J&J Jab Now Stopped In Four States.

You all thought Johnson & Johnson made talc right? You'd be correct.

Still, Moderna made Chemo treatments and that didn’t stop them from becoming ‘Experimental Gene Therapists’ did it.

I know someone with a chemistry set, maybe they could Bunsen something together, test it on carrots and start a Nazi style distribution program on humans to help save the trees.

After a mass vaccination site in Colorado was completely shut down last week and four US States have now stopped distribution due to the amount of adverse reactions, we now find out what kind of ‘mild’ sufferings have been going on with the J&J jabba. Hit the vid below, excuse the irony, but this is eye opening…

‘No reason for concern’ comment the CDC.

Dave Techy


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  • Lee & Dave
    As i mentioned in a previous email i received a reply from the NHS which just directed my letter to the Covid website .i did receive a reply from my local GP which stated that my concerns have been forwarded to a regional medical director !!
    It ceases to amaze me that no questions on that list have been answered. Yet we the sheep are just accepting this experimental synthetic pathogen gene injection…didnt realise there were so many gullible guinea pigs ..30 million + to be precise.
    Regards kev.

  • I can only hope if i ever get into another confrontation my attacker wil be in such a stance as the one in the funny looking shirt! He will be waring his nuts for tonsils,,, oh and btw the only way the bastards will jab this old dude is i will already be dead!!!!!!

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