Covid, Tango and The Lagom Way

Filmmaker Claudia Nye made this fascinating documentary about how Sweden’s reaction to a ‘Pandemic’ compares to the rest of the West.

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  • Hi Guys,
    My wife Anya and I love your show and have watched every video from the beginning, cozied up on the sofa. It’s our idea of a romantic evening together. Anya asks me almost everyday…’Have Digital Warriors put up a new video yet?’ to which I reply ‘no, the lazy basterdz have probably been drinking too many cervezas in the Spanish sun this week!’
    Then the next day I check and you’ve posted a new episode! I say to Anya….’babe I’ve got some exciting news for you’. She replies…’What?’ and I go ‘what else could it be but a new episode of Digital Warriors???’ We then cozy up on the sofa with some beers and you guys start taking the piss outta Vickers. Anya goes ‘awww poor Dave…they’re always picking on him’ and then halfway through the episode promptly falls asleep in my arms, and I have to watch the whole bloody episode again the next evening so she can catch up!
    Love you guys and keep up the great work, love matty & anya, Brighton, uk

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