Dawson & Mahoney show the plan loud & clear, adverse events ignored as they go to vaccinate children, its shocking...


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  • Another excellent resume of where we are in this massive bucket of bullshit, please don’t apologise for being totally angry about this because we all are too! Very interesting about the statistics to which clearly which clearly don’t tally in exactly the same vein as all the false positive PCR tests.
    I found these statistics you might wish to peruse also on this site https://yellowcard.ukcolumn.org/yellow-card-reports.

    Well done guys onward and above all upward!


  • So the pap smear they do saying they trying to prevent cervix cancer is what is causing the problem in the first place!!!… I have not had one since 2008 neither a mamogram breast test and will not be having anynof them in the future. In this modern day of technology and age they are still flattening the breast in great pain to find cancer, makes no sense. Last time they did it to me twice I was in pain for 2weeks because they claim they saw something and the dr wanted me in surgery asap. I told them nope my breast have always been like this, so they gave me another mamogram test the sametime I almost fainted from the pain, nurse told.me take some tylenol. And I decided that this is what will give me cancer. Today nothing is wrong with my breasts.

  • Just watched your show for the first time and I immediately signed up to watch it!
    Loved it!! Loved the humor! The wit! And more importantly, the truth!!!

  • Great info Lee and David,
    Thanks for all the great work.
    I live in Northamptonshire UK and the amount of fucking dead people I see making children wearing a mask is beyond stupid. When you do say something to the dead fucks about the child wearing a mask they always have some perthetic excuse. The children should be take from them. It makes me bloody angry!!!
    Please keep up the great work you make a 55 year young woman very happy:)

    • Is that right? Lately I have been suspecting this as it is showing search results that are very pro vaccine and pro mask, very one sided.

  • I live in Ohio. Our republican governor announced that every 18 year old and under that gets the vaccine will be automatically entered into a drawing for free college in the state of Ohio including room and board!!’ They are giving away 1 million in scholarships!! Insanity!!’

  • What if anything do you guys know about chem trails
    I keep hearing that the military is in control
    So why are they still spraying us?

    Thanks, you guys are great!

  • Great work as always guys. Now they are posting articles like Jenna Ellis Trumps old lawyer on Twitter that “Masks waived at Walmart/Costco/Trader Joe/Publix) so with Florida having a publix grocery store every 1-2 miles, and So Florida a BLUE area, I will be visiting today to see how this “No mask” rules actually work. Florida even w/no mask mandates, some parts of the state you would have NO IDEA a virus ever hit, “Trump areas” and the blue counties (Miami-Palm beach in So Fla), orlando/jacksonville areas, had crazy rules.

    So I will keep everyone posted. How 1 state with NO MASK Mandate would be that stupid.

  • This is very helpful. My first time here. I was tested once and my nose has always had that funny feeling. Not again and no vaccine after this truth

  • Mahalo brothas fo your good works
    Someone sent y’all sompem regarding masks an tests at work. Highly illegal,
    [email protected]
    Has fought tooth an nail to get these illegal mandates thrown out. You can download all the documents of law from her website. Neva!!! Give up da good fight Hope dis helps someone. Guidance an protection

  • I just love you both!! Thank you so very for all you do!! I wanted to tell you something that happened the other day concerning Google and the kids. My daughter used her phone and asked Google to play a fun kids song… the song that started playing was about the jab!! something like… We are getting our vaccine and we are so excited! We just looked at each other in disbelief!! Targeting the very small children into brainwashing them with a nursery rhyme type song… how incredibly horrible is that!!?
    Now that’s some BS right there!
    Thank you again!! I am thrilled that I found you!! Cheers!

  • You guys are great, love the vids I am in Miami and listen to every vid I can find Ty and keep up the good work……….If you can shout out to my sweetheart Breezy that would be great thanks

  • Love the content !!!!

    • Oh FFS, if you’re hung up on the language, then you’re missing the point. They’re just words. An expression. Just like your “all caps lock reply”. An expression.

  • Bless you for your passion Dave & Lee, very very needed! F bomb shock factor is a wake up call to fight, move ones arse into motion! Complacency never wins a war! Save the Children! We need more of the wisdom of Texas everywhere!!!

  • We have said this for some time and people won’t get it through there thick sculls. We are at war and upsetting is an understatement, I feel and fear it will get worse before it gets better. If you can, could you share some light on this shedding of the vaccinated. I’ve done many hours of research myself but as you know things are highly censored and you might have something I haven’t seen and it would also be good to share this with others.
    Pfizer knew about this and is on there website but hard to find. Dates need to be put in from 2010 to 2017 and you will find the info there.

