2. Name the manufacturer and list fully the ingredients of the products.
    3. Have the manufacturers of said products been awarded indemnity?
    4. What phase of medical trials are these products at?
    5. Can you provide any peer review analysis data sheets of products?
    6. Have these products undergone animal trials?
    7. Have these products undergone human medical trials?
    8. Does the product(s) have the potential to cause injury, disability or death?
    9. List any inconveniences or hazards that a recipient of these products can resonably expect.

    As Minister of Health who is advocating the entire population to be immunised/innoculated/vaccinated, can you assure the said population have not been coerced via any restrictions or infringment upon an individual freedom. Have individuals been put under any duress to aquiesce to the most recent medical proposals of your Department of recent?

    And although the unbiased and impartial information  concerning a most recent medical responsibility of which your Department is now engaged with is beyond your remit, can you assure the populace that the media and government have at all times and instances disseminated both impartial and unbiased information regarding any medical roll-out of recent.
    In regards to the later, informed consent would be deemed invalid due to fear-mongering.

    I look forward to your response, most preferably within .

  • Great Show!
    Great information!
    Keep up the good work.

    When I’m asked where is my mask ??? I answer, can’t wear one I have CS.
    (Common Sense)!

    I’m so tired of all this bullshit!

    First the impeachment
    Then COVID
    Then “vaccines”
    Then gasoline shortage
    Now looking at food shortage due to a crack in a bridge and the barges can’t get thru!! Seriously?
    They are trying to bring the USA to their knees. Enough is enough. People better wake the fuck up!!!! I’m really disgusted.
    I’m trying to wake people up. They think I’m nuts! It’s getting scary…..

    I live in Florida USA. Thank God we have a good Governor and President Trump here.

  • Do hope you receive this, I really wanted to watch the rest of the digital warrior video from 21st of May but I can’t find any way to watch the rest of it there are no hyperlinks there is nothing anywhere please make it easier to find.

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