Think it's a Conspiracy? Wrong! Medical Apartheid is in full swing. This is medical dictatorship, and the apathy of the masses is allowing it to happen.

That little utterance you often hear… ‘I’ll get the jab so that I can travel’, followed closely by… ‘Why don’t you get yours, you’ll be free?’. Oh how wrong has anyone ever been? As soon as you hold one of these documents, you might have your ass on a beach in Cyprus, but you will be a million miles away from freedom. Basically these medical regimes will be able to fire whatever they want into your arm, you become part of their great experiment, your health held ransom.

And don’t forget, you have done nothing wrong. You’ve paid your taxes, worked, paid your mortgage adhered to law, and now the law breakers are telling you you will become a second class citizen unless you comply to their medical dictatorships. This scheme must be stopped – and then we must work on helping our Israeli brothers and sisters out of this affront on their hard earned human rights. Nothing can be won with apathy, but everything will be won with mass abstinence. Watch the video, it’s happening now!

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  • May I suggest a fighting strategy? Citizens who resist taking a vaccine should wear a yellow arm band. Hopefully the association would wake others up.

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