  • Dearest Lee & David….you infinite devine souls….
    Thanks for your time and knowledge. I reside in the region of Murcia, and myself and two others have been asked to create a humanitarian project under the Connecting Consciousness umbrella. Our project is centred around a homestead/farm for traumatized children to be cared and and embrace learning and a separate healing center to enable healing sessions for them and we can offer public sessions. Also we have connections to the local community and envisage a new earth school to be built. Also I am attending a workshop with Michael tellinger (one small town creation) to help myself and others to visualise our potential…our project has been given the green light from our coordinator, and now is with the people or entities that decided… but it all will depend on the safe and secure release of these humanitarian fund’s…
    In unity
    Natasha Smith

  • Great info once again lads – you have become the go-to place to find the truth about the whole Convid scamdemic. Thanks! Love the ballsy delivery as well – keep it real!
    All of us on here are fully aware the Crime Minister and his band of toxic rimtards are evil lying bastards and new evidence against them is revealed almost daily. The latest makes it clear that Blockhead, Wanktard and Fuckwitty have no intention of relaxing restrictions by the end of June:
    I am telling everyone who will listen (and some who won’t, yet…) about your site.
    Massive thanks to Lee, David, Dave techy and all the team for everything you are doing!

  • You are a breath of fresh air…
    Thank you for your self irony well balanced with actual facts, clarity and strength.

    I’ve had enough of truth seekers playing the Messiah pretending they know God’s plan. They are putting people to sleep with this bad v.s evil and God’s plan will win Bull… Please If God would interfere and had a plan he would never have allowed this horrible child abuse, trafficking, satanism and all this others montruseties thats been going on for thousands of years… And now God has suddenly decided to wake up…??? Come On ….?
    God or Source gave us the power of free will and creation, what we do with that power is up to us… What kind of father would he be if he suddenly took that away from us he would paralyse us. We have to own that power and correct our mistakes from the past and be worthy of the gifts he has given us. He’s not coming to safe us he’s waiting in Love for us to learn and grow and be proud as any loving father would do.
    I’m sure some of these truth seekers mean well and they do bring a lot of solid good information but they are putting people to sleep waiting for something they need to be doing them selves. And maybe this is the intention behind some of these truth seekers. Watch out and be awake… They are not all here to serve the best of all, but promoting them selves and spinning gold and silver.
    THIS NEED TO BE SAID we are loosing a lot of good people who knows the true already. This is a crucial time in history in the battle for our children, women and mandkind.
    We are so contaminated and dull in our minds from mental and physical pollution that even it’s against our true nature most of us take the easy way when being told sit back enjoy the show God will win. WTF
    This is not the time to enjoy the show and eat popcorn our children is being sacrificed every day in huge numbers and our DNA deleted it was time yesterday to wake up and take some responsibility and stop complying to all the manipulation and as these two gentlemen would say BULLSHIT
    There are lots of good people giving the information and you guys are some of them.
    So Thank You
    Your work, integrity and dedication is appreciated beyond possible wordily expression and this goes for all the truth seekers out there with the right intensions.

    My deepest respect

  • Hey guys.
    I was dubious about going for my smear test last week. I went but i asked questions first.
    She told me they didn’t use swabs sterilized in ethylene oxide. She showed me a packet of several little brushes in a bag. She says “they’re clean but not sterile”
    The only thing that was sterilised was the speculum which she said were reusable.

  • Another excellent, informative and entertaining video. Many thanks!

    Tony Roman owns a restaurant in Huntington Beach, California. He has refused to obey mandates and has kept it open through all the lockdowns. He does not allow anyone to wear masks in his establishment. He has defied orders to close down, receives orders to attend court hearings about his transgressions and doesn’t show up. Instead he sends them videos. Like this one:


    Have a Duck Duck Go and look him up. He is a true patriot and hero! Truly inspiring to stand up to tyranny!

  • Is there any resources you can point us at, that tells about how long after a Phizer covid shot, (second one) that a person is likely to make people around them sick? All I have found is videos on a couple of doctors that say they will not let anyone that has had their shot, into their office, Their staff have had too many adverse reactions. Apparently there are female balance issues, starting with non mensural discharges, even to having a misarrange because of this. My mom went behind my back and had my sister take her to get shots. NOW she tells me! There are younger people in our family I might need to keep away from her until I know she will not endanger them. I am 70 and they will have to knock me out to get me near one of the shots! I have spent many hours trying to find out this information. Even with Duckduckgo, I can find only ‘good’ things said about the vaccines. Help?

  • Thank you both for all you are doing! It’s amazing to see how many people in this world are still sleeping & TOO DAMN LAZY to do their own research so they just believe all the shit the MSM is trying to shove down our throats. They can stick the masks up their ass! How stupid must one be to take an EXPERIMENTAL JAB when there’s NO DATA ? We the Patriots WILL WIN the war! I love how you haven’t lost your sense of humor in this cluster F of a world we are living in. I laugh my ass off watching your videos. Thank you for that & I really love the angry man in the van videos. Hilarious!

