Let’s wait and see. We don’t know the facts yet. And maybe things aren’t as they seem. Could this be a positive change of government?

Of course, the mainstream media is pushing their usual narrative: the Taliban are evil Islamist terrorists, murderers, oppressors of women and girls, and we must be very, very scared and so forth.  

But what if this is a new generation of Taliban? Not the generation from 25 years ago that, again, we viewed through the distorted lens of mainstream media.

Why do I think this? 

Well, there’s been a few things that have made me go hmmm

Bear with. 

I believe there are two presidents of the US right now. Joe Biden and President Trump. One is on stage, one is behind-the-scenes. And we need to be looking behind the scenes, Trumpwards. 

In February 2020, when President Trump was in office, the US and the Taliban signed an agreement to bring peace to Afghanistan since the US invaded the country weeks after 9/11. Side note: They should probably have looked closer to home and not beaten around the Bush.

This roadmap to peace came about nine rounds of US-Taliban talks held in Qatar in December 2018. Interestingly, the Taliban refused to hold official talks with the Afghan government who they saw as “American puppets”. And they might have had a point. Did you see how quickly Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani fled the country just as the Kabulshit hit the fan? Reportedly, with four cars and a helicopter full of cash.  

Ashraf Ghani rapidly fled Afghanistan

So. Some things I found odd as the events unfolded on 16 August:

Even a CNN reporter appeared puzzled when reporting the Taliban takeover outside the abandoned US embassy in Kabul: “They’re just chanting Death to America. But they seem friendly at the same time. It’s utterly bizarre.” 

Then UK Defence Secretary and ex-army captain Ben Wallace became tearful when interviewed by London’s Talk Radio, saying “some people won’t get back”. Yet from 2003-2005, Ben Wallace was Overseas Director of defence technology company QinetiQ. The British multinational lined its pockets with military contracts in Afghanistan. What was he really crying about?

And on 18 August, General Nick Carter, UK Chief of Defence Staff, was interviewed by Sky News (UK) presenter Kay Burley about the Taliban. And it seems it didn’t go the way Burley expected it to.

She began by asking him: “How do you feel about collaborating with the enemy?”

Right off the bat, Carter cautioned her against using the word “enemy” and explained how people needed to understand how the Taliban actually are, “A disparate collection of tribes people. As President Carter put it to me early yesterday, they’re country boys.” And he went on to give the viewers a little history lesson. Something they’re not used to. 

As Burley protested, Carter said she should listen to “the facts on the ground”. 

He concluded: “We have to be patient. We have to give them the space to show how they are going to step up to the plate.”

In the same article – but not included in the clip of the interview posted on their website – Sky New reported that Carter had said the Taliban were cooperating with British forces on the ground; keeping the streets of Kabul safe and calm; helping them at the airport; and not behaving in a ‘medieval way’ as seen in the past.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Taliban Leaders Claiming to Project Calm

This got me thinking. What if President Trump had still been negotiating with the Taliban for peace? What if this was actually a peaceful takeover? 

Of course, this wouldn’t serve the playbook of the few that control the world and their puppets – like Biden. But as they control the media, they could easily make it look like a hostile takeover and play on the heartstrings of the public about those left behind. 

After all, when you’re about to bring 20,000 Afghanistan refugees into the UK – and other countries – you have to get people on board. Side note: this is also part of their playbook. Infiltration and World War Three, which I believe we may already be in, go hand in hand. 

And where was Biden in all this? Did you notice the Taliban gave a press conference before he finally showed up? Of course, Biden hasn’t come out of this well. Not a bad thing. If inflation, fuel prices, forced vaccinations, forced masks, lockdowns, woke politics [the list goes on] weren’t enough to wake the masses, maybe this would.

The left of course – and Biden – argue that this was President Trump’s fault; it was President Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. 

In response: 

• Biden has reversed many good things by executive order that President Trump put in place. Why not this? He could have. 

• Would they rather have US troops continue to occupy a foreign land? Isn’t this a good thing they were withdrawing? 

• If President Trump was on stage, as he should be, rather than behind the scenes, would he have pulled out the way Biden did – the military before US civilians and interpreters?  


Trump – Citizens Out Before Military

President Trump would have taken the military out last. As he explained in an interview with Sean Hannity on FOX News: “I’m America first. The Americans come out first. But we’re also going to help people that helped us – and we have to be very careful with the vetting because you have some rough people in there – but we’re going to help those people.”

(Note the reference to vetting regarding the infiltration playbook.)  

Well, I don’t know what’s really going on. I’m no expert. But one thing I have learnt is that it’s generally the opposite of what the mainstream media are feeding us. 

And the best thing we can do is just see how things pan out. Not have any fear. And make the most of our lives.

That said, it may not, but I hope this article ages well. We could use some good news and a bit of the world peace we saw glimpses of during President Trump’s time at the White House. 

Pip Fuchs

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