Ivermectin, safe, effective and cheap, a sixty year old proven treatment is being ignored.

Again more doctors who understand the oath they swore (and the implications of breaking that oath) beg the main stream narrative and celebrity pseudo scientists to hear their appeal for this globally accepted (until 2020 that is) proven medicine.

Blocked & Ridiculed…. Why?

Here Doctors Worldwide appeal for open debate on the subject of the use of safe medicines like Ivermectin for the treatment of the Covid 19 flu. Of course – as we are used to seeing, anyone other than paid government scientists get blocked and ridiculed by Governments, MMS & big data for an opinion that is now shared by hundreds of thousands of scientists, virologists and doctors.

Do we need Vaccines at all?

Disturbing is the word I would use for this. By ridiculing these doctors and claiming that they have some kind of agenda, 80% of the population are now almost desperate to receive untested experimental jabs as a solution to the Covid fear, when perhaps we could all have been using proven drugs like Ivermectin from the beginning.

Struck off!

Even more alarming, Doctors like Simone Gold were suddenly struck off for prescribing Hydroxychloroquine, a drug they had been subscribing successfully for years. Why? It’s not dangerous and its benefits are completely undeniable.

The global agenda is deepening, and as trusted Pharma scientists like Mike Yeadon explain, there can be no reason for the ridiculous Government response to this new Sars strain (and the refusal for open debate) other than something extremely sinister and deeply worrying.

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  • It is extremely disturbing that all these professional practitioners are being ignored and also banned from social media for trying to help people. I think that Jackie Stone MD is totally correct in her remark that there are too many people who do not want covid to go away because they are making far to much money out of it. I cant wait for the exposure of this scam.

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