Scott and the possy from Liverpool rode down to the freedom march in London on Saturday... Like another million plus decided to do...

…And what a day it turned out to be, London has never seen crowds like this – ever!

Where’s the Force?

The police were reduced to mere onlookers as a million plus marched for freedom on the streets of London. This video that Scott took shows a tiny part of the anti government procession.

The Fight for Freedom.

So how effective was this on the true scale of things? We think it’s had a massive effect, not only do the million people know at least another 10 million possible freedom fighters to spread the news to, the British MMS drew a total blank on this massive event. BBC & Channel 4 shamefully ignored the event, while Sky News mentioned a protest in Brazil. ITV did manage a mention of a few hundred Covidiots gathering in London spreading the unproven Indian variant.

Shame on You Media.

The fear & intimidation displayed by the cowering British media shows the unstoppable power of numbers and proves their allegiance to the tyrannical elite narrative that has swept the globe. It proves that the Media has been hijacked and used to spread total misinformation… in other words complicit and guilty of info terrorism.

Thank you to all the warriors.


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