  • A man on Gab stopped at a Speedway gas station. There were several cars at the pumps when the lady came out to say no more gas. When he was at the counter paying he asked the lady if they ran out of gas, and she whispered to him that they had plenty of gas but corporate just called and told them to shut down the pumps. She looked at him dead in the eye and said, “makes you question things doesn’t it.”

  • I want to touch on the incentives for the vax. This is ridiculous bribery and coercion. If the vax worked they wouldn’t need the incentives. If the “virus” (patented virus by the way) was as deadly as they claimed peopled would be lining up for the vax. They wouldn’t need free donuts, fries or a CHANCE to win one million dollars. This just goes to prove that the whole thing is a load of bullshit installed to control us through fear and pure stupidity. What they are doing is criminal and completely against the Nuremburg Code and they should all be arrested and tried for crimes against Humanity. Then we can have our own form of population control and execute them for these crimes.

  • You are so right these dumb ass retards will spend a month researching the reviews and specs on a bloody tv before they buy it but zero time researching an unapproved poison that they’re not only killing themselves with but also they’re entire family.

  • Thanks guys,. Is it just me or are the people, which are born in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s the only ones that have the ability to use their brains. A lot of channels and awakened people in action are now in their 50’s and 60’s. The much older ones are too stuck in their ways with ‘what the media says is true’ and that ‘Government is here to help you’. The younger generation (not all though) are too far into the future (born with iphones/ipads/computers etc) they are half robots already.

  • Woohoo!!! Dudes…I was shocked & thrilled that you read my email on your podcast!!! YOU REALLY MADE MY DAY & honestly, brought tears to my partners eyes when he heard it and found out I sent it (he’s a veteran with PTSD & TBI from Iraq war, so…sensitivities there).
    Thought I’d send you a video, that I AM POSITIVE YOU WILL LOVE! Tina is well-known especially in New York. She has made numerous video’s and of course most taken down because she has potty mouth & attacking the big dogs! Hope this gets to you or before it’s deleted & hope it makes your day too!!!


    Many warriors out there & this again is from the “64 year old woman” in USA , my Native American name is “Littlewarrior”, go figure, LMAO!
    Ahhh…you guys rock…many blessings your way!!!
    (see, I don’t always have a potty mouth…ONLY when I see STUPIDITY or need a release!)

  • You do not need to post my comment, prefer others get their chance as I had mine.



  • The video showing those poor little children gasping for breath when their masks were removed was absolute heart-breaking. This is a must see for everyone who thinks these face diapers are a good thing for kids (OR adults)!!!

  • Great job guys, I’ve decided generally people are thick or brain dead.
    What can we the people do except spread the word which I’ve been doing
    For 12 months. Why can’t the media be closed down instead of continuing
    to spread lies, they need to be accountable now.
    Cheers from one Pom to another

  • I don’t know what it will take to get people to wake up!! I could see through all this from the very beginning and I just don’t understand why more people can’t see it.

    It seems so easy to scam people, and when they finally open their eyes they still won’t believe they’ve been scammed, but then it will be too late anyway.

    I have lost all my friends because they watch CNN faithfully every day. I tried to tell them the truth and they all think I’m crazy. I might be crazy but at the same time, I’m right!

    A lot of people want to defund the police but I think we should defund the news media instead. They are poison.

  • Hi Guys,
    Love watching you and getting the truth out. Good job!
    I’m from Post Falls, Idaho. U.S.A. Found out about you from the Dr Charlie Ward show and have been watching you everyday.

  • Hello Lee and David, It’s Scotty. It’s been almost a year since we met and had a laugh at Peggys party.
    I absolutely loved the passion (especially from Lee). My sentiments exactly. Dumb fucks who mask their kids are not fit to parent and heads of schools are gutless c**ts for not making a stand. A head teacher is an educated person who should know better.
    We couldn’t believe the sheep last July when I was in Marbella with you and here we are one year later.
    I have been in Costa Rica for 8 months. The health minister here makes 3 year olds wear a mask in supermarkets. People cycle in 34 degree heat with masks, its the fucking tropics! Very few awake here, even most of the US and Canadian expats are scared.
    The health minister forces doctors to get jabbed or loose their job saying if they don’t it’s against the Hippocratic oath, that’s some fucked up logic, they are short of doctors but willing to sack them if they don’t play ball.
    Big love and respect my friends,

    • Hi mate….

      Its good to hear from ya… Costa Rica eh, sounds like they like all the others are blackhats, Mexico was much better.

      Keep in touch bud!

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