Hundreds of thousands turn out for the freedom march in London yesterday protesting for their health, jobs and freedom.

A Massive show of strength and unity from the British public yesterday as London was filled with anti government corruption demonstrators and freedom protestors. The people marched in peace, much to Whitehall’s disappointment probably, it’s tricky to ban peaceful demonstrations in a democracy without causing more disruption to society.

You Hear Only What You Are Meant To Hear.

These scenes are probably not just isolated to London, but how would we know? The only international news we hear is fear driven devastation about these highly questionable variants, Indian, South African, Brazilian. We hear nothing about states opening up in the US without effect on infection numbers or hospitalisations, we hear nothing about East African countries rejecting the whole Covid narrative with no negative effect. 

British Bullshitting Corp. 

Domestically, the BBC came in with an estimate of 10 thousand anti gov protestors, thats generous for them! I’d have thought looking at these Tweets they’d come in with around a few hundred, perhaps 30-40 people lining Oxford Street affecting Cappuccino sales. No BBC, no fabrications this time, the evidence is right there in front of our rebellious little peepers. We honestly suspect that a million brave Freedom Fighters made the march, including a good show from the NHS who seem to be finally wheeling themselves through to recovery.

So What’s The Next Move?

Over to you Boris, you are going to have to spill some incredulous bullshit to try to get round this one, and I’ve an elated feeling in my gut that that will only serve to awaken millions more now that people can almost smell Nuremberg 2.0.

Numbers in peace worked yesterday. Thank You London!

Dave Techy. 


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  • I was taking a walk today nearby to get some fresh air and vitamin D. As I was walking I was having a conversation with someone who was walking with their dog. This gentleman told me that a father of one of his friends had died from the COVID VACCINE. I hope that more and more people WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THE GOVERNMENT WANT TO KILL THEM. AND THAT SOON BORIS AND CO WILL FACE JUSTICE AND BE GIVEN THE PUNISHMENT DUE FOR THEM.

  • Even though I was born and raised here in Canada, I consider myself a British citizen as well as my parents and their parents and the rest of the family are all from there. I look on with concern and curiosity from my vantage point in the world at what the UK is going through. I am so happy and encouraged by the turnout of people in London the other day. It is about time WE ALL stand up like that WORLDWIDE EN MASSE TOGETHER AND ORGANIZED AND JUST SAY NO. This whole thing would stop very quickly. We all find the courage to do so in great numbers and that is the tipping point we need. Also I would like to add that nurses and doctors are very important (when they are not corrupted and do their jobs properly) but when they KNOW something is not right or they are aware of knowledge being kept from the public that directly affects the health and well being of humanity, this then implicates them as co-conspirators and supporters of the fake world health scare… COVID. More of them should have come forward earlier as this would have helped stop the madness from getting to this point. I have respect for them but not when they perpetrate evil on this scale. They should probably be brought to justice in some form when this is all done with. This can never be allowed to happen again. EVER.

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