The plan to let the vaccinated roam the planet freely has a slight issue... oops!

Sometimes the biggest plans can overlook the smallest details. Could this be a piece of fortunate serendipity? An unexpected pushback from our old friends in the insurance industry?

It’s not looking good, partaking in a giant experiment and expecting to be ID prioritised and free to roam the planet at will has its issues. Not only this, how are the airlines going to be able to afford the risk assessment value for taking-off with a cabin full of GMP’s? Surely, with all the risk of seizures and diverse reactions to the experimental jabs that we’re seeing, it would cost them millions in premiums to be able to leave the tarmac.

Get ready for some revelations.


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  • David hi, I have just downloaded the Jab response doc in English. Do you have a rough idea when a Spanish translation will be available? As I like yourself live in Spain.
    Thank you for all the info from yourself Dr Charlie and Les for giving us the needed boost in these times of BS!!
    Regards Roy.

  • Excellent video. I have plans to travel via plane in July in US, what is your prediction that they will try to make me get a “shot” that I am refusing to get?

  • Hi, Lee Dave,
    How will we know when you have the Jab questions doc, in Spanish to download.

    Cheers Roy

  • Hi boys
    I downloaded a copy of the questions that needed to be answered from your website and true to form from your comments all i got back from the nhs was an email directing me to the co,vid -19 website .i replied and said that if you were trained professionals you would be able to give me full and confident replies to basic questions regarding this experimental injection. Surprise ive received mo reply.??
    I also forwarded a copy to my local GP. over a week ago and yet to receive a responce…No surprise there. All on the payroll i presume …SHEEP

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