Police intervene a peaceful protest with attempts at violence and get pushed back by sheer numbers.

Sunday the 25th of April 2021 and Boris Johnson wakes up with a major headache as he has to deal with the fact that the blatant corruption is beginning to show through to the masses, and they’ve had enough. The immense crowd of protestors showed force in numbers yesterday but marched in peace – until a squad of riot Police started battering protestors in Hyde Park. As you can see, the crowd were having none of it and pushed back, the police visibly regretting what they had started, some high tailing it in abject fear.


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  • The government have over reached their authority and this is the result, this is what happens when people realise the government have subscribed to selling them out to a totalitarian dystopian life of ID and total control based upon a fraudulent pandemic.

    • Exactly and the sheep are just waking up to this experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy injection .

  • All it would take is a strong group of body builders, boxers, some rugby players, martial arts experts and perhaps a few ‘controlled’ football fans. It could be further enforced by some equivalent batons and the police wouldn’t know what to do. Of course then, they would bring in the military police.
    At least the police in these scenes seemed somewhat restrained compared to other clashes we have witnessed.
    Perhaps the tide is turning? It’s about time.
    I’ve even seen quite a lot of people where I live in Spain not wearing their stupid face nappies this week. Sadly, it’s too late for the majority.
    Looking forward to the new format tomorrow guys, good luck.

  • We the British people need to start a class-action lawsuit against all the individuals who have touted/given the jabs. Do you know any organization and good lawyers who could get this started?

  • Typical gutless police ..People have had enough of there Gestapo rules they got a bloody nose there think twice next time scum

  • What a disgrace the police are…. I mean have a sleep at night after doing this to their fellow citizens ???

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