Things just get stranger & stranger. Do we now really have to keep away from the Vaxxed?

Surely it could never be? The vaxxed shedding to such an extent that it affects the non vaxxed. This professional nurse from the U.S. seems to have her head screwed on, and seems to have a pretty good grip on the situation. Her website checks out too.

Social Distancing Flipped on It’s Head

This would turn things right around, especially considering many administrations are developing the completely illegal and coercive Vaccine Passport systems. So in effect, the super spreaders would be the ones who are allowed to wander free. Nice tactic 1%, I’ve gotta hand it to you.

Menstuation Abnormalities

There have been many reports on messed up menstruation from women who are working with or close to other vaccinated people in the last week or so, but this is the first time we’ve heard of the skin bruising. Shocking to say the least. Keep alert and keep up to date, we need to know how these things develop, and if they are short term or long term.

More than anything, it is imperative for everyone to keep fit and healthy.


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  • Interesting. It’s what you guys were saying weeks ago.
    However, it would be good to hear what people like Dr Rashid Buttar, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Carrie Madej and others have to say about this phenomena.
    Another point you made a while ago was that insurance companies were making statements to say that they would not pay out money to people who had taken the fake vax.
    I looked at BUPA’s website and couldn’t see anything, so far.
    Any follow up to this ?

  • Can you please put the date on your updates, I get confused as to wether I have seen them…lol
    Thank you

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