A possible leaked memo from the UK government lays out the plan for the coming months. Buckle up folks!

We cannot verify this evidence, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone, that this follows the narrative of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset book released last year. This is end-game stuff from the UK government if its true, and seems to follow perfectly events such as the bullshit Delta/Indian/Nepalese variant, the G7, the Euro 2021 competition and the delay in freedoms for UK citizens. We pray this isn’t the case, but whether it is or not… how much of this will we take?

One thing is for sure, the transparent playground style lies adopted by the government lately show they are struggling to keep the covid narrative alive during the summer, but with 30 million odd already jabbed, this is going to be a tough year for everyone unless we all wake up.


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  • July 15th is a tuesday, you have to verify this source before publishing it. I am on the same page with you guys in terms of the great reset but you must be careful.

    • Thanks John. Like we say in the post text, we cannot verify this info yet… Also in the title we question marked it for clarity. 😉

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